San Francisco Libertarian Starchild Wins SF Weekly’s ‘Best Political Activist/Bisexual Escort – 2010’

SF Weekly:

San Franciscans are understandably proud of their quirky liberal heritage, but our town’s lovable eccentrics aren’t confined to the political left. Indeed, it’s difficult to imagine another city where a doctrinaire Libertarian who moonlights as a bisexual escort and exotic dancer could become a permanent fixture in the political firmament. This has been the accomplishment of Starchild — born Chris Fox, he legally changed his name 12 years ago — an evergreen supervisorial candidate and Fabio-esque hunk who has received attention in such prominent Libertarian publications as Reason magazine. In 2007, the ‘Child managed to beat the rap on a set of prostitution charges in Fremont, telling the Bay Area Reporter at the time, “We were not denying I might have committed prostitution on other occasions; we were just saying I didn’t do it on this occasion.” Who says Barack Obama holds the patent on eloquence?

0 thoughts on “San Francisco Libertarian Starchild Wins SF Weekly’s ‘Best Political Activist/Bisexual Escort – 2010’

  1. paulie Post author

    Was there any competition for the title?

    It’s San Francisco. I imagine the competition was fierce.

  2. Starchild

    Thanks, everyone, and IPR for publishing! My emailed comment about the heavy competition was totally tongue-in-cheek — I suspect I’m the only political activist/bisexual escort in town, although it’s not inconceivable there are others. SF Weekly is known for their quirky “best of” category titles.

    Coincidentally, I also just yesterday got prominent mention in a New York Times article about opposition to a proposed law in San Francisco that would criminalize people for sitting or lying on public sidewalks in the city:

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