Scott Brown supporters threaten Joe Kennedy

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Some Scott Brown supporters on facebook are obnoxiously asking Joe Kennedy to give up his MA Senate campaign. The funny thing about that request, polls show that Kennedy’s campaign is taking votes from the Democrat, Martha Coakley. I guess that news didn’t trickle down to Brown’s supporters. Not the brightest bunch.

From Joe Kennedy on facebook:

“Donna, With all do respect. Me and my family have been threatened with violence from Brown Supporters. I am not sure I would call that a little dissent. I have had to go to my local police department due to the nature of the interactions we are getting. So forgive me if I enlighten you to the facts. I live with a 10 year old little girl. If violence directed at us is a little dissent then I think that your campaign needs to redefine the word.”

Joe Kennedy is the only candidate of the three that truly supports marijuana reform.

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38 thoughts on “Scott Brown supporters threaten Joe Kennedy

  1. George Phillies

    Real Libertarians are rather clear on “Republican Conservatives”. They are the folks who have given us a good name for the bottom of the Nolan Chart. Here’s the real take on Scott Boran, from http:GoldMassGroup.Com

    Vote for Scott Brown: Support Torture

    That’s right, boys and girls, you can show your support for torturing prisoners and accused criminals. Just vote for Republican Scott Brown, who voiced approval for the hideous water torture as not being torture.

    Just don’t look surprised when those folks who started by torturing prisoners of war in Iraq and Afghanistan show up in your home town, change jobs, find your teenage children in the local jail, and give them a bit of third degree tactics until they confess to crimes they never heard about, let alone committed.

    Readers can be confident that Massachusetts has great numbers of professional, competent policemen and policewomen who would never do anything of the kind, but that won’t do your children a lot of good if the techniques Scott Brown is endorsing get your children first.

    Remember, Scott Brown is a RepublicanConservative, not a real conservative like the folks at RightMarch. (I may not agree with RightMarch on some topics, but they are honest conservatives, the folks Bill Buckley would have supported if he were still alive). Scott Brown is part of the ‘RepublicanConservative’ movement that supports
    unprovoked wars of aggression
    detention without trial
    unlimited wiretaps of all emails and telephone messages
    the ‘patriot’ act
    the biggest expansion of welfare since 1960 (as I type, Obamacare has not passed)
    new Asian land wars, the ones MacArthur said were unwinnable
    huge budget deficits
    vast bailouts of bankers and auto executives with your tax dollars and your grandchildren’s tax dollars
    torture of prisoners of war

  2. Cry Baby

    oh boo hoo, some anonymous facebook blogger makes a stupid comment and this candidate (I use the term loosely)

    If he can’t deal with some comments by a kid on facebook, what makes us think he can deal with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

    This isn’t amateur hour. This Dem turned Independent (not going to say he is a Libertarian as he isn’t on their ticket) should either grow some stones or get some experience before trying to play in the big leagues.

  3. Libervention Price Club

    Cry baby,

    Learn to read more carefully. The threats were not made on facebook, they were only mentioned on there.

    And Joe is in fact a member of the Libertarian Party and endorsed by the Libertarian Party.

  4. Camron

    Massachusetts Democrats and Republicans agree: Martha Coakley and Gov. Deval Patrick are – unimpressive to say the least.

    Massachusetts deserves MUCH better.

  5. William

    It is “all DUE respect” not “all DO respect”

    I hope you can at least spell the name of the state.

  6. William

    Scott Brown is endorsed by the Tea Party Express and is the best chance of stopping Obama Care and Cap & Trade.

    Do what is right strategically, not just react emotionally.

  7. Libervention Price Club

    Martha Coakley and Gov. Deval Patrick are – unimpressive to say the least.

    True. Neither is Brown.

    It is “all DUE respect” not “all DO respect”

    I hope you can at least spell the name of the state.

    A typo in a facebook comment? Well, that does it, I’m switching to Brown. NOT.

    Democrats and Republicans, women and men, young and older – for Scott Brown!

    Fools, one and all.

    Scott Brown is endorsed by the Tea Party Express

    BrownBaggers, LOL

    and is the best chance of stopping Obama Care and Cap & Trade.

    As one of the proud authors of Romneycare who wants to show all the other states how it’s done, and as someone who won’t be seated until Obamacare is signed, that chance is zero.

    As for Cap and Trade, he supported its Northeastern regional variant. Expect a double cross from Scott if he makes it to the Senate.

    Do what is right strategically, not just react emotionally.


  8. Jim

    I live in the northwest and i have been following this election..I have been a Dem all my life and i am 72..But a couple of weeks ago i changed all that and am now a Rep..I just don’t see things the way i did..Dems are turning into Soc..I’m done with the Dems..Go Scott Brown..

  9. Carol

    Did anybody stop and think that these may be Coakley voters trying to make Scott Brown look bad.

  10. david


  11. babs

    I think that post is a hoax. What person who hopes to be elected to office say, “…me and my family have been threatened …”?

  12. Libervention Price Club

    The appropriate police reports have been filed in Dedham, Mass. It is not a hoax, it was posted repeatedly by Joe on his facebook page. Look for yourself.

  13. Jim

    All you Dems are just running scared,Blame everyone but whom is to blame..YOUR GONNA LOOOOOSE..Go Scott Brown.

  14. d.eris

    @William 11: “Scott Brown is endorsed by the Tea Party Express”

    Isn’t that Dick Armey’s GOP tea party front group? You make it seem as if this endorsement gives Brown some sort of extra legitimacy or credibility. If the group were interested in legitimate and credible opposition, it would’ve endorsed Kennedy.

  15. TeaParty Express

    No, the Tea Party Express is not a GOP front group, it is comprised of Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty, Free Republic, ResistNet, Grassfire, and many other grassroots and liberty minded organizations.

  16. Libervention Price Club

    There’s no “Dems” here Jim.

    Look at the title of the site.

    Then look around at the rest of it.

  17. ronny

    Jim says “I have been a Dem all my life and i am 72..But a couple of weeks ago i changed all that and am now a Rep..I just don’t see things the way i did.”

    Don’t worry, Jim, there’s still time for you to arrive at the full truth and recognize that the Republicans are just as bad.

  18. Nathan

    Oh! Libervention Price Club proves the tea party people are a republuican front group with a link to….wait for it….The Huffington Post? Well, I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m convinced.

  19. d.eris

    @23: “No, the Tea Party Express is not a GOP front group, it is comprised of Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty” etc

    The first hit at CFL for “Scott Brown” links to an article explaining:

    “Career politician Scott Brown is an 11-year Big Government Republican state legislator who regularly and repeatedly voted FOR bigger state government budgets, voted FOR expanded and new Big Government programs, voted FOR tax increases, and voted AGAINST tax cuts.”

  20. Don Lake .......... More Insanity

    ronny // Jan 14, 2010:
    ‘Jim says “I have been a Dem all my life and i am 72 …… But a couple of weeks ago i changed all that and am now a Rep ……..’

    and with that you can spend hours and hours connecting with Republicrats and their blogs ……….

  21. Libervention Price Club

    Nathan, have you followed the link and read the article?

    If so, what exactly are you confused about?

  22. d.eris

    Interesting. That piece completely debunks the GOP talking point purveyed by William @11, i.e. “Scott Brown . . . is the best chance of stopping Obama Care and Cap & Trade.”

    From CFSM link @32:

    “Many Readers Wanted More Facts on Big Government Republican Scott Brown’s 11-year Legislative Record.

    How shocked would you be to find out that, in 2008, Republican state senator Scott Brown voted for a Northeastern states CAP-AND-TRADE law?

    Scott Brown joined the Democrats and passed legislation requiring Massachusetts to join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative in a cap-and-trade pact among Northeastern states requiring power plants to reduce emissions or to buy credits from cleaner industries.

    “Reducing carbon dioxide emission in Massachusetts has long been a priority of mine,” Brown said in a news release in 2008. “Passing this legislation is an important step . . . towards improving our environment.”

    Now Brown says he’s against it. In the tradition of John Kerry, Scott Brown might say,
    “I voted for CAP-AND-TRADE LAWS before I planned to vote against it.”

    Globe article 1-10-2010


    How stunned would you be to hear that Scott Brown said, “I believe that every American is entitled to health care”? He said this on Sean Hannity on FOX and during the US Senate debates broadcast on radio and TV.

    He is part of the single-payer, universal medical care faction that is moving us toward a government-managed, tax-funded government medical care monopoly. Scott Brown says medical care is a government-granted right of every American.

    Entitled to a doctor’s labor? Entitled to a hospital room? Entitled to prescription drugs? At whose expense? Guaranteed by whom? And remember the Forgotten Men and Women who are obligated by government, compelled by law to shoulder the costs of this medical care entitlement.


    Scott Brown brags about his vital role in designing, writing, and passing RomneyCare in Massachusetts.

    How astonished would you be to learn that Scott Brown pledges to stop ObamaCare – so he can install a federally-run and managed RomneyCare to the United States of America? He’s said this during more than a half dozen national media interviews. And during the debates.

    Before you cheer, take a page out of Dr. Phil’s book and ask, “How’s RomneyCare working out for you, Massachusetts?”

    “Bay State health insurance premiums highest in country” answers the headline in the Boston Globe (8-22-09).”

  23. BrownChickenBrownCow

    Brown-nosing is a form of Brown-backing whereby the Brown-backer expresses admiration for Joe and/or libertarians and then asks him to drop out and endorse the pro-big government, pro-war, pro-torture, anti-civil liberties Republican. Brown-nosers are frequently BrownBaggers (but not always). BrownBaggers are TEA partiers who have fallen for the slick lies of Scott Brown, mostly under the delusion that he either can or wants to do something about ObamaCare. Another, separate and distinct, type of Brown-backer is the BrownShirt, that is the people issuing threats against Joe and his family to intimidate him out of the race, There may be some overlap between these and the BrownBagger/Brown-nosers, or not.

    RomneyCare is the pilot program for ObamaCare, co-written and still defended by Scott Brown. It is a mandate that individuals and small businesses buy jacked up, low quality medical insurance from giant corporations under the threat of government fines and potentially jail. In the debates, Romney said he wants to teach the other 49 states to do the same thing.

  24. Darryl W. Perry

    From Kn@ppster

    Debunking a Scott Brown myth

    “Scott Brown is the only person who can stop ObamaCare by being the 41st vote against cloture.”

    That, or some variant of it, is the latest excuse I’m hearing from the usual suspects who come up with a MOST IMPORTANT REASON EVAH! to vote for “the lesser evil” just this one time … every time.

    There are three kinds of lies right now: Lies, damn lies, and reasons to vote for Scott Brown in next week’s special election to fill the US Senate vacancy created by Ted Kennedy’s death. This whole “he can stop ObamaCare” schtick fits into all three categories. Here’s why:

    – Democrats in Congress are already pushing hard to get the conference/reconciliation process done with and move to a final vote on ObamaCare:

    The health care legislation is now expected to move forward quickly, toward a possible vote in the next two weeks. According to a Congress Daily interview (subscription required) with Rep. George Miller (D-CA), chairman of the House Education and Labor Committee, a deal could be pending that would allow the final conference committee-approved legislation to be scored in the next few days.

    A Scott Brown victory in Massachusetts would simply make them move faster.

    – The election is scheduled for January 19th.

    – The earliest the governor of Massachusetts can certify the results of a special election is on the seventh day following the vote, or January 26th (General Laws of Massachusetts, Chapter 54, section 116).

    – Of course, he can’t certify those results until he receives the local certifications of Massachusetts’s cities and towns. Those election authorities have 15 days to certify their own totals and forward them to the Secretary of State (op. cit., Chapter 54, Section 112), who in turn conveys them to him.

    – In other words, it could be February 3rd before the certifications even reach Governor Deval Patrick’s desk, and it could be later than that before he acts on them.

    But let’s just suppose that every last city and town in Massachusetts has an election clerk who’s dedicated to getting the results in absolutely ASAP, even if the candidate they like lost, even if the candidate they hate won, and even if there’s an important Senate vote riding on the outcome. Let’s suppose that all those results get to the Secretary of State and are forwarded to the governor by the earliest possible certification date, January 26th, and that he acts upon them promptly. That’s a lot to suppose, but let’s suppose it.

    Oh, wait … there’s also Article I, Section 5 of the US Constitution: “Each House shall be the Judge of the Elections, Returns and Qualifications of its own Members.”

    The Democrat-controlled US Senate held up Democratic Senate appointee Roland Burris of Illinois for ten days after receiving certification of his appointment before seating him. Does anyone believe that that same Democrat-controlled US Senate can’t hold up Scott Brown for as long as it damn well pleases?

    If the day ever comes when Scott Brown’s ass warms a seat in the US Senate chamber, that day will come after the reconciled ObamaCare bill has been passed and sent to the White House for signature.

    Even if he wanted to stop Obamacare (and the evidence that he does is might thin — he was a supporter of its prototype, RomneyCare, and odds are he’s more interested in getting a kickback for his state inserted into the bill a la Nelson or Landrieu than in actually stopping the bill), he couldn’t.

    If you’re supporting Scott Brown because you think he’ll stop ObamaCare, you’re supporting Scott Brown for the wrong reason.

    And frankly, there is no right reason. The only candidate worthy of your support in this race is Joe Kennedy, a Libertarian running as an independent (due to discrimination against the Libertarian Party written into Massachusetts’s ballot access laws).

  25. Solomon Drek

    George Phillies @1

    I read Kennedy’s op-ed and aside from opposing foreign wars I read nothing that differentiates him from every other reactionary Republican. In fact I’ve read the same claptrap just recently from Constitution Party presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin, who was also endorsed by Ron Paul.

    Quite frankly. George, I think you made a big mistake embracing this guy, and I’ll never be convinced that if he didn’t have a “celebrity” name you would have promoted his candidacy.

    I do believe you passed up a big time opportunity to run for Senate yourself. I think, with the race being as close as it is, you would have gotten as much publicity and the same result in the polls. The crucial difference is that instead of a Chuck Baldwin clone, you would have done a much better job presenting traditional anti-authoritarian Libertarian viewpoints, as your post above clearly shows.

    In fact, your post at #1 on this thread presents a much better Libertarian argument than the op-ed posted by Kennedy.

  26. BTrog

    The entire American Electorate has gone blonde. Looking for DemoRep candidates who care about you?

    Go read the McDonald’s Menu and see whether it is “healthier than Jack in the Box.”

    The rule is – you don’t get the government you want by reading cereal box listings on the side.

    You want plug-in success? You get a Wal-Mart vibrator for a candidate.

    The electoral system is a democracy, yah, right. I’m sure that in Hell, Satan lets you vote for your own personal Imp to torture you. Same same.

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