Tom Tancredo: Have You Seen the Latest Poll?

Here is the poll he mentions – Hickenlopper 47%, Tancredo 29%, Maes 21%.

Dear Conservative,

A new poll shows my campaign surging ahead! We’ now solidly in second place and leading among independents!

Every day, new supporters are rallying to my consistent conservative message of slashing government spending, cutting taxes and balancing the budget.

I am the only candidate in this race who will bring government to heel and make it live within its means.

Please take some time to read my letter below and consider chipping in a contribution of $10, $25, $50 – or whatever you can afford – to my campaign.

Thank you for your time and support.

Very truly yours,

Tom Tancredo

9 thoughts on “Tom Tancredo: Have You Seen the Latest Poll?

  1. Brian G.

    Turn about is fair play. This would be about the time that if the Republican were in 2nd place there would be calls for the conservative 3rd party person to quit. I guess it’s time for the Republican to quit and support Tancredo. After all we wouldn’t want people to “waste” their votes.

  2. Erik G.

    As a CO resident, I hear more and more people abandoning the thought of voting for Maes every day. I’m not sure that Tancredo will get enough votes to beat Hickenlooper, but he’ll probably put a lot space between himself and Maes (I think Maes will wind up with 15% or less on election day).

    And this is from someone who’ll be voting for Jaimes Brown (I dislike all 3 candidates mentioned above).

  3. C James Madison

    At this pace Mr. Tancredo should be polling around 35% by October 1st, and hopefully Hickenlooper will be losing a few percentage points to make it tight in the last 33 days…

  4. Nationalist

    Tancredo’s record on illegal immigration
    is such that he can be trusted on this

    Democrats tend to win on economic
    issues. If Tancredo could just adopt
    some of Chuck Baldwin’s economic
    positions he should win the support
    of the voters. After all, Tancredo’s
    social positions have already upset
    the monied interests.

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