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Green Party ballot access efforts underway

Posted at On The Wilder Side:

Several state Green Parties are working to win ballot access and you can help! You can help take the next step to getting Green Party candidates on the ballot in all 50 states in 2012 today. We currently need your help in:
Illinois. The Illinois Green Party must collect 5,000 signatures for its 2010 candidates before November 2nd. Download the party’s petition or get in touch with the ILGP at

Arizona. The Arizona Green Party must collect just over 20,000 signatures to win full party recogniation from the state. As the weather starts to get cool, imagine spending time in sunny, warm Arizona helping petition on behalf of the AZGP. Contact the Arizona Green party here to help out.

Arkansas. Despite electing a Green to the state legislature and polling over 20% in a U.S. Senate race in 2008, the Green Party of Arkansas must once again petition for ballot access. The party has filed a lawsuit – its third ballot access suit since 2001 – challenging this exclusionary interpretation of state law. You can read more about this ACLU-supported lawsuit and how you can help it move forward at

Hawaii – The Green Party of Hawaii is currently gathering signatures to retain the ballot access it won in 2008. Stay tuned to GreenLine to learn more about how you can help.

Maryland – The Maryland Green Party is preparing for its 2010 petition drive. State law requires the party to collect 10,000 signatures, but the party must collect many more this year due to new, stricter verification requirements. The party is responding by working with legislators to introduce bills to clarify the verification procedure and lower the signature requirement. Visit to find out how you can help the effort.

There are many ways to contribute. If you live in or near a state that is currently collecting signatures, you can hit the street and start petitioning. Make sure to talk to your local party contact or petition coordinator first. If your state currently doesn’t have ballot access or has to overcome exclusionary rules to win ballot access, talk to your state party leadership about legislation or litigation that could make it easier to get Green Party candidates.

Candidates Need Your Help

Our candidates who have made the ballot for 2009 elections need your support as well! Consider making a donation, making phone calls or going door-to-door on behalf of a candidate in your area, or writing a letter of support to the editor of your local paper. To find a candidate near you, visit the Green Party’s comprehensive election database, where you can search the list of Green candidates by state.

In the Minneapolis area Marcus Harcus is running for City Council, Ward 4, on a platform of fair housing, sustainable economic development, and community safety. You can make a donation or read more about his campaign.

In Minneapolis’s 8th District, Jeanine Estime is running on a platform of education and youth programming, sustainable economic development, and civil rights. You can make a contribution or read more about her campaign.

In California, Michael McCue is running in a special election for Los Angeles City Council’s 2nd District. The vote will be held next week on September 22nd. Visit Michael’s website at now to learn what you can do to get Michael on the LA City Council next week.

On the East Coast, David Marshall is running for re-election to his seat on the Portland (ME) City Council (2nd District). You can check his blog and read more about his re-election race.

Help support all of our Green Party candidates by giving your financial support and your time to their campaigns.

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  1. AnarchoMcCarthyist AnarchoMcCarthyist September 27, 2009

    My own poll shows Big Tent Bozo in the lead, followed by Eric Dondero.

  2. Big Tent Bozo Big Tent Bozo September 27, 2009

    Clearly, AnarchoMcCarthyist should be in the lead under any honest count.

  3. AnarchoMcCarthyist AnarchoMcCarthyist September 27, 2009

    Who is counting these votes, Diebold? I demand a recount!

  4. Mike Mike September 26, 2009

    Another vote for wacko Davidson!

  5. paulie paulie September 26, 2009


    I personally do not want to make it a thread in itself, as we try to keep stuff like that in the comments so that we continue to be listed as a news source by google. However, I don’t think there is anything sacred about this thread or any other, and also I can put it up as a story at NFV if anyone wants.

  6. paulie paulie September 26, 2009

    Davidson appears to be the concensus wiener.

  7. Michael Cavlan Michael Cavlan September 22, 2009

    Third Party Rev

    I agree. this topic is just too important (and funny) to not have it’s own, dedicated thread.

    Problem is, so many people to nominate and how difficult to decide which one earns the #1 spot.

    Hey, perhaps we could do IRV or Ranked Choice.

  8. Third Party Revolution Third Party Revolution September 22, 2009

    I suggest that a separate thread should be made for the topic of craziest commenter. It’s not really good to be off topic from the story.

  9. libertariangirl libertariangirl September 22, 2009

    yeah but to me Catholic Trotskyist is performance art like Colbert and doesnt really mean it.

    As opposed to Jim Davidson who wants to beat everyone with rebar and threatened violence often.

  10. The Last Conservative The Last Conservative September 22, 2009

    What about Catholic Trotskyist, even though he is on hiatus for the time being? Also, have I been here long enough to be nominated?

  11. Ross Levin Ross Levin September 22, 2009

    I second Jim Davidson. He once threatened to kill me, I think.

  12. libertariangirl libertariangirl September 22, 2009

    I also nominate Jim Davidson

  13. libertariangirl libertariangirl September 22, 2009

    I nominate Donald Grundman

  14. paulie paulie September 22, 2009

    That’s pretty obscure.

    Of course, you can nominate anyone, but Pawlowski only commented here once in the whole history of IPR, as far as I know.

  15. paulie paulie September 22, 2009

    Don’t get me wrong, Lake, I’m actually a big fan of your art work:







  16. You do not understand, and possibly never did!

    Did you ever find the place where DON LAKE inferred that paulie what ever his last name is
    did any thing to the CONSTITUTION PARTY
    post????? You do not have enuf enemies ?????
    You need to create complaints and opponents?

  17. paulie paulie September 22, 2009

    If I understand comment #10, Lake just nominated himself.

  18. Big Tent Bozo Big Tent Bozo September 22, 2009

    I nominate AnarchoMcCarthyist.

  19. # and the floor recagnizes……….

    this later.

    2 Citizens For A Better Veterans Home // Sep 17, 2009 at 4:40 am

    Apparently not important enuf to post the same month as the Stop The Cameras rally ……..

    3 Kimberly Wilder // Sep 17, 2009 at 6:32 am

    I agree with the specific issue of taking down the cameras and video surveillance. (Though, there are some Constitution Party issues that I strongly disagree with.)

    In Nassau (and maybe Suffolk) Counties in Long Island, they are using red light cameras, which are also wrong, result in tickets, and I bet can and will be used against people for other than red lights in the future.

    Also, New York City is heavily surveilled. Not sure if people in other parts of the country realize, but at Penn Station in NYC, they have military people in fatigues, carrying weapons, routinely wandering around Penn Station.

    There is a guard station in front of the LIRR waiting station, and there are often people with uniforms there (Guarding the best Ladies Room in the subway from terrorist homeless pee-ers?)

    I rarely go into the city, anymore. Who wants to be face to face with someone waving around an automatic weapon when you are simply trying find a bathroom, or on your way to go see a Broadway play?


    // Sep 17, 2009 at 8:49 am

    Apparently not important enuf to post the same month as the Stop The Cameras rally ……..

    ***************Don is being a pest again.

    A) We did another article about it last month, which I linked.

    B) The CP does not put their press releases on their front page, unlike most other parties, so I just now saw it.

    C) This is not my job. I don’t get paid to write here. It’s a hobby. I do a hell of a lot, and you’ll get what you get.

    D) If you don’t like it, you can either

    1. Pay me. This would be much appreciated, especially right now, as I am about to run out of money in about a week or so and have no idea what I’m going to do about it. If anyone enjoys my writing and wants to make a contribution to keep me afloat but does not know how to get a hold of me, let me know and I’ll put you in touch.

    2. Start your own blog (it’s free), and show us how it should be done.

    Of course, critics like Don will probably only bitch from the sidelines.

    The results that can lead to are

    1. Me responding like this

    2. Me not responding at all; not likely due to my advanced case of responditis, but that’s what the complaint actually merits.


    3. Me writing here less or stopping altogether if it really gets to me at some point – which it almost has a few times. *************

  20. AnarchoMcCarthyist AnarchoMcCarthyist September 22, 2009

    I nominate Big Tent Bozo.

  21. paulie paulie September 22, 2009

    The floor is open for nominations.

  22. Third Party Revolution Third Party Revolution September 22, 2009

    You know what Paulie, we should do some poll about the 5 craziest commenters on IPR. Of course I know who I am nominating, and as a hint, it’s not Robert.

  23. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes September 22, 2009

    Paulie is an important contributor to the effort. But he is wrong here. & let’s be honest, libertarians are part of the problem. For example, if Nader had come to me last year. I would’ve recommended a woman libertarian for his Independent vp slot. Plus other things like vote coordination for downticket selected candidates. But then comes the difficulty of finding this woman. A libertarian? Willing to join an Independent ticket with Nader? Blasphemy! & the example of Gravel/Ruwart. Even if Gravel had won the nomination, Ruwart had refused to accept the vp slot with Barr. How much more negatively would she have reacted to Gravel? This is precisely the problem I am facing now & have been for many months, years even. So, libs, laugh all you want. Laugh like losers.

  24. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes September 22, 2009

    & yes, I am so presumptuous to put myself in league with Richard. What good is ballot access without a winning strategy? Nader proved that in 2008. Enough ballot access to win. Lost. & the LP lost an opportunity to form a possibly winning fusion ticket that was dropped in their laps last year-Gravel/Ruwart. They also had enough ballot access to win. I tried to tell them to no avail. But they handed it off to Barr/Root. Lose. If you want to win, listen to me. If you want enough ballot access, listen to Richard. I do not know how Richard would feel about working with me, but I would appreciate the opportunity to work with him. We corresponded earlier this year about attending the Green Annual Convention. Our correspondence went well. But that is as far as it got.

  25. paulie paulie September 22, 2009

    OK, greens. You just heard from two of the most important people in this business.

    ROFLOLOLOL. Nominated for quote of the day.

  26. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes September 22, 2009

    OK, greens. You just heard from two of the most important people in this business. If you are wise, you’ll listen. Further, if you want to win, you’ll put us on retainer.

  27. Richard Winger Richard Winger September 22, 2009

    The statement about Maryland is somewhat misleading. The Green Party is on the ballot in Maryland for 2010, but is thinking ahead to 2012 and 2014. And the Illinois petitions are technically not party petitions, but petitions for individual members of the Green Party to get themselves on the 2010 Green Party primary ballot.

  28. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes September 22, 2009

    Will all this time, energy & $ be wasted-AGAIN? That remains to be seen. If the GP decides to try the Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy, maybe not. If the Party will not step up, one of the candidates must. Or it just won’t happen. & the greens will lose-AGAIN.

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