Daily Archives: July 10, 2011

James Pirtle is the First Declared Citizens Party Congressional Candidate for 2012

James “Jim” Pirtle is running for Congress in Colorado’s 5th District under the banner of the Citizens Party. This makes him the first announced Citizens Party candidate for Congress in 2012.

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NYC Independence Party Leader Fred Newman Dies At Age 76

The New York Times provides a thorough obituary. One quote of interest for third party junkies:

His greatest impact came through mobilizing his followers, sometimes called “Newmanites,” to build alliances with third parties, including that of the Texas independent H. Ross Perot.

“If it weren’t for the Independence Party, Mike Bloomberg might not have become mayor,” said Douglas Muzzio, a professor of public affairs at Baruch College.

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OK Libertarians Continue To Fight For Ballot Access

The Edmond Sun, a local Oklahoma paper, covers the efforts of Libertarians in the state to become recognized as a political party.

Oklahoma Libertarians want their party recognized by the state and represented on the ballot in political primary elections, one local Libertarian leader said.

Oklahoma is the only state recognizing only the Democrat and Republican parties on the ballot without an “unfair” effort required by a third party, said Aletha Lingo, president of the Edmond Libertarian Party.

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