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Wayne Root: Obama vs. Vegas: “Bring It On!”

Vegas is the Anti-Obama.

Why This is a Fight Obama Cannot Win.

By Wayne Allyn Root, 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee

So now our failing socialist President wants to take on Las Vegas- again. Bad move Mr. Obama. You may have gotten 66 million votes in 2008…but based on recent polls, you’re down to around 40 million hardcore supporters…and dropping fast. On the other hand America loves Vegas. Just mention the word and watch their eyes light up. It’s the way they used to feel about you- Vegas makes them feel young, fresh, fearless, sexy and ready for action. When you think of Vegas you want to take on the world. You and your Obamanation make them feel old, stale, frightened and weak. When you think of Obama’s economy you want to get in bed and hide under the covers. The more you attack Vegas Mr. Obama, the more you remind Americans of what they love (Vegas)…and what they don’t (you).

Pretty much every hard-working, taxpaying, money-making male in this country has recently visited Vegas…is planning a visit to Vegas…or desperately wishes they could visit Vegas. Every time you denigrate, insult or castigate Vegas, it makes them remember the way things were…before you came along. It makes them remember “the good old days” when they had the money for a trip to Sin City. It makes them long for the “good old days” when they actually had the freedom to do what they wanted with their own money. When progressive politicians or government know-it-alls didn’t try to micro-manage every decision, every move of their life. Last I checked Mr. Obama, this is America and we can all go where we want; do what we want; spend our money however we please. Smell that desert air Mr. President? That’s the smell of freedom. Your lectures and scolding about Vegas are enough to bring out the rebel in all of us…to unite us to collectively scream “WITH ALL DUE RESPECT MR. PRESIDENT, SCREW YOU.”

Talk about beating a dead horse. Talk about digging the hole deeper. Every time you attack Vegas, you just keep reminding us that you think our money belongs to you. It’s obvious that you think you’re our boss. That we elected you to be omnipotent. Well guess what Mr. Obama? Every day more people (the kind that like to let loose in Las Vegas) are realizing what a big mistake it was to elect you President. We don’t want your socialist ideas…your redistribution of our wealth…your power-hungry czars…your Treasury Secretaries who cheat on their taxes, but think we should pay more…or your lectures on what we can or cannot do with our money. You know what we think you should do with those lectures, don’t you?

I understand why you choose to attack Vegas. You resent what it represents. Green. Vegas is the real “Green Economy” that Americans love. Cold, hard cash. Risk-taking. Capitalism. Freedom. Rebellion. A vacation from progressive ideas and political correctness. We are the anti-Obama. We represent the very concepts that made America great.

 This Sunday will be Super Bowl Sunday. But the biggest party won’t be in Miami. It will be right here in Sin City. Las Vegas will be jammed with 300,000 visitors, many of the most beautiful women on the planet, and lots of green. This weekend Vegas will become the epicenter of the “green economy.” But there won’t be any global warming enthusiasts here. We don’t need your permission to spend our green, enjoy it, or blow it. We’ll be sure to have a cold drink on you.

Vegas is a state of mind. It’s a whole city that represents individualism, self-reliance, personal responsibility, and limited government. It’s a place where the state constitution bans income taxes, but welcomes guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens. Where men can be men, without worrying about your progressive politically correct rules. It’s the way America used to be. A place that 40 million Americans a year visit to do whatever we want with our own money and our own bodies. I’ll bet Obama just hates this place.

This country makes movies about Vegas…sings songs about Vegas…and considers this their favorite place to watch their favorite stars perform (from Elvis to Cher to Bette Midler to Garth Brooks). Vegas makes people happy. The American Dream is the story of Vegas. Take your best shot Obama. We dare you. Keep framing the issue as Vegas versus you. It’s a battle you can’t win. You can only dig your hole deeper.

Personally I think you’re the best thing that ever happened to this city. You’re the gift that keeps on giving. You’ve reminded us all that we still have freedom…that we still have balls…that America is a nation that rewards risk. You’ve awakened the sleeping giant Mr. Obama. The American spirit is alive and well. It’s good to feel alive again. It’s good to know that in America everyone is their own boss. Even the President can’t tell us what to do. Viva Las Vegas.

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  1. johncjackson johncjackson February 4, 2010

    The Libertarian position is to support spending taxpayer money on trips to Vegas and defend them against that evil socialist Obama. hahahahahahahahahhaha

  2. Thane Eichenauer Thane Eichenauer February 3, 2010

    Comments will naturally claim a certain number of people who are going to critique any given figure. If Wayne Allyn Root didn’t take the _opportunity_ to comment on public statements made by President Obama he wouldn’t be going a good job of promoting his 2012 campaign for President.

    Mr. Root articulates the feeling that many Americans have which is that we don’t want to be lectured at by elected officials for the choices we make.

  3. Idiots Idiots February 3, 2010

    Some people are really idiots here. These are the same type of people who said Susan Boyle is a nowhere. Well look where she is now. Keep being idiots.

  4. LibertarianGirl LibertarianGirl February 3, 2010

    Jake , LOL , can you at least know what your talking about before you say it or make a valid point , you say its too long for publication but:

    you might want to know if the article on Obama was too long for any publication to use it…to see (Hit and Miss section where Mattthe editor featured it at top)…and which has it at top right now…or Chuck Muth’s web site which is featuring it today…and lets not forget he’s now booked on 8 radio shows to discuss it.

    ROFLMAO , good grief

  5. Solomon Drek Solomon Drek February 3, 2010

    “Please explain what he actually does?”

    What he does is promote himself and feed his ego.

    He’ll use the LP as a marketing vehicle to reach alienated and marginalized right-wingers so he can sell books and promote his candidacy.

    When the time comes, sooner or later, when he realizes he can’t get elected as a Libertarian he’ll come crawling to the Republican Liberty Caucus, like so many other former LP reactionaries, and try his luck there (no pun intended).

  6. Jake Jake February 3, 2010

    Another rant by W.A.R.!

    Too long for any publication to publish this 0p-ed.

    Wayne Allyn Root wants people to believe that he is helping the LP, but his media appearences have not helped the party do better in polls, gain members, or raise additional money. Please explain what he actually does?

  7. Mik Robertson Mik Robertson February 3, 2010

    I’m not sure America likes Vegas as much as some people in Vegas like Vegas. Nor am I sure Americans dislike Obama as much as some people in Vegas dislike Obama.

    I wish Root would stop beating around the Bush and just come out and say what he thinks of Obama.

  8. wolfefan wolfefan February 3, 2010

    What does it mean that Vegas is a place where “men can be men”? Can’t I be a man here in Virginia? Is it a reference to the “…stays in Vegas” ads that imply that Vegas is a great place to get drunk and commit adultery without anyone finding out?

    I’ve always wondered how Mr. Root’s conception of God fits in with his endorsement of sin. I don’t mean in a libertarian sense that we are free to make choices to sin if we wish; I have no problem with that. I mean balancing Mr. Root’s self-proclaimed family values and love of God and the Bible with active promotion of hedonism, of a place that declares sin a virtue and says to men that can get away with whatever you want here before you go home to your boring wife and kids.

    I”m not trying to snark or flame or anything – this is a sincere question.

  9. LibertarianGirl LibertarianGirl February 3, 2010

    you know what , in Vegas the recession is way way worse than anywhere else , the forclosure rate is 5 times higher than anywhere else and our visitors , conventions and revenue is down across the board . we are suffering bad here , and the Pres could have made his point w/o naming Vegas . Its a freakin crime , there are people her with families to feed and it hurts bad when the fucking president tells people not to come here.

    fuck obama!!!!!!!

  10. Bruce Cohen Bruce Cohen February 3, 2010

    Root never denounced Mary.
    Wayne disagrees with one of her views.

    Wayne has nothing bad to say about Mary.

  11. Obama's Remark Is Wise and Libertarian Obama's Remark Is Wise and Libertarian February 3, 2010

    I don’t love Vegas. It’s there. I don’t despise it. But neither do I love it. I don’t gamble. I don’t care to gamble.

    If Obama was suggesting that gambling is not wise, then Obama is right..

    Obama’s remark was even libertarian. The LPCA website says the LP is Fiscally Responsible. Well, it is fiscally responsible to avoid gambling.

    Please don’t anyone say that Obama’s actions are not fiscally responsible. Of course they’re not. But Root is opposing Obama’s fiscally responsible statement — and disagreeing with it!


    This should please right-wing radio listeners. All of whom will vote for Palin, or whoever the GOP runs in 2012, because “the LP can’t win.”

    Root may attract some talk radio cheers with this, but not 2012 voters.

    Clearly, Root does not analyze his opponents’ or his own statements. He denounces his opponents (Ruwart, Obama, etc.) in knee-jerk fashion, irrespective of what they said, or what Root said in the past.

  12. paulie paulie February 3, 2010

    It’s an opinion column by a candidate for the Libertarian Party presidential nomination and national chair.

  13. NewFederalist NewFederalist February 3, 2010

    Is this a news release?

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