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John Nichols of The Nation: ‘2010 might yet be a year of independent breakthroughs’

An excerpt from John Nichols’ blog at The Nation:

Because of Crist’s move, Florida will be the testing ground.

If Crist is defeated by Rubio, the right will claim its party.

If Crist and Rubio lose to Democrat Kendrick Meek — and especially if Rubio finishes third — there will be plenty of fingerpointing followed by, perhaps, a rethink among responsible Republicans of whether it is wise for any political party to place ideological purity above electoral viability.

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Republican Peg Luksik and Green Mel Packer participate in PA Senate seat debate

The two candidates for US Senate in Pennsylvania who showed up for a recent debate in Pennsylvania were Green Mel Packer and Republican Peg Luksik.  The latter was formerly a Constitution Party member and garnered over 10 percent of the vote as the party’s nominee for governor of Pennsylvania in 1994. … Read more ...

Maine Independent Greens honor activist after his death

The Independent Green Party is the Maine affiliate of the national Green Party.  From the Bangor Daily News:

Members of Maine’s Green Independent Party will gather in Greene this weekend for an annual convention dedicated to the memory of a Deer Isle resident and party leader who died recently.

Jack Harrington, 63, served on the Green Independent Party’s steering committee and was a delegate to the national party.

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Libertarian Chair candidates debate @LPKS: Root and Hancock scare each other with moderation and 9/11 Truth

On Saturday April 24, Libertarian National Committee Chair candidates Ernest Hancock and Wayne Root debated at the LP state convention in Kansas.  Each said he was scared by the prospect of the other being Chair:

Hancock said: “I’m afraid of Wayne getting exactly what he promises. He will be the face of the LP if he gets LNC Chair.… Read more ...

Green state rep. candidate in PA criticizes exclusion from candidate forum, announces participation in an upcoming one

Following his exclusion from a candidate forum in Pennsylvania’s 194th state legislative district, Green Hugh Giordano held a press conference and gave the following speech:

I want to thank everyone for being here today. My name is Hugh Giordano, and I am the Green Party candidate for the 194th District. I am running for the House seat so that I may be the people’s voice in Harrisburg, and not the corporations’.

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Cindy Sheehan releases trailer for documentary on Venezuala, ‘Revolution: A Love Story’

From an email to Cindy Sheehan’s supporters:

A funny thing happened while we have been working away at the documentary of our trip to Venezuela to interview President Hugo Chavez and to bring the truth about him and the Bolivarian Revolution to light–We were so inspired by what we witnessed and our research for the project–that we want our movie to arouse a similar Peaceful grassroots Revolution here to the US.

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