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Could Matt Gonzalez finally become the mayor of San Francisco?

Matt Gonzalez was a City Supervisor in San Francisco as a Green from 2000 to 2005, and was also elected the Board of Supervisors President (he is no longer a member of the Green Party, after having run as Ralph Nader’s vice presidential candidate in his 2008 independent campaign).  In 2003, he narrowly lost the city’s election for mayor to Gavin Newsom. … Read more ...

David F. Nolan, 1943-2010

I just received a phone call from R. Lee Wrights, who is en route home from the Libertarian National Committee meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana. Shortly after adjournment of the LNC meeting today, he was informed that Libertarian Party founder David F. Nolan has died. Steve Kubby has also reported this, and confirms it via conversation with Nolan’s wife, Elizabeth.… Read more ...

David Nolan – LP Founder – Passes Away

2010 Congressonal Debate

John McCain Shakes David Nolan's Hand

Sources close to David Nolan tell IPR he passed away last night.

Mister Nolan is survived by his Wife Elizabeth.  IPR does not have information about other famly members.

No cause of death is known at this time, confirmed by the same sources.

Mister Nolan was one of the original founders of the Libertarian Party. … Read more ...