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Howie Hawkins Endorsed By Socialist Party of New York

Howie Hawkins is a longtime activist in the Green Party, as well as the gubernatorial candidate for the New York Green Party. He seems to be getting a boost from the Socialist Party of New York, too.

Syracuse resident Howie Hawkins’ Green Party candidacy for governor is getting a boost from the Socialist Party of New York State.

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Third Party Figures Go Cruising

WorldNetDaily is a popular right-wing news website run by Joseph Farah. The site claims to be an “Independent conservative news website with an emphasis on aggressive investigative reporting”. The website is hosting a cruise in the Caribbean called the “Tea Party at Sea“. Speakers at this tea party include Joseph Farah, Aaron Klein, and David Kupelian.… Read more ...

Goode Declines To Run As Third Party Candidate, Endorses GOP Nominee

Virgil Goode, the former congressman from the Virginia’s 5th District, is a member of both the GOP and the Constitution Party. There was speculation that he might run for Congress in 2010 if Robert Hurt, one of the GOP candidates, won the primary. However, Goode has made it clear that he intends to support Hurt.… Read more ...

Dan Hamburg Places First In Mendocino County Supervisor Race, Faces Runoff

Dan Hamburg is a former Democratic Congressman from California as well as the gubernatorial candidate for the Green Party in 1998. Hamburg ran for Mendocino County Supervisor this year and placed first, with 34%. However, since he did not win a majority, the race is headed for a runoff.

The chances for change are slimmer in the much watched 5th District supervisor race, in which candidates to the left and right of liberal appear to be facing a runoff.

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New York City Councilman to Run For Governor Under Freedom Democratic Party

Charles Barron is a current New York City Councilman who is dissatisfied with the state of the city’s affairs and with the Democratic Party in general. He says he will run for Governor as a member of a new party, which will be called the New York Freedom Democratic Party. This is an allusion to the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, a civil rights-oriented party in Mississippi which sought to be recognized by the National Committee of the Democratic Party in 1964 as the official state affiliate, but was rebuffed.… Read more ...

Court May Compell Independence Party of New York Leadership To Testify

Richard Winger at Ballot Access News reports that the Independence Party of New York’s leadership may be compelled to testify about a $1,000,000 donation given to the party in 2009. The Independence Party is involved in a criminal probe of New York City Mayor Bloomberg’s political contributions.

Democratic Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, the state’s top prosecutor, is running for governor on the Independence Party line.

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Party Turnout Report In Amador County, California

Amador County, California had the 7th highest turnout of the 58 counties in California. The Ledger-Dispatch of Amador County reported on that figure, as well as reporting on the turnout by each party.

Amador County elections department lists a total of 7,156 Democratic voters, representing 34.18 percent of all registered voters in the county.

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State Senator Blames Libertarian Party For Controversy Over Ethnic Slur

South Carolina State Senator Jake Knotts has called gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley and President Barack Obama “ragheads”.  The Lexington County Republican Party called for Knotts, a Republican, to resign over the remarks. Knott responded:

“This is not a Republican Party, this is a libertarian party,” Knotts said, noting the group did not censure Sanford last year after he admitted an extramarital affair.

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After natural gas explosion, Green Party of PA issues anti-drilling statement

Press release:

The Green Party of Pennsylvania calls for an end to
drilling for natural gas and other fossil fuels

After a blowback spewed gas and toxic water in Clearfield, PA, plus serious
incidents including deaths of oil and gas employees in West Virginia and
Texas, nearly 2 months of oil flowing into the Gulf of Mexico and years of
mountain top removal, the Green Party of Pennsylvania says “enough already.”

Still in its infancy, drilling for gas in the Marcellus Shale has resulted
in the poisoning of private drinking water sources in Dimock, the
destruction of Dunkard Creek, the pollution of the Monongahela River and the
transformation of billions of gallons of Pennsylvania’s fresh water
resources into untreatable toxic waste.… Read more ...