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Eric Sundwall: Chapter by Chapter review of Wayne Root’s ‘Conscience of a Libertarian’

Former New York LP Chair Eric Sundwall emailed me to let me know that he is reviewing Wayne Root’s Conscience of a Libertarian chapter by chapter on his blog. As of this writing, he is up to Chapter Twelve.

Previews reviews of the book covered by IPR: George Phillies, Steve Kubby, John Hospers, Peter Orvetti, and Richard Winger.

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  1. Gene Berkman Gene Berkman September 8, 2009

    Eric Sundwall does an excellent takedown of Root’s manifesto. Good job, Eric!

  2. Bruce Cohen Bruce Cohen September 9, 2009

    Mister Orvietti’s ‘review’ is nothing of the sort. It’s just more jealousy and nastiness that’s always dished out to successful Libertarians.

    The only two good parts about this ‘series’, is that a) nobody cares and b) it keeps Eric busy.

  3. paulie paulie September 10, 2009

    Did you mean Sundwall? Orvetti’s review is generally positive, and I’ve never known him to be nasty to anyone.

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