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Christina Tobin to Formally Announce Candidacy for California Secretary of State


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Christina Tobin to Formally Announce Candidacy for California Secretary of State

San Francisco (Feb. 19, 2010) – Christina Tobin, Founder and CEO of The Free and Equal Elections Foundation, will appear in front of the office of the Secretary of State, 1500 11th Street in Sacramento, at 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010 to formally kick off her campaign become the next California Secretary of State.

Tobin has secured the endorsement of the California Libertarian Party.

Christina Tobin has devoted her life to protecting the right of all people to vote and run for office, and ensuring all elections are free and equal. As Ralph Nader’s national ballot access coordinator in 2008, she has a deep knowledge and familiarity not only with California’s election law, but also alternative approaches nationwide, which California voters may consider in the future. During the 2008 Presidential election, Christina organized the only nationally televised Presidential debate to feature independent and third party candidates.

Tobin’s platform is Justice for Independents.

Tobin said, “California must stop treating independent voters as second-class citizens. California makes it almost impossible for independent candidates to get on the ballot. In California, 21% of registered voters are independents. Yet, while members of major parties who run for statewide office in California need to collect only 65 signatures, citizens registered as independents are required to collect 173,041 signatures statewide.”

Tobin will also use her campaign to oppose Proposition 14, the Top Two Primaries Act, on the California ballot in June.

About Proposition 14, Tobin said, “California voters must save voter choice in the general election by defeating Prop. 14, which would result in a November election with only Democrats and Republicans on the ballot, and even prohibit write-ins.”

The Tobin for CA campaign will also promote Instant Runoff Voting, open source voting machines and other electoral reforms designed to both increase citizen participation in government and help balance the state budget.

After her statement, Tobin will be available for questions from the media and voters.

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  1. Erik Geib Erik Geib February 20, 2010

    Go Christina!

  2. Green Party fan Green Party fan February 20, 2010

    I thought she’d run as Green Party candidate.

  3. AFH AFH February 20, 2010

    Right On!

  4. Green Party fan Green Party fan February 20, 2010

    Richard Winger of Ballot Access News is her campaign manager.

    Impressive duo.

    Will she be on the ballot as Green Party, or Libertarian candidate?

    She has done so much ballot access for both the Green Party and the Libertarians, believe she has earned both parties nomination.

    Her issue in this election is free and equal, and fair elections. Something the Green Party and Libertarians are dedicated to bringing America.

  5. Eric Dondero Eric Dondero February 20, 2010

    Naturally, she’s a socialist leftist Ralph Naderite. Not at all a libertarian like her Dad.

    Exit question: How is it that the Father, who was a principled tax fighting libertarian, could raise a daughter who is so opposed to freedom and liberty.

    Jim Tobin should be ashamed.

  6. InfoWarMonger InfoWarMonger February 20, 2010

    No, Christina is a Libertarian.

    The Nader gig was just a job.

  7. LibertarianGirl LibertarianGirl February 20, 2010

    hahahaa , Dondero always has something snotty to say about are biggest threats as candidates.

    Tobin is superb and Winger as her campaign manager … SHUT UP , awesome! thats a campaign Id like to work on , wish I lived there.

  8. Green Party fan Green Party fan February 20, 2010

    Christina Tobin, whether Green Party, Libertarian, and/or Independent brings a strong, valuable, charismatic, shall we add beautiful countenance, to the public square.


  9. Ricky Ricardo Ricky Ricardo February 20, 2010

    Will Tobin plan last minute debates and then disparage her opponents who do not attend?

  10. Brian Holtz // Feb 20, 2010:
    Re: “Every party but the Republicans says they favor peace, and some of them even seem to mean it ……………”

    George Phillies, resident genius; “Libs are the only anti war party” (or words to that effect ……..)

  11. Christina Tobin Christina Tobin February 22, 2010

    I’m an Independent. I’m running as a Libertarian for Secretary of State. I was willing to run as a Green for Secretary of State but Richard Winger asked me to run as a Libertarian.

    In order to run as an Independent in CA for Secretary of State you need to gather over 170,000 signatures! Not cool.

    The Tobin for CA campaign is seeking endorsements from across the political spectrum. We already received an endorsement from Anne Goeke (co-founder of the Green Party of the US & co-founder of the Global Greens Network) and Michael Jingozian (Vice-Chair of the Libertarian National Committee).

    Thank you everyone for your support.


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