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Libertarian Party Convention: Chairman Election

The voting for the chair’s election at the Libertarian Party National Convention of 2010 has started.

Each delegate is to write the name of the candidate on the ballot. A group of tellers will circulate around the room observing tabulation of the votes. Tellers are to insure all voters are present, uncoerced, and that they are credentialed. Each delegation will tally votes, each chair is to deliver their tabulated vote sheet to the Secretary. The numbers will be announced by state in alphabetical order. In cases where no candidate recieves a majority, the candidate with the least vote is dropped and another round of voting will be held. None Of The Above (NOTA) is an option in every round.

The first round of voting has been counted and announced, final results are as follows.

A total of 531 delegates voted in Round One.

Hancock: 82 (15.44%)
Hinkle: 113 (21.28%)
Myers: 70 (13.18%)
NOTA: 10 (1.88%)
Phillies: 56 (10.55%)
Root: 200 (37.66%)

A second round of voting will be held. George Phillies is eliminated in the first round and will not be on the second round’s ballots. Roughly 23.73% of delegates’ first choice is out.
John Jay Myers took to the podium and decided to bow out before the first round also. He endorsed Mark Hinkle and urged delegates to do the same. He announced he would run for LNC-at-large later on in the day.

The second round ballots will have Hinkle, Root, Hancock, NOTA, and Myers as choices–because Myers did not officially withdraw before the printing of the second round ballots.

Second round results are in:

Hancock: 87 (16.41%)
Hinkle: 210 (39.62%)
NOTA: 10 (1.89%)
Root: 223 (42.08%)

Ernest Hancock will be eliminated and voting goes on to a third, and probably final, round. Hancock asked to speak to delegates and said he was “so happy” that he was “able to make our point clear, and able to show the love with all”. He endorsed neither candidate. He encouraged more activism from Libertarian Party members.

The third round of votes are in, the totals are:

Hinkle: 281 (54.14%)
Root: 228 (43.93%)
NOTA: 10 (1.93%)

Hinkle won on the third ballot. Root made a concession speech in which he jokingly said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, you can’t get rid of me.” He announced he would run for LNC-at-large.

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Trent Hill


  1. Rand A Rand A June 1, 2010

    Root didn’t sound like he was joking to me. He couldn’t handle that the delegates didn’t want him or his message. He’ll keep trying until he tears the libertarian party away from its core principles or the members reject him completely.

  2. AnthonyD AnthonyD May 30, 2010

    Personally, I don’t think Libertarians give root enough credit. Citizens as obviously self-involved get elected all the time. His interviews are generally good and light years ahead of what I hear from other Libertarians.

    I actually think Root would be a very good choice to run as a Libertarian for a mayorship somewhere, or perhaps even a governorship. However, I do agree with those who want him nowhere near the top of the Presidential ticket in 2012.

  3. This party is not ready for prime time This party is not ready for prime time May 30, 2010

    It is obvious this party is not ready for prime time.

  4. Rhys M. Blavier Rhys M. Blavier May 30, 2010

    I am with the other commetors who is now very interested in seeing what a narcissit like Root will do (including what he will do for the party) now that the party has rejected him as our “new messiah”.

    Of course, I am also interested in seeing how Hinkle will do as chair. When I heard them all speak, Hancock was the one who came across as the greater activist. Hinkle seems like the “nice guy” candidate and I don’t think that I can see him as lighting many fires or re-energizing the LP. Still, Root didn’t win. That is the good thing.

  5. Jeff Sexton Jeff Sexton May 30, 2010

    Clearly, 43% of the delegates are out of their ever-loving minds.

    I’m not going to call for Root to be drummed out of the Party, but he doesn’t belong anywhere NEAR the LNC except as a pure spectator.

  6. Jose C Jose C May 30, 2010

    Hinkle’s election changes nothing. Nothing has changed. We will be back in two years and nothing will change.

  7. Carol Moore Carol Moore May 30, 2010

    They didn’t mention results on feed so I shall look above. So he’ll be trying to cause trouble on LNC, eh?

  8. Trent Hill Trent Hill Post author | May 30, 2010


    Wayne is very close to the threshold. I think it’s clear he’s going to lose on the third ballot–but nonetheless deals could be made with certain state delegations in order to get them away from Hinkle.

  9. Carol Moore Carol Moore May 30, 2010

    So withdraw already, Wayne. Do you think all those Hancock voters are going to vote for you? Or NOTA? Oi! Oi! Oil

  10. Trent Hill Trent Hill Post author | May 30, 2010

    I filled them in.

  11. Rhys Blavier Rhys Blavier May 30, 2010

    Why are there no vote totals for Himkle or Phillies? The totals listed above only accounts for only 462 of the delegates.

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