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Green Party lauds Pittsburgh City Council Decision to ban fracking in city limits

A press release from the Green Party of Pennsylvania, which supports banning hydraulic fracturing (aka fracking) for natural gas and organized statewide protests against the practice on Earth Day:

Last week, Pittsburgh City Council voted to ban hydrofracturing, or
“fracking” within city limits.  Fracking is a controversial method of
natural gas extraction from the Marcellus Shale formation that uses large
volumes of water and severely pollutes it in the process. … Read more ...

Michael Bloomberg: Independent can’t win White House

Dan Hirschhorn @ Politico.com reports:

Michael Bloomberg says an unaffiliated candidate can’t win the presidency — a sign that the New York mayor might be leaning against an independent bid of his own.

Bloomberg told reporters that the very best an independent candidate could hope for was an electoral-vote tie, which would give final say to the House, which the GOP recaptured this month.Read more ...

LNC Meeting Comment Thread (New Orleans, Nov. 20-21)

The Libertarian National Committee meets this weekend in New Orleans, Louisiana. Live video at Justin.tv/LNC7. Discuss.

Watch live video from RevoLNC on Justin.tv
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NY Capitol News: Story about the Independence Party, and its chairman’s strategies

In New York, if you want to remain independent as a voter, you check the box on the voter registration form that says you do not wish to enroll in  a party. (This status is often referred to as “a blank”.)  Also on the voter registration form, is the option to join the third party called “The Independence Party”.… Read more ...

Nader: TSA is delivering naked insecurity

Excerpt from an opinion piece published in USA Today, and sent out to Nader’s e-mail announcement list:

TSA is delivering naked insecurity
by Ralph Nader

To airline passengers: Get ready for naked insecurity.

To the Department of Homeland Security: If you thought this week was bad, brace yourself for a tsunami of protests in the days ahead.

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