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Kristin Davis for Governor: update

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NEW YORK – Libertarian candidate for Governor Kristin Davis today hailed the California ballot measure making marijuana legal in that state as an important milestone for legalization in New York State.

“Californian’s have figured out what New Yorker’s need to figure out,” said Kristin Davis, formerly known as the Manhattan Madam who supplied high-priced escorts for Eliot Spitzer while in public office.… Read more ...

Warren Redlich campaign video

Via email from Eric Sundwall:


Warren Redlich’s bid for governor might be a longshot, but at least he’s got a sense of humor.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/blogs/dailypolitics/2010/04/odds-and-ends-675.html#ixzz0kFmljkn8

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Florida: Snitker Questions Rivals’ Unwillingness to Sign 10th Amendment Pledge

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From the Snitker Campaign for Senate, via PRLog:

Libertarian Alexander Snitker is urging his political rivals for Florida’s U.S. Senate seat to join him in signing the 10th Amendment Pledge. But, so far, Snitker is the only active candidate to sign the pledge.

The pledge, created by the Tenth Amendment Center, includes affirmations like “I do, and will continue to, oppose any and all efforts by the federal government to act beyond its Constitutional authority,” and “I will only vote in favor of a bill that I have thoroughly read, considered and understood.”

According to Andrew Nappi, the Florida state coordinator for the Tenth Amendment Center, all of the major U.S.… Read more ...

Florida Libertarian Party County Chair: ‘Libertarian Party was the original ‘tea party”

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From a letter to the editor of the St. Petersburg Times:

The Libertarian Party was the original “tea party” founded in 1971. We have always stood for constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility and personal/social freedom. The fact that the tea parties are up and running is encouraging because people are finally realizing that government is not their friend and, ultimately, is the only entity that can legally use force to make them comply.… Read more ...

LibertarianBlue blog reports on New York gubernatorial candidates Carl Paladino, Steve Levy, Kristin Davis and Warren Redlich

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Carl Paladino: Just another opportunist

Well another wolf in sheep’s clothing has been exposed. Tea Party Candidate for New York Governor Carl Paladino isn’t the a savior he and his supporters are painting him out to be. Buffalo News had shed some light on his donations in New York elections in recent years;


Paladino has given to such Democratic stalwarts as presidential contenders Hillary Rodham Clinton, Richard Gephardt, John Kerry and Al Gore, a favorite “tea party” whipping boy.
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Ernest Hancock explains reasons for running for Libertarian National Committee Chair in LP News

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The renaissance of libertarian philosophy has produced the hoped for
revolution in the minds of America’s youth, and libertarianism has
reentered American politics.

In the past, the LPUS served as a ‘Liberty Nexus’ for those that chose to
embrace the principled libertarian philosophy that advocated for individual
rights, peace, freedom and tolerance.… Read more ...

Socialists See Opportunity and Opening in Present State of Democratic-Republican Party Government

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From a letter to the editor of the Socialist Webzine:

I’m a new kid on the block, just joined the Party the other day. But I’ve been thinking about socialism as an alternative to whatever you wish to call the present American system of politics and government and at the risk of repeating something that you-all have said and, I hope, are acting upon: there never will a better time in your lifetime and certainly in mine to present an alternative form of government to millions of Americans who are fed up with Capitalism as manifested by the two-headed monster known as the Republican-Democrat Party.… Read more ...

California: Socialist/Peace and Freedom Party Candidate for Governor Opposes Prop 14

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From the Philly IMC, on Stewart Alexander, Socialist and PFP candidate for governor:

The official summary of Proposition 14 to appear on the California ballot was prepared by California Attorney General Jerry Brown, the proposition was sponsored by California Lieutenant Governor Able Maldonado and co-sponsored by two Democratic senators, Lou Correa of Santa Ana and Lois Wolk of Stockton; however, PFP Governor Candidate Stewart Alexander says “Proposition 14 is undemocratic and may limit voter choices to one party.”

Alexander has express outrage with the entire proposition.… Read more ...

Missouri: Constitution Party Candidate for Senate Releases Campaign Video

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Via the Constitution Party discussion forum:

Greetings patriots and friends,
I have just finished my first campaign video and it is now posted on YouTube and my website: http://www.SimmonsforUSSenate.com please click on the following link if you are interesting in viewing it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZcVK7cDZis
As you know these type of videos get around quite a bit so if you don’t mind send it to a friend or two, I can use all the support I can get.… Read more ...

Idaho: Constitution Party Candidate’s Membership in Militia Draws Media Attention

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From the Bonner’s Ferry Herald:

Every able-bodied Idaho male 18 through 45-years old, already belongs to the militia, according to Jeff Stankiewicz. That is outlined in the Idaho Constitution, said Stankiewicz, major of the 21st Battalion of North Idaho’s Lightfoot Militia.

A member of the Constitution party, Stankiewicz is challenging incumbent assessor Dave Ryals in the Nov.… Read more ...

Liberty Maven: ‘Ron Paul w/ Jesse Ventura on CNN’s Libertarian Larry King Live’

Posted by Marc Gallagher at libertymaven.com. Note for IPR: Jesse Ventura was elected and served as a Reform Party Governor of Minnesota, and Ron Paul was the Libertarian Party’s Presidential nominee in 1988. Paul continues to support alternative parties, most recently endorsing the Constitution Party’s Chuck Baldwin for President in the general election in 2008.Read more ...

Libertarian Party Boots Boortz

Emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

April 10, 2010

For Immediate Release
Robert Butler
Libertarian Party of Texas
Libertarian Party Boots Boortz

Syndicated radio talk show host Neal Boortz, a Libertarian Party member, has been uninvited as a speaker to the Libertarian Party’s national convention in St Louis the weekend of May 28 -31.… Read more ...