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Free & Equal reviews ballot access concerns in NY State

from Free and Equal
Democrats, Republicans Attempt to Limit Voter Choice in New York State

Petition Challenges Seek to Eliminate Independent and Third Party Candidates

August 31, 2009 – After filing the necessary petitions required for ballot access in New York state, several independent and third party candidates find themselves squaring off with Democrats and Republicans long before election day, thanks to the archaic and cumbersome regulations governing nominating petitions.

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Alan Keyes: ‘A health insurance approach based on responsible individual freedom’

By Alan Keyes

As I said in my last posting, for me to offer a health insurance proposal is rather like a weatherman offering to design a jet fighter: though he’s familiar with its operating conditions, odds are that his ideas won’t fly. That said, I suppose I have at least as much expertise on the subject as, say, leftist politicos like Barack Obama, an observation that emboldens me to share the thought experiment that follows.… Read more ...

Green Party launches College Greens

By Deborah Dupre’, Examiner.com, via GP.org:

Green Party U.S.A. is launching College Greens, the new nationwide network of college Green Party chapters.  

The Green Party aims to help all students, faculty members, alumni, and parents meet College Democrats’ and Young Republicans’ challenge by organizing a better, Greener option at schools.… Read more ...

Australia: Sex Party Could Be New Senate Powerbroker

Written by Staff Writers | Canberra Times

It’s quite likely that after the next federal elections the Senate will have representatives of a new minor party, the Australian Sex Party, but with every likelihood that the impact on government policy won’t be minor.

Minor parties have been characteristic of Australian politics for more than 50 years, ever since Bob Santamaria’s endeavors to take control of the ALP were thwarted by the ALP leader, Doc Evatt.… Read more ...

Chuck Baldwin: More On Internment Camps

By Chuck Baldwin

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a column questioning why it was necessary for
our federal government to be constructing internment camps all over America.
See the original column at


I felt it was time for someone such as me to publicly broach the subject.… Read more ...

Ralph Nader: Statement Regarding the Passing of Senator Ted Kennedy

Posted at Nader.org:

Among Senator Ted Kennedy’s many accomplishments in the U.S. Senate was a little-heralded but critical boost he gave to the Freedom of Information legislation in 1974. At a time when the opposition to this key bill was in need of a countervailing champion, we visited Senator Kennedy, had a very substantive meeting and secured his networking support among other Senators, which led to its passage.… Read more ...

Bob Barr: Obama ‘advisers’ fan flu hysteria

by Bob Barr
as published in The Atlanta Journal Constitution

The impressively named President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology counts an august array of academics, engineers and scientists among its members. Even the council is impressed with its own stature — describing itself as “an advisory group of the nation’s leading scientists and engineers.” PCAST is charged with advising to the president on matters of “science, technology, and innovation.” Not included among its enumerated advisory duties are medicine, virology or immunology.… Read more ...

ACLU, Arkansas Green Party Sue For Ballot Access

Posted by Ronald Hardy at Green Party Watch:

The ACLU and the Green Party of Arkansas has filed a law suit against Arkansas Secretary of State Charlie Daniels who has determined that the Green Party will no longer be recognized based on not exceeding 3% of the vote for President in Arkansas in 2008.… Read more ...

Wayne Root Announces: The Libertarian-Conservative Coalition to Take Back America

Emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

ROOT Explains the Libertarian-Conservative Coalition to Take Back America from Socialist-in-Chief Obama

Root Announces V.E.T.O- a Movement To Vote Out Every Incumbent in 2010 and 2012

“Our 1776”- The Shot Heard Around The World- 435+ New Unemployed POLITICIANS!

The Wayne Root Interview at FrontPageMag.com:
Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Wayne Allyn Root, a Fox News regular who was the 2008 Libertarian Party vice presidential nominee.… Read more ...

2009 Green Party Candidates And Green Party Watch Join Facebook

Posted by Ronald Hardy at Green Party Watch:

2009 Green Party Candidates

Close to 150 Greens are running in races around the nation in 2009. In the upper right corner of this site we now have a page listing these candidates and the offices they are running for. You can also click here to go there.… Read more ...

Missouri Libertarian Party to testify at MIAC hearing

Posted at LP.org:

From the Missouri LP:

Missouri Libertarian Party Vice Chair Cisse Spragins will be testifying at a Missouri House of Representatives Interim Committee on State Intelligence Analysis Oversight public hearing August 31st in Grandview, MO.

In March, a "Strategic Report" on "The Modern Militia Movement" written by the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) was leaked to the press.… Read more ...

Former Brazilian Environment Minister Marina Silva Joins Green Party In Brazil

Posted by Ronald Hardy at Green Party Watch:

Former Brazilian Environment Minister and life long defender of the Amazon Marina Silva has responded to the outpouring of petitions for her to run for President by taking the next step – joining the Green Party of Brazil. While she has not announced that she is a candidate for the Presidency, she hinted at it

From Reuters:

SAO PAULO, Aug 30 (Reuters) – Brazil’s former environment minister Marina Silva took another big step on Sunday toward an expected presidential bid by joining the Green Party, which wants to field her in the 2010 race.

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