Daily Archives: November 29, 2010

Recent news from Rhode Island’s Moderate Party

Various news about the Rhode Island Moderate Party since the election:

Most recently, the party’s chairman Robert Corrente stepped down from that position so that Ken Block, who had resigned while he ran for governor, could take over.

Party executive director Christine Hunsinger says former U.S. Attorney Robert Clark Corrente (kuh-RENT’-ee) resigned the week after the Nov.

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Poll: Bloomberg candidacy would aid Obama in 2012

The Hill.com  reports:

If New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I) decided to wage an independent bid for president in 2012, he would end up aiding President Obama’s reelection prospects, according to a new poll out Monday.¬†

Numbers from Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling show Bloomberg polling at 11 percent in a hypothetical three-way matchup with Obama and former Massachusetts Gov.Read more ...

Wyoming Third Parties Show Growth, Discord

Third party candidates often do well in areas where one major party is substantially weaker than its rival. One can list numerous examples of this phenomenom: Minneapolis,¬† San Francisco, parts of Massachusetts, rural Nevada, and Rhode Island among others. Other areas, like Democratic Hawaii, have not yet reached this point. However, Wyoming may be the newest member of this club.… Read more ...

Supreme Court to review Ariz. campaign finance law

The Associated Press reports:

Less than a year after removing most limits on election spending by corporations and organized labor, the Supreme Court is signaling trouble for another campaign law that aims to curtail the political power of big money.

The court on Monday said it will consider dismantling Arizona‘s program that gives extra cash to publicly funded candidates who face privately funded rivals.Read more ...