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Mark Hinkle Defeats Wayne Root to Become Newest Libertarian Party Chairman

Mark Hinkle beat Wayne Root in the third round of balloting for Chairman at the Libertarian Party National Convention. Hinkle won with 54.14% over Root’s 43.93%, with None of the Above scoring 1.93%. Full results of each round of balloting can be found here. Hinkle was endorsed by six former national chairmen.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party Convention: Chairman Election

The voting for the chair’s election at the Libertarian Party National Convention of 2010 has started.

Each delegate is to write the name of the candidate on the ballot. A group of tellers will circulate around the room observing tabulation of the votes. Tellers are to insure all voters are present, uncoerced, and that they are credentialed.Read more ...

Nominations and Seconds for Chair Candidates

The nomination process for chair candidates is their last chance to speak to delegates and to have proxies speak about them to delegates. The speeches occurred in random order.

Wayne Root was nominated first, by Indianapolis City Councilman Ed Coleman of Indiana, the Libertarian Party’s highest elected official currently. He said that Root was “the spark” the Libertarian Party needed.… Read more ...

Darryl Perry Nominates Himself For Chair, Advises Delegates to Join Boston Tea Party

At the end of nomination for chair candidates, Bill Redpath asked if there were any other nomination for chairman of the Libertarian Party. Darryl Perry of Alabama walked to the mic and nominated himself as a candidate. Current chairman  Bill Redpath accepted his nomination, with a sigh, and welcomed him to make a nomination speech.… Read more ...

Nine candidates running in Colombian presidential election today, including Green front runner

From Al Jazeera:

Polls have shown Juan Manuel Santos, a candidate for the Unity Party and a former defence minister under Uribe, in a tight trace with Green Party candidate Antanas Mockus, a former mayor of the capital, Bogota.

Although there are nine candidates running, Santos and Mockus have grabbed the most attention in the campaign…

From France24:

Green Party candidate Antanas Mockus,  former mayor of Bogota, is one of the front-runners for Sunday’s presidential elections.

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MA: Cahill Accuses Governor of “Playing Politics with Terrorism”

From the Boston Herald:

Independent Timothy Cahill yesterday accused Democratic Gov. Deval Patrick of “playing politics with terrorism” and “pandering” to Muslims. In a statement, the state treasurer and 2010 gubernatorial candidate noted Patrick met with more than 1,000 Muslim leaders last weekend and indicated support for a variety of their initiatives, such as having police meet with them to expand cultural awareness and urging employers to let Muslims leave work early for Friday prayers.

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Article Says Libertarian Party Wants To Appeal to Teapartiers

According to this article, one of the raging topics at the Libertarian Party National Convention in St. Louis, Missouri, is how best to reach out to, and benefit from, tea party membership.

Whether and how to woo Tea Party followers to their party is one of the big issues at the Libertarian Party national convention this weekend in downtown St.

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Carl Paladino Skips Conservative Party of NY Convention, Plans for New Ballot Line

New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino is fed up with the Conservative Party and doesn’t seem to think they have treated him fairly. Rather than show up a convention which he thought was unfair, he met with local tea party leaders to discuss creating a new ballot line.

Friday he stopped in Rochester.

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New York Conservative Party Primary Battle Looms

The Conservative Party of New York is one of the most powerful state-level third parties in the nation. This year three candidates are simultaneously running for both the GOP nomination and the Conservative Party nomination for Governor of New York. Those candidates are Steve Levy, Carl Paladino, and Rick Lazio. However, Lazio has the endorsement of the convention and of the state chairman.… Read more ...

Article Suggests Crist Victory Could Change National Politics

Mary Ann Lindley wrote an article for which begs the question, how will a Charlie Crist victory affect politics both in Florida and nationally, and will it lead to an influx of independent or third party voters?

It’s been 10 years since the excitement of the presidential election “recount,” which brought the world to our feet.

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Richard Campagna Writes Another Book

Former Libertarian Party Vice-Presidential nominee Richard Campagna has written another book, his third. Campagna was the Vice Presidential nominee in 2004 behind Presidential candidate Michael Badnarik.

Richard Campagna says his days as a politician are behind him, but the Iowa City-based intellectual still has plenty to say.

Campagna, who was the vice presidential nominee for the Libertarian Party in 2004, recently penned his third book, a political autobiography/biography hybrid he self-published through 1st World Publishing in Fairfield.

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Pictures From the Libertarian Party National Chairman Debate

The table on stage where all chair candidates were seated

Chair candidate Mark Hinkle addresses the assembled delegates

Candidate for chair John Myers answers questions for the delegates

Chair candidate Wayne Root addressing the debate attendees

Ernie Hancock, candidate for chair, addresses the delegates

I was unfortunately unable to find an individual picture of George Phillies at the podium, but he was included in the shot of all the candidates at the table and participated during the debate.… Read more ...