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American nazi parties: Bill White convicted on 4 of 7 counts; other factions squabble among themselves

For background, see American National Socialist Workers Party commander Bill White on trial in federal court for intimidation. WSLS reports:

Self-proclaimed white supremacist Bill White is convicted on four of the seven charges against him and is acquitted of the remaining three.

A federal jury found White guilty of three counts that he made threats to harm particular people. Those people are a Citibank worker, a University of Deleware administrator and a Canadian civil rights attorney.

White was also found guilty for intimidating African American tenants in Virginia Beach.

White was acquitted of two more counts he made threats against particular people. Those people are nationally syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts and an African American mayor from New Jersey.

White was also found not guilty of extortion in the Citibank case.

The federal prosecution team, brought in from out of town, refused to comment on the verdict. White’s attorney David Damico says he would obviously be much happier if White had been acquitted on all charges.

White faces a maximum of five years in prison for each of the three threat counts. The intimidation charge carries a maximum 20 year sentence. Damico says he’ll tell the judge that the one year White has served in jail is enough time.

There is no date set for White’s sentencing. Damico expects it to be in February.

Meanwhile, on his blog, American Nazi Party leader John Bowles accuses rival National Socialist Movement leader Jeff Schoep of “playing right into the Jews’ hands” by staging protests in front of synagogues in Riverside County, California. He also calls Schoep and his supporters “trailer trash.”

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  1. James Russo James Russo April 25, 2010

    There is a real underground stop illegal immigration. by all means. mine the frontier what scumbag Mexico. and exterminate all nee grows.

  2. William William January 19, 2010

    Why was Bill White never arrested at the time he did these things? Because – the police always said he had not broken any laws and he had the right to express himself. How could it be different now?

  3. paulie paulie December 31, 2009

    Indeed on that note, the real racialists of today are educated, middle-class and informed. People like White are just costume clowns.

    Cosmetic differences. Still gnatzis.

  4. James James December 31, 2009

    Honestly, skinhead neo-nazis are a marginal group in America. I don’t know why anyone ought to worry about a bunch of tattooed, skinhead mental defectives. Do I really need to point out that the historical NS party in Germany was organized by intelligent people to get the point across that these are not even in the same ballpark? Indeed on that note, the real racialists of today are educated, middle-class and informed. People like White are just costume clowns. The idea that they could have any influence in the present political context is paranoid and laughable.

    As for communists, I don’t see why their having “good intentions” (yeah, right) excuses their murdering tens of millions of people in the 20th century. And incidentally that threat has not gone away in the least. Of course it is easy to see why they do receive the round condemnation that these “nazis” do as Marxism is well-regarded in America’s elite circles.

  5. paulie paulie December 31, 2009

    MN Indy, fair question.

    I think part of that is that nazism is actually intended to be mass murderous, whereas communism just turned out that way. Both manslaughter and murder kill people, but we treat them differently.

    Also, commies tend to be good on peace and civil liberties issues, at least when they are not in power. Nazis, not so much. At best, they oppose US involvement in the middle east, but only because they hate Israel.

    Now, as far as your mass murdering commies, it is only fair to point out that not all commies are created equal. While some commie sects do endorse the mass murdering foreign communist regimes, others do not. Perhaps they would be just as deadly if they ever came to power, but we don’t know for sure.

    As for CPUSA it is certainly true that in their time they were willing hand puppets for Stalin, but they evolved along with the leadership of the USSR. Let’s face it, by the time it got to vozhdi like Brezhnev and Andropov, while still repressive and murderous, they were far from the millions being butchered under Stalin. These days the CPUSA is basically a Democratic Party caucus.

    To be fair, I take your point, which I am guessing is that the prevalence of Marxists among the opinion-shaping class has given Marxism a respectability it does not deserve. True enough.

    But as for nazis? They deserve every last bit of the vilification they get.

  6. MN Indy MN Indy December 30, 2009

    Nazis suck, I agree. But it is a bit curious why this is automatically the chorus and the same thing doesn’t happen when posts from the CPUSA and other radical Marxists are published here.

    It’s worth remembering that the communist regimes made Hitler’s death count look amateur.

  7. paulie paulie December 30, 2009

    Scalping: just giving gnatzi boneheads a closer shave 🙂

  8. jason jason December 30, 2009

    Illinois neo-nazis? I HATE Illinois neo-nazis!

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