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Tues. Aug 18th is a big day for third parties in New York State

(excerpt from) onthewilderside
For the politically curious in NY: Tues. Aug. 18th is a big day!

For potential candidates in New York State, tomorrow, Tuesday, August 18, 2009, is the last day to file in person (or mail) an “independent nominating petition” to run for office in November. That would mean anyone who was running on an alternative, “made-up”, or third party (without automatic ballot status) line has that due date. Examples of such ballot lines would include: the Green Party; the Libertarian Party; the Education Party; the We Love XXX Town Party; etc. Major parties and automatic ballot-status parties (such as the Conservative Party in NY) have an earlier deadline which is passed.

As reported in stories and comments on Independent Political Report, two of the sets of petitions expected to be filed are those of the Green Party candidate and the Libertarian Party candidate for Mayor of New York City.


  1. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes August 18, 2009

    Nice weather in La La Land, you say? That’s nice. I don’t know whether I’m thankful to all the losers who work so hard for the third party cause, let alone-so-thankful. Thankful for what, losing? There is a campaign video of Jesse Johnson (Green) sitting with the dem & rep. & he quotes the saying about the definition of insanity being to try something over & over again & expect a different result. He implies that he should win by a landslide because he is against mountaintop removal mining of obsolete planet polluting coal. & a majority of West Virginians are too. But the dem & rep are for it pursuant to their corrupt coal lobby support. Ha, Ha! Everybody knows he’s going to lose. He’s just as crazy as they are. & this has been going on for not just the past 100 years but since the first election EVER ANYWHERE. I call that Shithouse Rat Crazy. & then there is the experiment with lab rats. Once they are convinced they can’t get out of their cage, they give up. They do not try again. You can unlock the door & they still won’t try it. That is Labrat in the cage crazy. So YOU ALL are Shithouse Lab Rat in the Cage CRAZY! So GO TO THE POLLS, you rat losers.

  2. Third Party Revolution Third Party Revolution August 18, 2009

    So is there a candidate currrently who is running with this We Love XXX Town Party? Does anybody know who?

  3. La La La La August 18, 2009

    Nice weather we’re having here, huh?

    I am so thankful for all the people who work so hard for the third party cause.

  4. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes August 17, 2009

    Don’t bother losers. Unless you endorse the Progressive Libertarian Alliance & Strategy.

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