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Ben Chipman, only independent in Maine legislature, to be on IPR Radio tonight at 8 PM EST

Ben Chipman is a Green Party activist in Maine and was elected to the state legislature this year as an independent.  I, Ross Levin, along with Daniel Surman, will be interviewing him tonight on blogtalk radio.  Chipman has been a Green Party activist for a long time, including being an aide to Maine’s only former Green state legislator and a member of the Portland Charter Commission. He was the only Green-affiliated independent or Green (and that confusion will be a topic of discussion) elected to state office in the entire country this year.

Submit your questions in the comments here or call in that night at 1-646-200-0264.

You can listen by calling that number or by listening at this website (or by listening to the box below):

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  1. Cousin It Cousin It December 17, 2010

    Yes, he is. And I don’t know.

  2. Tiradefaction Tiradefaction December 17, 2010

    Is Corey Campbell “Green Party Conservative”, and what’s up with his hardon for Bloomberg?

  3. Bryan Bryan December 15, 2010

    Cool…kind of thrown off by his (chipman) independent status…and carey’s ramblings.

  4. Ross Ross December 15, 2010

    Dominik, during the interview he addressed that. He said he campaigned on and was elected on being an independent, so he feels that he would be betraying the voters in a sense if he were to immediately switch to Green. However, he hasn’t thought out completely whether he’ll stay indy or switch to Green in the future.

    Bryan – I’m not sure what you mean, but Ben Chipman is a Maine Green Party activist who actually is active. The Maine Green Party is associated with the national Greens, unlike Carey Campbell’s Independent Green Party, which is affiliated with the national Independence Party, iirc.

  5. Dominik Dominik December 15, 2010

    Why won’t Chipman reregister as a Green?

  6. Bryan Bryan December 15, 2010

    I generally ignore what Carey “for rail” Campbell has to say, however is Ben Chipman a Green Party “activist”, or is he one of the fruitcake fringe…Ben “for rail” Chipman

    Then again it is the holidays, so fruitcakes are a topic of conversation.

  7. Catholic Trotskyist Catholic Trotskyist December 15, 2010

    Carrie, you have to do better than that; Ross is clearly right this time. Bloomberg may be progressive on a few issues, and he’s not as conservative as the Republicans on most issues, but he’s not a progressive and would have trouble working with most Greens when it comes to passing actual laws.

  8. Ross Ross December 14, 2010

    No, it’s true. He said that, yes, he would be willing to work with Mayor Bloomberg, because he’s willing to work with anyone toward election reform and progressive goals. You can isolate his statement that he would be willing to work with Mayor Bloomberg, but the second part of that is very important.

    If you’re saying my opinion of Bloomberg is bullshit…well, why is the Green Party protesting him? He appointed a corporate school chancellor and that’s emblematic of who he is – a corporatist oligarch. He supports the police state and he supports neoliberalism. Those are two very, very, very ungreen things. He does not fit into the broad umbrella of green politics.

  9. Ross Ross December 14, 2010

    Carey – Chipman said that he would be willing to work with anyone on election reform and progressive issues, and Mayor Bloomberg falls into that category of “anyone,” but I doubt Bloomberg would work on many progressive issues, and I’d be utterly surprised if he did anything in a green way.

  10. Carey Campbell Carey Campbell December 14, 2010

    The Greens Mr. Chipman said he’s been involved with the Green Party for about 15 years.

    The Green Party’s Ben Chipman found this year there was great energy for him as an Independent on the ballot.

    When he decided to run, it was too late to run as a Green on the ballot.

    People wanted something different from the two larger parties.

    Mr. Chipman managed “15 or 16” Green Party campaigns. From those he learned the importance of door to door contact by the Green candidate.

    “Had signs everywhere. I did mailings…It being a 2 person race was really key.”

    “Percentage wise I got 55%.”… of the vote.

    It wasn’t an easy road. At the start there were two additional Greens on the ballot. One Green one the primary. Then decided to withdraw because of demands at their job.

    Jonathan Carter, and Pat LaMarche, famous, popular, beloved Greens in Maine endorsed and supported Mr. Chipman.

  11. Carey Campbell Carey Campbell December 14, 2010

    These 4 points are highlighted at the top of the Green Legislator Chipman’s web page.

    Improve Maine’s economy

    Equality and Civil Rights

    Healthcare for Everyone

    Clean Renewable Energy

  12. Carey Campbell Carey Campbell December 14, 2010

    From the Greens’ web page.

    Ben Chipman is a self starter and a lifelong Maine resident. Raised in a single family household, he triumphed over childhood poverty to put himself through college at the University of Maine, graduating in 1997. As a community organizer, Ben has been a champion for the people of Portland. He knows what it is like to be low income and to go without health care all of his adult life. If elected Ben will put his wealth of experience to work on our most pressing issues.

  13. Carey Campbell Carey Campbell December 14, 2010

    Great show.

    Clearly 45 minutes was too short…

    Mr. Chipman…answered the following question.. in the affirmative…

    Would you welcome the opportunity to work with Independent Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg in assisting on issues you care about in Maine, and perhaps in a leading role for the national Green Party?


    Which, may I remind you, was the proven point of our October 14, 2010 press conference at the National Press Club in the Bloomberg room.

    Mr. Chipman talked about his record working as a legislative aide for the previous Green Independent member of the Maine legislature, John Elder.

    Elder also worked on Mr. Chipman’s campaign.

    There were about 5,500 voters in the district. Of those circa 2,100 voted.

    It was a two race.

    Final results:
    Chipman 1034 votes
    the other candidate 960.

    Mr. Chipman spent about $5,000 on the campaign. Those were “clean election” funds provided by the check off box on state taxes by citizens in Maine.

    Mr. Chipman said he spent that money on signs, and mailings.

    He estimates he personally talked to about 1,000 people. 600 to 700 of those conversations were door to door. The remainder were in telephone calls.

    Mr. Chipman is a veteran Green Party campaigner and campaign manager. He estimates he ran about 15 campaigns.

    Just today, Mr. Chipman had introduced 5 new bills to the legislature. He plans even more measures on ballot access, and election reform.

    He did not do robo calls. That he said is made more of a challenge in the age of cell phones.

  14. Ross Levin Ross Levin Post author | December 14, 2010

    Going on the air in five minutes…

  15. Ross Levin Ross Levin Post author | December 14, 2010

    It’s a 45 minute interview, btw, although it may go longer than that if Daniel wants to keep doing it.

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