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Constitution Party: Doug Stewart’s Story

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George W. Bush had just been re-elected to a second term, but his remark, “the Constitution is nothing but a G.. D… piece of paper”, really turned me off, but I had not voted for a Democrat since I was compelled into the Kingdom of God on the evening of 8/19/85.… Read more ...

Party for Socialism and Liberation: Socialism Conference & Workshops, San Francisco, Oct. 24

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Socialism Conference & Workshops
Capitalism Is A Crime!

SF October 24 socialism conference palm card
Click here to get a PDF of the conference palm card

Organize To Fight Back!

Saturday, Oct. 24, 9am-4pm

African American Art & Culture Complex, 3rd floor (Accessible)

762 Fulton St. at Webster St., San Francisco
near MUNI 5, 21, 22, 47, 49, 16AX/BX and Civic Center BART

Had Enough Cuts, Layoffs & Bank Bailouts?

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Moderate Party of Rhode Island: State is worst in the nation for business

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Forbes magazine just released its most recent national ranking of the Best States for Business. The rankings of all 50 states can be viewed here:

Unsurprisingly to many, Rhode Island came out dead last in this ranking.

While many of us are aware that Rhode Island’s tax climate and posture acts against the growth of our economy, the Forbes article brings to light other areas of dysfunction that act against our economic interests.… Read more ...

Aaron Starr: Historical comparison of Libertarian Presidential candidates’ share of eligible vote

Posted in IPR comments by Aaron Starr, treasurer, Libertarian National Committee:

The Dems and Reps invested a lot of resources these past couple of election cycles in boosting turnout amongst eligible voters who rarely vote. So, if you are going to use percentages, it would be better to use percentage of eligible voting population, rather than percentage of turnout.… Read more ...

Marietta Daily Journal: Modern Whig Party recruiting in Cobb

by Marcus E. Howard
Marietta Daily Journal
h/t Heather S.

There’s a new political party in town. The Georgia Modern Whig Party was established six months ago, and its state party leader, a Cobb resident, is recruiting members among disaffected voters in the county.

Robert Madayag III of Marietta, an intellectual property lawyer in Atlanta, is the party’s state chairman.… Read more ...

George Phillies: LNC Wants to Eliminate Rights of Sustaining Members

Originally published at LibertyForAll.Net by George Phillies:

Mind you, when you aren’t up to publishing the LNC newsletter regularly, threatening to take it away loses savor as a threat.

A motion now before the LNC, would amend the Policy Manual. In the following quote, Sections 2, 4, and 5 are new as worded.… Read more ...

Former Green Party candidate Deb Gordils now running as a Republican

Posted by Ronald Hardy at Green Party Watch:

This last spring, Deb Leticia Gordils was one of five candidates seeking the Illinois Green Party nomination to run in the special election for Rahm Emanuel’s seat. She was beat out by Matt Reichel, who is now running again for that seat next fall.… Read more ...

Bob Barr: ‘Iraqi Shoe Thrower a Lucky Man’

By Bob Barr
Atlanta Journal-Constitution via

Last week, Muntadar al-Zeidi was freed from the Iraqi prison in which he had been held for nine months. Al-Zeidi is the Iraqi journalist who last December threw both his shoes at then-President George W. Bush, who at the time was standing behind a podium answering questions from the Baghdad media.… Read more ...

Ralph Nader: ‘A Novel Idea’

By Ralph Nader

At a little noticed meeting with Senate Democrats, Warren Buffett, the famous investors’ guru, told the lawmakers that rich people are not paying enough taxes.

A tax increase for the very wealthy? Many of the Senators backed away from that recommendation, even though it came from the world’s second richest man.… Read more ...

Brian Holtz: ‘School Vouchers Test Anarcholibertarian Strategy’

Posted by Brian Holtz at Libertarian Intelligence:

Anti-school-voucher anarchists are often so mired in their anarchist abolitionism that they can’t bring themselves to confront this simple question: would vouchers decrease the entanglement of school and state?

Even an anarcholibertarian like David Friedman has spoken favorably of vouchers as a way to start getting the government out of education — where (bad news!) it’s already completely entrenched. … Read more ...

Rev. Billy: Thinking About The G20 Meeting In Pittsburgh

By NYC Green Party mayoral candidate Billy Talen, Huffington Post by way of On The Wilder Side:

The nation-states act like adolescents. Every diplomatic vowel that comes from an open mouth has the shout of peace in it, but the leaders can’t hear this. Are the ministers jealous of peace? Are they angry that it sustains us every day, more than any weapon or corporation?… Read more ...

Tom Knapp: “States’ Rights” Are Statist Rubbish

Posted by Thomas Knapp at Center for a Stateless Society:

Most examinations of the doctrine of “states’ rights” are constitutional in scope. That is, they consider the meaning, import and impact of the term in light of the 10th Amendment. In order to get to where I’m going with this look at “states’ rights,” we’re going to have to walk over some explanatory constitutional ground, but let me warn you in advance to put on your best hiking boots … we’re going to venture all the way out the other side of that ground and into some very different territory before we’re done.… Read more ...