National Green Party’s Thanksgiving Message

In honor of Thanksgiving, The Green Party of the United States sent around a message of thanks, and a request for support. Excerpt below:

Today we give thanks …

This Thanksgiving Day, Greens have much to be thankful for and much to celebrate, as well as much to prepare for and work toward in the coming year.  We thank you for staying in touch with us and forming the backbone of our support.  Because we do not depend on corporations, PACs or special interest funds, you are our sole means of support.  If you have given a contribution to the Green party this year or have decided to soon, we thank you.

We thank over 350 candidates who represented the Green Party in local, state, and federal elections this year, winning some huge victories for the party.  We thank Howie Hawkins in New York, Ed Lindsay in Texas, and Nat Fortune in Massachusetts for their campaigns, which helped win ballot status in those states.  Because of these great campaigns, we know today that during the next national election the Green Party will be on the ballot in the four most populous states in the country for the first time since 2000.

We thank our many other new and current officeholders, including Gayle McLaughlin and Dan Hamburg in California, John Anton in Maine, and Richard Hervey and Michael Beilstein in Oregon.  These elected Green mayors and city or county council members show that Greens can get elected and lead their communities effectively.

We thank the many Greens who – known or unknown – worked on these great campaigns and continue to work even after the election has passed…

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  1. Carey Campbell

    My Green Party buddy Dany Cohn-Bendit was in Turkey today talking with the Prime Minister.

    Dany is the President of the Green Party faction in the European Parliament.

    When I was in Freiburg, Germany this week I talked with Dany’s Co- President Rebecca Harms. At mention of Dany, Rebecca laughed. Dany is a joyous and eternally optimistic fellow.

    Here’s the story on Dany and the Prime Minister from Turkey…

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