Daily Archives: August 19, 2011

Help covering LNC meeting this weekend would be appreciated

If anyone is going to the Libertarian National Committee meeting this weekend, and can broadcast it for our readers, please let us know in the comments and/or at contact.ipr@gmail.com. We would also be interested in a video for later broadcast and/or liveblogging from the meeting.

LNC meetings are taped by LPHQ staff, but those tapes are not public.… Read more ...

B.A.N.:”Both Statewide Alternative Candidate Petitions in Kentucky are Approved”

From Ballot Access News:

Kentucky elects its statewide state offices in November of the odd years before presidential elections. This year, the Kentucky ballot will include one independent candidate for Governor, Gatewood Galbraith; and one Libertarian Party nominee for Treasurer, Ken Moellman. Each needed at least 5,000 valid signatures. Galbraith submitted 7,496; Moellman submitted 8,100.Read more ...