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On The Wilder Side: No clear line between Corporation and Working Families Party

On The Wilder Side:

Kevin Finnegan Admits No Clear Line Between WFP And DFS
In WNYC interview, lawyer who set up secretive company admits “there’s no firewalls” between party and for-profit

Kevin Finnegan, the lawyer who set up the secretive company called Data and Field Services which is owned by the Working Families Party, appeared on WNYC Tuesday to respond to City Hall’s extensive investigative report about the depth of connections between the non-profit party and for-profit company, admitting during the interview that as for the line between WFP and DFS, “there’s no firewalls.”

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  1. mdh mdh August 16, 2009

    Haha. Greedy socialists taking advantage of the poor for what? To create fundraising/mailing lists? Probably to be sold to pay-day loan companies or something of the sort? Wonderful.

    These, folks, are the true colors of socialists. And you wonder why the more socialist an individual’s views are, the less philanthropic and generally charitable they are?

  2. Dave Schwab Dave Schwab August 17, 2009

    The WFP isn’t socialist. As best as I can tell, the WFP intends to gain as much control over the Democratic Party as it can, and the Democratic Party reciprocates by using the WFP as its enforcer against the Greens and Democrats like Tony Avella or Jonathan Tasini or Yetta Kurland – basically, progressive Democrats – who are unloved by the party machine.

    Judging from the IPR post on the NYC mayor’s race, the socialist parties in NY are the Party for Socialism and Liberation, the Socialist Party, and the Socialist Worker’s Party.

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