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Other Polls 9% in South Carolina Senate Race

Rasmussen Polls released a new poll on June 15th for the U.S. Senate race in South Carolina. The major party nominees are Jim Demint, the Republican incumbent, and Alvin Greene, the Democrat and political newcomer. Greene has attracted negative media because of a pending investigation concerning whether he did or did not show pornographic material to a female college student without her permission.… Read more ...

Article On Kathie Glass, Libertarian Party Candidate for Governor of Texas

Kathie Glass was just nominated last weekend by the Libertarian Party to run for Governor of Texas. Glass beat out fellow Libertarian and candidate Jeff Daiell. The Texas Tribune published an article on Sunday about Glass’  victory and her attempt to win over the supporters of Republican candidate Debra Medina, who lost the GOP primary earlier this year.… Read more ...

Green Senatorial Candidate in Illinois Polls 14%

A new poll from Public Policy Polling on the Illinois Senatorial contest has been released. The poll chose to include the Democratic, Republican, and Green nominees, but not other nominees who will likely qualify for the ballot. The Green Party nominee, LeAlan Jones, scored 14% in that poll.

The poll’s returns are strange–LeAlan Jones scores highest amongst those who self-identified as conservative.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party of Texas Holds Convention, Nominates Glass for Governor

The Libertarian Party of Texas held its state convention last weekend to nominate candidates, revise the platform, and hear speakers.

Joining state Republicans and Democrats in the spotlight this weekend, Texas Libertarians gathered Saturday in Austin to announce their own bold aspirations.

Libertarian delegates selected Kathie Glass , a 56-year-old attorney from Houston, to run against Republican Gov.

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Libertarian Party of Oregon Nominates Gubernatorial Candidate, Bickers About Bylaws

The Libertarian Party of Oregon’s State Committee Meeting was held this weekend with the party nominating Wes Wagner, a 33-year-old IT professional, for the Governor’s race. However, the press about the party seems to mostly involve bickering over bylaws.

Wagner is also vice chairman of the Libertarian Party, and he’s in the middle of yet another internal battle over control of the party. 

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Constitution Party of South Dakota Holds State Convention

The Constitution Party of South Dakota recently finished it’s petitioning to get on the ballot and is now prepared to hold its state convention next Saturday.

The Constitution Party of South Dakota will hold their annual state convention on June 19 at the Washington Pavilion of Arts and Sciences, 301 S.

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Robert Owens Speaks To 9/12 Project In Cincinnati

Robert Owens is the candidate of the Constitution Party in Ohio for the office of Attorney General. He is speaking to a group called the “9/12 Project” in Cincinnati tomorrow evening.

At the invitation of the Cincinnati 912 Project, Robert Owens, candidate for Ohio Attorney General on the Constitutional Party ticket, will speak on the role of the Attorney General as it relates to state sovereignty, on illegal immigration, and on other matters Tuesday evening, June 15 at the Evendale Recreation Center.

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Alan Keyes Says Charlie Crist Isn’t Conservative

Alan Keyes today offered his opinion of sitting Florida Governor and Senatorial candidate, Charlie Crist. It is rare to see the press quoting one third party or independent candidate commenting on another.

Best known for his presidential campaigns and his contest with Barack Obama for the U.S. Senate seat in Illinois, Dr.

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