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AZ Libertarian Barry Hess on Immigration Law: a Step toward a “Police State”

Barry Hess is running for the Libertarian nomination for governor of Arizona.  In a position paper on Arizona’s new immigration enforcement measures, Hess calls SB1070 “anti-rights” and “anti-constitutional,” and criticizes the governor for signing it into law, stating: “The Governor has just given her approval to Arizona becoming a police state, claiming the legislation will somehow make ‘us’ safer—by putting all of us in a nice cozy cell.”  Hess’s full statement, via email:

The Governor and others have fooled the people of Arizona into thinking this bill has something to do with fixing the problems created by illegal immigration—it does not. Read more ...

GreenChange: The Top Five Reasons for CA To Vote Against Prop 14

Over at GreenChange.org IPR author Dave Schwab has written about the top five reasons why Californians should vote against the Top Two Primary measure on the ballot in November.

Proponents of Top Two, aware that California voters rejected the idea in 2004, have been claiming that Top Two will fix California’s government by reducing partisan gridlock.

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Tight Race for Rhode Island Governor

A new Rasmussen survey in Rhode Island finds Lincoln Chafee (I) and Frank Caprio (D) running even in the race for governor at 33% each with John Robitaille (R) trailing at 21% support, while another 13% are undecided.

http://politicalwire.com/archives/2010/04/27/tight_race_for_rhode_island_governor.html… Read more ...

Connecticut Independent Party Chooses Elected Official to Run for Governor

From Ballot Access News

April 27th, 2010
The Independent Party of Connecticut has chosen Tom Marsh to run for Governor this year. He is an elected Selectman in Chester. Marsh was elected as a Republican, but has now switched his registration to show membership in the Independent Party. The Independent Party nominated Ralph Nader for President in 2008 and is ballot-qualified for some offices in Connecticut.… Read more ...

Boyd goes independent in Georgia

From Politico.com
By ALEXANDER BURNS | 4/27/10 6:47 AM EDT
Real estate magnate Ray Boyd, who had announced plans to run for governor of Georgia as a Republican, plans to proceed with an independent campaign after refusing to sign a GOP loyalty oath. Boyd had pledged to put $2 million of his own money into the race, and must now collect more than 51,000 signatures by July 13 in order to make it onto the ballot.… Read more ...