Ill. Green Senate candidate at 8%, Libertarian at 3% in PPP poll

From the PPP blog (with more information below the fold):

The Illinois Senate race continues to be very close, but because Mark Kirk is doing a better job of consolidating his base than Alexi Giannoulias is he’s taken a small lead after trailing by 2 points on PPP’s previous two polls of the race. Kirk is ahead 40-36 with Green Party candidate LeAlan Jones at 8% and Libertarian Mike Labno geting 3%…

A big factor to watch moving forward is whether Jones, the Green Party candidate, can maintain his support in the final 5 weeks as it becomes more clear that votes for him could push this race into the Republican column. On one hand Jones’ voters strongly dislike Giannoulias- 56% see him unfavorably to only 21% with a positive opinion. On the other hand they are a strongly Democratic leaning lot with 65% of them having voted for Barack Obama to only 28% who were McCain voters. If Jones fades Giannoulias will gain but if his support remains steady that’s going to be a big plus for Kirk.

In the poll itself, Jones picks up 7 percent of Democrats, 6 percent of Republicans, and 13 percent of independents.  Labno gets 2 percent from each major party, with 5 percent of independents.  Jones gets 5 percent support from African Americans, which is interesting, because in a previous poll where he had 14 percent support overall, he had 26 percent support from African Americans.

4 thoughts on “Ill. Green Senate candidate at 8%, Libertarian at 3% in PPP poll

  1. C James Madison

    Let’s hope that the Constitution Party can get the last few signatures approved so Randy Stufflebeam can be on the ballot as well, since it appears that voters in Illinois prefer more choices….

  2. Catholic Trotskyist

    Yes, let’s hope to God he can, so Randy can steal some conservative votes away from Kirk. Conservative Republicans don’t really like Kirk.
    LeAllen Jones will hopefully feel ashamed of his sinful ways against the god-given Catholic Trotskyism movement, and withdraw before it is too late.

  3. Robert Milnes

    Come on, we’ve seen this so many times before. The Green and/or Libertarian in high to mid single digits at the beginning of the cycle. Gradually dipping to @1% on election day.
    Now, in this case if one or the other-best the Green in Illinois, should call a press conference & announce a PLAS campaign & for the other-best the Lib in Illinois,to withdraw, that would be newswworthy & produce a spike in polling.
    & subsequently the polluing would gtradually INCREASE daily to @40% on election day.

  4. Robert E. Milnes

    BTW I’m considering offering returns of 10 cents on the dollar for all campaign donations. Contributions should grow in pace with the polling increases.
    With a 40% ROI, you can’t loose.

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