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Libertarian Party Did Not Poll 50,000 Votes for Governor of New York

from Ballot Access News
Libertarian Party Did Not Poll 50,000 Votes for Governor of New York

originally published on December 13th, 2010

On December 13, the New York State Board of Elections certified the election returns from the November 2, 2010 election...the Libertarian Party nominee for Governor, Warren Redlich, did not receive as many as 50,000 votes. … Read more ...

Georgia Greens Urge Negotiated Response to Georgia’s Inmate Sitdown Strike

From the Green Party of Georgia, which has focused a lot of attention lately on the state’s prison system, via the Green Party of the US:

Georgia Green Party leadership today are urging that calls of concern be placed to the Georgia Department of Corrections urging negotiations with, not retribution against peaceful strikers in six Georgia prisons.… Read more ...

With newly guaranteed ballot access, some New York Greens are ready to run

From the Rochester City Newspaper:

The Green Party became an officially recognized political party in New York on Monday – the day state officials certified the results of the November election. The Greens’ gubernatorial candidate, Howie Hawkins, received more than 50,000 votes, which was enough for the party to gain official recognition.

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Ben Chipman, only independent in Maine legislature, to be on IPR Radio tonight at 8 PM EST

Ben Chipman is a Green Party activist in Maine and was elected to the state legislature this year as an independent.  I, Ross Levin, along with Daniel Surman, will be interviewing him tonight on blogtalk radio.  Chipman has been a Green Party activist for a long time, including being an aide to Maine’s only former Green state legislator and a member of the Portland Charter Commission.… Read more ...

Wikileaks: Diplomats Scoff at German Libertarian Party’s Concern for Data Security

From Third Party and Independent Daily:

The recent Wikileaks diplomatic document dump contains a cable from shortly before Germany’s 2009 general election, articulating worries among US diplomats that the German Free Democratic Party’s strong support for individual data privacy and protections against unreasonable search and seizure might hinder the efforts of the American national security state. 

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Nader says: Bernie Sanders is a majority of one

from nader.org
In the Public Interest
Majority of One

By Ralph Nader

On Friday, December 10, 2010, Senator Bernie Sanders, Independent Socialist, of Vermont, came of age. At last. With just about the best progressive voting record, Senator Sanders has nonetheless been an underachiever in the minds of those Americans who marveled at his tenure as mayor of Burlington, Vt.… Read more ...