America First Party: TSA Molests Americans – Shut it Down!

This came to me form the America First Party:

Boulder, CO – The America First Party denounces the escalation of humiliating and illegal searches of Americans in the airports nationwide by the Federal Government’s Transportation Safety Administration (TSA). As usual, Republican and Democrat public officials, who have collectively imposed these assaults upon us, along with their coterie of mouth-pieces in the media, have misdirected the analysis of these wrongs with an eye to preserving most of them in the name of “security.”

In fact, searches of Americans by government servants are illegal without probable cause that a crime has been committed. That means that random searches – whether at airports, on the highways, or anywhere else in our country – are violations of the civil rights of the victims.

Yet our corrupt Courts, Presidents Bush and Obama, and almost every single Republican and Democrat member of Congress, have colluded to impose a draconian regime of searches, pat-downs, gropings, and x-ray exams, which are all repugnant to the United States Constitution.

Under the Fourth Amendment, searches should be exceedingly rare, with only suspected criminals being subject to them. But these routine, illegal searches of hundreds of thousands of innocent Americans since 2001 have now escalated to humiliating sexual assaults and the lewd, pornographic imaging of helpless travelers. Now the so-called “conservative” big-government Republicans scream for “profiling” – yet another repugnant proposal that also violates the 4th Amendment.

In a real sense, Al-Qaeda has won: our liberties have been stripped from us, and we are treated as mere cattle and criminals by a Republican and Democrat government that uses terror threats to coerce us into surrendering our fundamental rights like compliant subjects, not free Americans.

AFP National Secretary John Pittman Hey remarked: “The really effective terrorists in our country are not swarthy-looking Arab males. The real terrorists are Presidents Bush and Obama, Republican and Democrat elected officials and bureaucrats, and big mouth apologists like Hannity and Limbaugh who have used the threat of terror to steal our basic liberties in the name of so-called security. They are our real enemies, and until the TSA is defunded and dismantled, every one of them continue to share the guilt for the violent assaults and sexual molestations by our government against us. Politicians and media big-mouths who support the TSA’s actions should be treated by the public as the violent assailants and sexual predators that they are.”

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