New York Libertarians nominate Redlich for Governor

The Libertarian Party of New York today nominated Warren Redlich for Governor, while his opponent Kristen Davis did not attend.  Also nominated were:

  • Alden Link for Lieutenant Governor
  • Randy Credico for Senate against Schumer
  • John Clifton for the other Senate seat
  • John Gaetani for Comptroller
  • Carl Person for Attorney General

(This report forwarded from Eric Sundwall by Paulie.)

38 thoughts on “New York Libertarians nominate Redlich for Governor

  1. Trent Hill

    Interesting–there is a lot of dislike for Clifton amongst Ron Paul people, apparently.

  2. Trent Hill

    Oh, and yes, congratulations to Warren. And to Ms. Davis, we look forward to your other party.

  3. Eric Dondero

    I gotta say it’s sort of refreshing to see a number of Libertarian Party partisans cheering on the nomination of a Republican.

    Where were you all in 2008, when McCain chose Sarah Palin for his VP nominee? A woman who had attended two Libertarian Party of Alaska meetings the previous year, had been heavily rumored to be a dues-paying LP member, and had received the endorsement of the leadership of the Alaska Libertarian Party in her Governor’s bid?

    You’d think you all would have cheered her on with her nomination.

    And what about those here back in November 2009, who were arguing against listing Dan Halloran, elected City Councilman in New York City, who was elected on both the LP and GOP lines, as an elected Libertarian?

    Why is Warren any different from Dan? Both were elected primarily on the GOP line. But both are also proud dues-paying members of the LP.

  4. Third Party Revolution

    At least Kristin Davis can get on the ballot on the line she created. And you mispelled her name.

  5. Sean Scallon

    Many did cheer her nomination. Then Sarah the Libertarian went away and became Sarah the Republican and Sarah The Great White Hope. When Sarah the Libertarian and Sarah the AIP member returns someday, then perhaps we can cheer again.

  6. Eric Dondero

    Au contraire. A big fucking Au contraire as a matter of fact.

    Sarah was attacked brutally by the liberal media PRECISELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because of her libertarianism in October, and early November.

    And just where in the fuck were her libertarian defenders????? The libertarian movement, with the exception of a few of us brave souls, just sat on their fucking hands and let her get hammered by the liberal media fucks.

    This is how we treat members of our movement? We leave them out to dry and don’t defend them in their time of need. How pathetic.

  7. Eric Dondero

    Ironic, the McCain people inside the campaign dissed Sarah because she was being too libertarian on the stump, calling for cuts in spending, calling for cuts in taxes, defending gun rights, championing a spirit of Alaska Independence.

    Yet, Libertarians at the same time were bashing her for not being forcefully libertarian enough.

    My gosh! Hypocrites all around.

  8. Eric Dondero

    Hey Sean, that should read “Sarah the LP member,” not just Sarah the AIP member. Palin warmed up considerably to the Alaska Libertarian Party in 2005/06. I know. I was right there in Anchorage, even staying at the tiny apartment of LP Chair Jason Dowell, a volunteer in her campaign.

    But of course, it’s too politicially incorrect to talk about Sarah Palin’s Libertarian affiliations. So, they get ignored.

  9. Brian Holtz Post author

    Eric, showing up at an LP event (or even paying LP dues) doesn’t make a politician a libertarian. Since you’ve been following and supporting Palin for so long, surely you can fill out the quiz below for her and tell us where she scores. I bet she lands right next to the big red elephant.

  10. Eric Dondero

    That’s where you and I staunchly disagree.

    Libertarianism is judged by three factors NOT ONE!!!!

    Number One – Philosophy/Political Views

    Number Two – Commitment to the Libertarian movement as demonstrated by Personal Activism on behalf of the Cause of Liberty, or in the case of an elected official, association with explicitly Libertarian groups.

    Number Three – Paid Membership, and official affiliation with Libertarian organizations.

    On that score Palin scores off-the-charts Libertarian.

    I am so goddamned sick and tired of Dweeby intellectuals who base one’s commitment to libertarianism, based solely on what “libertarian papers” they’ve written, or how they score down-the-line on the Nolan Chart.

    These same folks wouldn’t know a clipboard if it smacked them upside the ass.

  11. Eric Dondero

    BTW, Palin’s score above would be 85 on Personal, 90 on Economics. Honestly, even I admit she’s a bit weak on the Subsidy of Corporations question. On Personal, Gay Marriage and Pro-Life.

    You obviously are ignorant of her Personal History, as in the time when she got smacked by the Religious Right in Wasilla as Mayor for defending the Bars and Taverns in Town. The RR wanted to Zone them out of Town. Palin stood up as Mayor and said “Over my dead body.” She became a legend of sorts in The Valley among Beer Drinkers after that.

    But then again, you’d never learn that from the leftist Palin-bashing MSM. Or, even the libertarian media. Doesn’t fit the “Golly gee, Palin’s a moronic Religious Right Christian,” template.

  12. Eric Dondero

    Oh, and the answer on Adult Entertainment? Alaska, include Anchorage, and exurban Valley Towns of Palmer and Wasilla, are chock full of Titty Bars.

    Like I said, Palin was hammered in the 2006 GOP primary by the Religious Conservatives, and the Frank Murkowski camp for not being sufficiently Pro-Social Conservative, and they even launched a whisper campaign that “Sarah was a closet libertarian,” on social matters, based on a favorable comment she once made on marijuana legalization.

  13. Eric Dondero

    All this banter about side issues.

    My question still stands.

    I like Warren Redlich. He’s insane sometimes. And a little gruff. But he’s a fellow Libertarian-Republican.


  14. Bart

    To be honest, the most socialist candidate in the 2008 election was Sarah Palin.

    When she was governor of Alaska, Palin was vocally proud of the fact that her state slapped a windfall profits tax on oil companies operating on Alaskan soil and distributed the revenue directly to Alaskans themselves. This is a thoroughly-socialist act, because it uses redistributive actions to reduce inequality in society.

  15. clay

    Sarah Palin is a chicken hawk republican who will run for President as a neoconservartive Republican in 2012. She is exactly the worst kind of thing for the Libertarian Party. She’s one of those major party politicians that sucks independent-minded voters into the major party problem, er, system and helps perptuate a lack of real choice in general elections. I wonder how man districts in Alaska are ruled by one party? I wonder how many local elections in Alaska have a true general election? I wonder if Sarah will be singing the praises of the LP in 2012 if the LP finds a candidate that starts polling, or if she’ll do what the Democrats always do to Nader.

    Redlich’s a good man. He may be enrolled as a Republican. But he has a clear goal for the Libertarian Party. He actually wants to help make the LP competetive againts republicans in New York. He has said time and again that he will run against the republican candidate, as a Libertarian, in the general election. Of course William Weld also said this, but Redlich seems more honest about that.

    There may be better republicans and democrats on the issues. But the we should always remember that three competetive parties are good for a general election. A real race with three or more viable candidates allows more issues to be raised and more solutions to be proposed. Sarah Palin just wants the big taxing republican party to dominate our politics. That’s why goes to tea parties. That’s why she will sometimes reach out to small parties. She thinks in independent means republican. I think independent mean not enrolled in any party at all – which is what I am. Sarah Palin wants to show us that the best candidate always wears an elephant suit. But in reality the best candidate is the best candidate.

    She’s kind of ugly too.

  16. clay

    I’m also interested in Credico’s race. He’s been on Alan Colmes. We need more of that.

  17. paulie

    Thanks to Brian for posting my text message forwards from Sundwall last night, as I was unable to get an internet signal.

    Corrections: Davis’ first name is Kristin, not Kristen.

    Also, Sundwall’s text had Persons’ first name as Chris, not Carl. I’m not sure which is correct – but if I had to guess, I would say Sundwall is more likely to be correct.

  18. paulie

    Interesting–there is a lot of dislike for Clifton amongst Ron Paul people, apparently.

    Why? He was an organizer for Ron Paul.

  19. paulie


    She’s kind of ugly too.

    I think she’s good looking. Besides that, Clay is correct, as is Brian, and to some extent Bart as well.

    For a more balanced look at Palin’s record as Mayor, Governor and VP candidate, see

    That’s not a libertarian record by any means.

    I have yet to see any proof that she ever paid LP dues. In the remote chance she ever did, she couldn’t have signed the pledge honestly.

    Adressing LP meetings says nothing about where a candidate stands. In many LP locals, such as Birmingham, we have had politicians from all over the political map come talk to us.

    The LP of Alaska’s endorsement of Palin says more about their leadership at that time than it says about her.

    Palin may well score authoritarian on Brian’s quiz, depending on how honestly and thorougly she considered the questions.

    If not, she would probably land right under the red elephant, one might imagine, prone. At the very best, she might be riding on his back, or playfully wrapped around his trunk. Splitting the difference, my best guess is that she is right in the belly of the beast.

    Oh yeah, congratulations to Warren, and looking forward to seeing whether Davis follows through on her new Personal Freedom Party.

    First question for Davis/supporters, how does the PFP differ from the Libertarians on issues, or does it? Is this merely a personality-based factional split, or are there some ideological differences involved, and will there be any attempt to carry the PFP into future elections with other candidates?

  20. paulie

    It’s Carl: I was afraid that Person was a typo for Peterson, so I looked it up.

    Excellent, thanks again!

    But it’s definitely Kristin, no e. I’ve seen and written her name too many times in the last few weeks to have any doubts on that one.

  21. LibertarianBlue

    Since we did support for military socialism and the Patriot Act become Libertarian? I guess that the Glenn Beck version of Libertarianism.

    I like Credico for his anti-statist views on the war on drugs, patriot act and others but I couldve sworn he was for illegal alien amnesty. He will certainly have his work cut out for him not only against Schumer and his bag of tricks but possibly against Larry Kudlow, there is a movement to draft him to the Republican nomination.

  22. paulie

    I couldve sworn he was for illegal alien amnesty.

    That would be a good first step, but we need permanent removal of government barriers against legal migration, not just amnesty.

  23. paulie

    The Libertarian Party today nominated Warren Redlich as its candidate for Governor of New York.

    Redlich was chosen over Sam Sloan of New York City by a margin of 27 to 17 in a vote at the LP state convention. Kristin Davis (the Manhattan Madam) had previously expressed interest. She did not attend the convention and her name was not placed in nomination.

    Statewide candidates will be presented tonight at a dinner at the Hilton Garden Inn in Albany. Those chosen for the fall election include:

    Governor: Warren Redlich
    Lt. Governor: Alden Link
    Comptroller: John Gaetani
    Attorney General: Carl Person
    Senate (Schumer): Randy Credico
    Senate (Gillibrand): John Clifton

    The LP also elected party officers including Mark Axinn who was named State Chair.

    and, at

    Welcome to the Stop Wasting Money campaign for New York State. Warren Redlich is running for NY Governor, seeking both the Republican and Libertarian lines. Warren is a successful small business owner who makes a payroll every two weeks. He created a Traffic Court directory that helps nearly 200,000 people a month.

    Warren and the team will deliver real change by cutting spending, eliminating unnecessary programs, and capping public sector pay and pensions. Read the issues to find out more.

    New York needs your help! Join the Facebook group; volunteer to help the campaign; contribute money so we can spread the message; and contact us with ideas!

  24. paulie


    Staff writer

    New York’s quirky and cantankerous Libertarian Party on Saturday made Warren Redlich, a Guilderland Town Board member and attorney, its nominee for governor.

    Redlich won the contest at a party convention held in a small conference room at the back of the Washington Avenue Hilton Garden Inn in Albany. The 44-year-old candidate defeated publisher Sam Sloan.

    Kristin Davis, the madam who provided prostitutes to former Gov. Eliot Spitzer, was expected to battle Redlich and Sloan for the nomination. But the Manhattanite did not show up at the convention — leading some in Saturday’s crowd to worry Davis will run under a splinter Libertarian platform that could divide the party’s already small number of voters.

    Redlich also would like to run for governor as a Republican, saying Saturday he hopes to use his influence among some Tea Party activists to launch a challenge to GOP frontrunner Rick Lazio.

    “My focus is to persuade the Tea Party movement to support me as a candidate in the Republican primary,” Redlich said, characterizing Lazio as “not very compelling.”

    Libertarians are generally considered a conservative, anti-government group. But they aren’t easy to pigeonhole.

    For proof, look at comedian Randy Credico, who on Saturday was the Libertarian’s choice for U.S. Senate seat held by Democrat Charles Schumer.

    Credico, claiming Schumer isn’t a true liberal, is seeking to challenge the senator in the Democratic primary and run under both Libertarian and Democrat lines. The 55-year-old says he’ll run against Schumer on an “anti-war, anti-Patriot Act, anti-drug law, anti-death penalty platform.”

    Also nominated Saturday was John Clifton, 51, a Queens resident and longtime Libertarian Party member, for the U.S. Senate seat held by Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand.

  25. Gene Berkman

    Congratulations Warren! Go for 50,000!

    IF Kristin Davis runs for Governor – a big if for a publicity stunt – and the PFP gets 50,000 votes for Governor instead of the LP, maybe Libertarians could move in on the PFP?

  26. Eric Dondero

    Question still stands. Anyone bold enough to offer an answer?

    Again, as a Libertarian-Republican, I kind a like the fact that a REPUBLICAN has won the LP nomination for Governor in New York, though I much preferred Kristin Davis.

    That said, why is it that everyone here is ga-ga over Redlich’s nomination, yet other Libertarian-Republicans routinely get the shaft by LP partisans?

    Leon Drolet? Bob Hedlund? Tom McClintock? Rand Paul? Jeff Flake?

    There’s an LP member in a run-off for Sioux City Mayor in South Dakota right now. He’s listed on the ballot as a Republican. Funny thing is, the SD Republican Party doesn’t like him at all, cause he’s a hardline “Libertarian.”

    This guy could win the race. Where’s the coverage of him at IPR? Why aren’t Libertarian Party members excited about this race?

    Why the double standard? Okay for Redlich, not okay for the South Dakota gentleman??

  27. Trent Hill

    I’m a fan of both Halloran and Bob Hedlund, because both have proven their libertarian credentials. Palin has proven she isn’t one by the way her views have evolved away from her AlaskaLP/AlaskaAIP roots over the last 2 years. McClintock–the jury is still out on, but he attends Ron Paul’s Liberty Caucus meeting every week–that’s a good start.

  28. Eric Dondero

    Thank you Trent! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

    You actually answered the question. That’s all I asked for. It’s good to see at least one person here acknowledge, that Warren Redlich is not the only good Republican out there, worthy of Libertarian Party support.

    Thank you again Trent. My respect for you has just gone up tenfold. We may disagree on foreign policy, but I now know you’re an honest guy.

  29. Eric Dondero

    BTW Trent, you really need to check out this South Dakota guy. He’s a Ron Paulist to the core, you’d love him.

    It’s a hilarious situation. The guy’s a total radical Libertarian. And the State GOP was supporting his opponent. Now they’re left with a horrible liberal who everyone despises in Sioux City, and this crazy Libertarian Doctor guy.

    IPR really needs to cover this story. This guy could win, which would make him the HIGHEST ELECTED LIBERTARIAN PARTY OFFICIAL IN THE UNITED STATES.

    Even higher than Dan Halloran. Cause he’ll be Mayor of a medium sized city.

  30. Trent Hill

    For the record, Dondero, I’m not an LP member–nor have I ever been. I use the term “libertarian Republican” quite often, though I’m quite different from you in using that term. I’m stridently anti-war, for one.

    With that said, I’m happy to answer your question. I am a registered Republican afterall, who considers himself a libertarian first.

    Give me the guy’s name, if he’s actually an LPer, we can cover it here.

  31. Brian Holtz Post author

    Eric, I don’t know much about Palin, but I know she isn’t an 85/90 libertarian. I bet she scores well short of libertarian on government monitoring, government religion, campaign finance, marriage, abortion, porn, and drugs. I bet you can’t provide quotes from her that get her more than a 50 on personal freedom.

  32. Richard Cooper

    Warren Redlich was supported by Libertarians because he opposed the Iraq war, describes himself as a libertarian publicly, endorsed Ron Paul for president (the only elected GOP officeholder in NY to do so), did legal work for Ron Paul in NY, was a Ron Paul delegate, is active with drug reform groups such as, endorsed Libertarian candidates, and did free legal work for a Libertarian candidate whom the Republicans challenged.

    I would say that answers Eric Dondero’s question.

  33. clay

    The significance of New York’s coendorsment law cannot be overstated. The law has the effect of shutting out non-republican/democratic parties entirely. If you pick up a newspaper in Albany and there’s a story about the gubernatorial campaign the only candidates discussed are all registered Republicans and Democrats. It is from this starting point that all discussion of these candidates running on other party lines eminates. There is hardly ever any discussion of a candidate who is registered as a member of another party. Redlich is a viable candidate in the eyes of the media at this point because he wants to primary with the Republicans. If he loses that contest, the rest of the exposure he gets will cover him from the angle of a dissatisfied Republican. The New York State media has no time for a candidate who’s campaign originates soley from the prospective of wanting to form a new autonomous party. Small parties that want to rub shoulders with the Dems and GOP can exist here, but only if the nominate some of the big party candidates. And they can never really grow of have there own competetive candidate (ala Doug Hoffman). I think this is a major problem that affects the entire political landscape of the US. California, Texas, and Florida don’t have this law. I don’t know how voters in other states with this law feel, but I think that even though parties should be able to run whoever they want, this law has the affect of limiting our choices greatly. Maybe I’d mind it less if New York changes its ballot qualification test to a registration system or a fee or something. I dunno. But in a nutshell, Redlich’s status as a Republican helps the LP until the primary. After that?

  34. clay

    I cite Hoffman because he represnts the limits of what the Conservative Party has been able to achieve – an occasional revolt with no lasting momentum.

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