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PA Libertarians Embrace Their Major Party Opponents

An interesting idea floated out of the Northeast Pennsylvania Libertarians.

Lou Jasikoff insists the three Libertarian political hopefuls from Luzerne County have secured enough signatures for a spot on this November’s general election ballot, but the Northeastern Pennsylvania Libertarian Party chairman covets a few more John Hancocks.

The targets?

The signatures of the Libertarian’s major-party opponents – Democrats John Yudichak, Phyllis Mundy and Gerald Mullery and Republicans Bill Goldsworthy, Rick Arnold and Stephen A.

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Democratic MO Senate Candidate Calls for Open Debates

Robin Carnahan, Democratic candidate for US Senate and current Secretary of State of Missouri, has recently spoken up about the matter of debates:

Missouri’s Democratic and Republican front-runners for the U.S. Senate already are talking about debates — even before the primary elections.

Missouri’s primaries are Aug. 3.

Yet Democrat Robin Carnahan, Missouri’s secretary of state, on Thursday challenged the winners of the Republican, Libertarian and Constitution party primaries to three general election debates.

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The Snitker Paradox

[Note: I am aware we have had a sudden influx of posts on Alexander Snitker, but I have been working on this article for a couple of days now and will darn well post it!]

In Florida, Marine Corps veteran Alex Snitker is the first Libertarian to ever appear on the ballot for US Senate.… Read more ...

Warren Redlich: “Carl Paladino and the Mosque”

H/T Eric Sundwall in comments on Warren Redlich, Kristin Davis disagree on “Mosque” in New York City:

Warren Redlich, Libertarian for Governor of New York in the Westchester Herald:

Redlich_WarrenWarren Redlich.

ALBANY, NY, July 22, 2010 — Carl Paladino's "Mosque" press release (see below) was forwarded to me just now. 

I oppose Mr.… Read more ...

Irregular Times reports on Unity12

Articles at Irregular Times looking into the shadowy group “Americans Elect,” AKA “Unity12” (formerly Unity08);

Unity12 Changes its Name and its Goals, Dropping BiPartisanship

Who is Paying Unity12′s Rent for its Top-Floor DC Beltway Suite?

Where Does the Unity12 Task Force Dwell? Receipts Say the DC Beltway

Before Going Public, Unity12 Task Force Starts Ballot Efforts in California

Maze of Websites Brings Unity12 Operation Back to GOP Consultant Jim Jonas

Unity12 Task Force Wholly Funded by 1 Man: Investment Executive and Takeover Artist Peter AckermanRead more ...

FL: Crist, Rubio, Meek all make list of watchdog group’s most “Crooked Candidates”

Darcy Richardson writes at Uncovered Politics:

Floridians might need a lantern when looking for an honest candidate for the U.S. Senate this year, according to the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW).

The bright Florida sunlight might not be enough to find one.

In the eyes of the widely-respected watchdog group, three of the nation’s eleven most ethically challenged candidates are vying for the U.S.

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Warren Redlich, Kristin Davis disagree on “Mosque” in New York City

NY Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Warren Redlich writes:

There’s been a lot of misleading information about Cordoba House, the Islamic Community Center proposed for New York City, not too far from the World Trade Center site.

Let’s be clear about one thing. It’s not a mosque. It’s a community center. Yes, it will have a large room for prayer.

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Redlich: Paladino evasive about Schumer/Clinton contributions

NY Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Warren Redlich writes at wredlich.com:

(Taxpayers Party/Republican primary candidate for Governor of NY) Carl Paladino continues to duck questions about his relationship with Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer.

This morning on WIZR radio (930 AM in Johnstown), Paladino was asked to reconcile his purported conservative views with his $1000 contribution to Schumer on June 30, 2009 and his $4600 contribution to Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign.… Read more ...

Jesse Johnson Likely to be Mountain Party Nominee for U.S. Senate in West Virginia, Needs Fast Donations

Ballot Access News:

The Mountain Party, West Virginia’s only ballot-qualified minor party, expects to nominate Jesse Johnson as its U.S. Senate nominee, in the special election for that office to be held November 2, 2010.

Earlier this week, Republicans in the West Virginia legislature refused to vote for the bill setting up the special election, unless it was amended to say that candidates in that special election could also be running for another office simultaneously.… Read more ...

McKinney: Ag Secty Vilsack Must Keep Black Farmers on their Land

On The Wilder Side:

Vilsack Must Keep Black Farmers on their Land: One Million and a Half Black-Owned Farm Acres Being Looted by USDA While Farmers Wait for Justice

Cynthia McKinney

[USDA Secretary] Secretary Vilsack admitted in a press conference today, “I did not think before I acted.” It is clear from Agriculture Secretary Vilsack’s press conference today that he failed to do his job appropriately in his treatment of United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) employee, Shirley Sherrod.… Read more ...

Wisconsin Won’t Print Independent Candidate’s Choice for Ballot Label

Ballot Access News:

On July 21, the Wisconsin Elections Division voted not to permit Ieshuh Griffin, an independent candidate for lower house of the Wisconsin legislature, 10th district, to have her choice of ballot label on the November ballot. She chose “Not the ‘whiteman’s bitch’.” State law says an independent candidate may choose any label that is five words or less.… Read more ...

Boston Tea Party National Committee Chair Darryl W. Perry: ‘The Non-Voters New Clothes’

Emailed by Darryl Perry to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

There’s an old story about an Emperor who was swindled into buying a new outfit. The Emperor “dressed” in his “new clothes” and began a procession through town.

“Everyone in the streets and the windows said, “Oh, how fine are the Emperor’s new clothes! Don’t they fit him to perfection?… Read more ...