Open Thread for August 2011

Discuss almost whatever you want in the comments here, other than stuff that would get you and/or IPR in legal trouble, or stuff that has already been quarantined in “special” threads.

This can include news items IPR should be covering, as well as just about anything else.

Personal update: I still don’t have enough time to post here regularly, unfortunately. 415-690-6352 if you need to get a hold of me (Paulie), or and/or comments on this thread (both if possible) for news tips to IPR. I’ll keep forwarding anything I receive that I think belongs on IPR to other IPR writers, but will not be posting articles myself, with rare exceptions like this one. I would also like to sign up some new people to help us post.

For those of you who have my personal email, in any situation where you can call me rather than emailing me or otherwise contacting me online, please use the phone, not the computer. Thanks!


PS: Marc Montoni sends this in. No, I don’t own it, LOL….

146 thoughts on “Open Thread for August 2011

  1. NewFederalist

    “I would also like to sign up some new people to help us post.”

    Like who?

  2. NewFederalist

    Well… how about Milnes, Lake and Ogle? Gee, that kinda sounds like a rock group… oh wait… that was Emerson, Lake and Palmer. 😉

  3. NewFederalist

    On a more serious note… is there anyone who can provide occasional articles on some of the traditional minor parties like the Prohibition Party or the SLP, SWP etc.? Perhaps Darcy Richardson?

  4. paulie Post author

    Darcy is already signed up. Of course, being signed up does not guarantee that someone will post, or how often.

  5. Don Lake, FYI, not necessarily a unilateral endorsement

    # 4 paulie // Aug 1, 2011:
    “……….. not any of those. But thanks for the suggestion ……..”

    [Lake: I, and California AIP, get enuf bias and poop from ‘the Divine Mister P’ as is. Don’t worry. Don’t call me, ‘I’ll call you’ (Yeah, Right, Sure). Oh, New Fed, plz tell me specific incidents where I have provided false hoods. And there are lots of examples of providing once in a life time FACTUAL information. Comments, fucker?]

  6. NewFederalist

    Sorry Don. You just fit into the “Emerson, Lake and Palmer” theme. No need to be nasty to paulie. If your name was Frizbee von Snotdripple you would have never come up.

  7. Don Lake, FYI, not necessarily a unilateral endorsement

    New Fed, my remark, altho most of us on the West Coast FORMER CP consider paulie to be biased to the core, was NOT directed AT HIM. You have children ???????? Cause youse da ………

    Ya all wanna shut me up, with an apology to boot? Merely point out where I am wrong. (Ya notice how the ‘Divine Mister P’ jumped the gun and assumed [ass, you and me!] that it was he, he, he, he!

    No narcissism on this site!

  8. paulie Post author

    Ya notice how the ‘Divine Mister P’ jumped the gun and assumed [ass, you and me!] that it was he, he, he, he!

    Mr. Lake,

    Where did I assume any such thing?

    I’ll help you out: I didn’t. In fact, I noticed that you addressed NewFed, not me.

    Nevertheless, my question stands as to what falsehoods he accused you of.

  9. NewFederalist

    Fuck you, Don. You rarely make sense so why start now? You are now on the ignore list.

  10. Catholic Trotskyist

    I would be open to attempting to post some articles about some of the minor parties which are not covered here as much. I would not even post about my own growing movement, the Catholic Trotskyist Party. Today is the third anniversary of when my computer was nearly destroyed by a computer virus sent by Naderite right-wing political criminal agendas. Yet I have persevered, and IPR has persevered, and the leadership of our holy revolutionary general Barack H. Obama ahs persevered despite all obstacles.

    Good bless the President, God bless the pope, and God bless IPR, amen.

  11. paulie Post author


    I’d be willing to put you on probational posting status. That is, you can publish articles, but one of the other people at IPR will have to approve them before they go public. Does that work for you?

  12. Michael H. Wilson

    CNN has a comment section and it is interesting to read comments from others suggesting we need to cut the Pentagon’ budget. It suggest that is a big issue that is floating beneath the surface. Hopefully Libertarian candidates can jump on that one.

  13. Don Lake, FYI, not necessarily a unilateral endorsement



    Biden collecting rent from Secret Service

    * RSS Rachel Rose Hartman | The Ticket – 2 hours

    Biden (Riccardo De Luca/AP)

    Joe Biden is a landlord to the Secret Service. That’s right.

    The Washington Times reports that Biden has collected $13,200 from the Secret Service since April to rent a cottage adjacent to his Wilmington, Del., home and continues to charge the agency rent.

    The Secret Service has agreed to pay $2,200 per month for use of the house in order to provide security to the Biden family, according to Edwin M. Donovan, special agent in charge at the Secret Service’s Office of Government and Public Affairs in Washington.

    (By the way, that’s no discount on the rent–the Times reports that’s the amount paid by the previous tenant.)

    Some of the watchdog types interviewed by the Times questioned whether the agreement is appropriate, especially given Biden’s deficit reduction leadership role.

    Leslie Paige, spokeswoman for Citizens Against Government Waste, said there’s no question Biden deserves protection, “but this arrangement seems bizarre to me.”

    [Lake: the smallest book in the Politics Section ………]

  14. Concerned Chuck and Hetro Harry

    Donald Lake even though he’s a cocaine addict and was involved with the awful abortionist Henry Ross Perot still makes a lot more sense than any of the Nancy Reagan libertarian non-sense that Paulie tries to deliver as fact on this insane Homosexual-Communist-Mormon spin machine. Donald Lake may be a sinner but he’s an an agent of the Dark Lord Alan Keyes himself like Mrs. Paula “Paulie” Abdul there. Pack up your bread boxes because when Jesus comes around you’ll know what you’ve done wrong. Don’t say I didn’t try to warn all of you folk!

  15. Concerned Chuck and Hetro Harry

    Paulie why must you always be so hateful, why can’t you see the false idols you worship are nothing but stone! There is only one true God and his name is not Allah, Aqua Buddha, or Alan Keyes. His name is JESUS CHRIST and you should spend the rest of yout life in His holy service Bow down to the true God and smash your idols to your queen of sin Mary Ruwart!

    Progressives and Libertarians are both liers and Catholic spies who systematic plan to undermind the Palestinian Swendenborgian community. The Socialist Worker Party was funded by the Catholic Church from it’s founding in 1938 until the mid-1960s when the Pope decided it was better to undermine the Kingdom of God on Earth, also know as Zion (America and more specifically Nauvoo. Illinois) by funneling money to Michael Harrington and Irving Kristol who would promote Jewish Zionism among American evangelical Christians. But it is well establish that one of the first attempts of the Catholic Church to attack America was by giving Jack Barnes several million dollars to found this organization he still runs today.

    What’s needed in America is an anti-Zoinist, anti-”Gay”, pro-Bible, pro-Captain Beefheart union of black and white, rich and poor! Robert Milnes is a communist catholic homosexual who’s going to burn in hell, now you don’t want to burn in hell do you Paulie? Let the hate God has for all things related to human freedom inspire you to take on a mission to destroy all things Catholic, socialist, and libertarian!

    Alan Keyes is a radical zionist and communist, all good Christians should oppose this evil man. He forced his own daughter into lesbianism and is a member of a sick cult that worships a pedofile and former Nazi. Every word he speaks is in praise of Satan, his god, and against the true Lord, Jesus Christ. Don’t let his lies confuse you and lead you into hell! By exposing her to a to the pedophile ridden “church” that champions all things satanic and is ran by a cheap salesman for Adolf Hitler and former concentration camp promoter Pope Benny he turned her over to the homosexuals. She probably was molested by one of the non-anus worshiping priests who preferred little girls to boys and turned her into sex fend for the rest of her life. Forcing a little girl to bow down and pray to a false female idol throughout her young life didn’t help the situation much either. Don’t let his lies fool you Paulie, he’s nothing more than an agent of the Devil!

    You should be telling your readers the truth about Alan Keyes and that the man the Isrealis claimed was Adolf Eichmann and excuted in 1960 was no such person. He was an Argentinan watchmaker and sometimes Mormon missionary who happened upon documenties linking the Catholic Chruch and the Nazi Party in their joint efforts to destory Black Muslim groups like the Nation of Islam. Now being the cheif anti-Muslim avocates the Jews had to protect their former oppressors war crimes in order to prevent world opinion becoming aware of the great Nazi-Catholic crimes committed against the muslim people.

    Join me Paulie in crushing the Catholic NAMBLA and Socialist Workers Party! Do it or God will burn down your house the next time you bake a pizza!

  16. Catholic Trotskyist

    But more importantly, Concerned, I rebuke you unto the fires of purgatory for your destructive comments about the Catholic church, and my allies the Socialist Workers Party an dthe Mormon Church. Alan Keyes is in fact an agent of Ralph Nader and the corporate Protestant agenda to destroy the great plans of our Pope Benedict XVI and our Holy Lord President Barack Obama, for an end to abortion, an end to zionism and an end to world poverty. And while I’m not a libertarian, they are not part of world destruction conspiracies, with the possible exception of Wayne Root, and can be allies of the Catholic Trotskyist movement on foreign policy, drug policy and immigration issues. Amen.

  17. Concerned Chuck and Hetro Harry

    Catholic Trotskyist- Angels have visited me in dreams and told me that Donald Grudman does large amounts of cocaine and has pays for the services of Latin prostitutes on a regular basis. Such behavior is of course an awful sin and will land him in the lake of fire for all time. To make it worse he’s created the fake ‘Citizens for a Better Veterns Home’, of whom he is the sole member, in a half baked attempt to laundry money to fund his sinful habits. Donald Grudman is a sinner but he does have one thing going for him, he is not a libertarian nut job or Catholic.

    I know you’re an agents of that Nazi pedofile with a pointed hat and his chief agent in this land Alan Keyes, Mister Catholic Trotskyist. Your perverse Roman Catholic Church has stolen the name of Christ’s Holy Church. The true Universal and Holy Church will be restored very soon though, when the Lord returns to judge his flock. All those in your false church will fall and be sent to hell! The punishment Donald Grudman will receive for his sins will be nothing compared to all those baptised into this evil cult! Christ will purge even their small children with his sword, anyone who has had contact with the tainted waters of the false church must be eliminated. The New Jerusalem will be built upon the blood of sinners and their children.

    Deny it as much as you want- socialism, libertarianism, mormonism, and homosexuality are all products of your vile church’s attempt to destroy this holy nation. It is well documented. Every abortion committed, every social welfare program enacted, every child turned gay from watching gay ‘marriages’ on tv is on the hands of your Nazi overlord Pope Benny and his agent Alan Keyes! Divorce yourself from this sinful union, Catholic Trotskyist, with the Homosexual-Socialist-Libertarian-Mormon-Catholic Church or suffer the worse punishment Jesus will inflict onto you! You’ve already sinned far to much to ever be saved but perhaps if you repent the holy Lord Christ will lessen your punishments.

  18. Concerned Chuck and Hetro Harry

    I’m not sure if I made it clear but Donald Grudman and Donald Lake are the same people. Don is the gay lover of Mark Seidenberg and they claim they are very much in love behind closed doors despite all the fighting over the Constitution Party they do online. That’s all part of a sex fetish game they play, they become sexually aroused from debating right-wing third party politics. Yes, it’s sick. Yes, it’s sinful. And Yes, God will chop them up into little pieces and shove them up satans anus repeatedly for all of time for their crimes of homosexuality and general perversion.

  19. paulie Post author

    Paulie, works for me. I probably won’t be posting much for a couple weeks for real life reasons, but will get to it after that.

    Done. You already have an IPR login, presumably from back when you had to log in to post comments in 2008. If you don’t remember your password, there’s a lost password link below the name and password that will email it to you.

  20. Congress: Disloyal to America

    Meanwhile tow of the few patriots left in the Senate have revealed that the Administration has a secret interpretation of the Patriot Act under which our Bill of Rights is being shredded.

    Yes, the Fascist Baby Incinerators have learned rather little from COINTELPRO and Waco and are at it again, as revealed by Senators Wyden and Udall.

    Unmentioned in this is the obvious benefit to American secret policemen of the business records act. Once you have seized business records you can sell them to the competitors and enhance your retirement portfolios.

  21. Oregon News

    The National Party Judicial Committee will meet to consider the LP-Oregon appeal of the LNC ExComm disaffiliation actions.

    The meeting will occur on August 23.

    The persons who have submitted statements are invited to attend. Participation in the debate will be controlled by one leader on each side, Wes Wagner on the Oregon side and an appointee of the National Chair on the other side.

    People who have submitted statements include
    Wes Wagner
    Brad Ploeger
    George Phillies
    14 LNC Members
    Tim Reeves
    Dan Wiener
    Daniel Karlan

    George Phillies

  22. Don Lake, FYI, not necessarily a unilateral endorsement

    The Climate Reality Project

    Dear Donald, Citizens For A Better Veterans Home

    Help us demonstrate to the world and its leaders that we want action now on climate change.

    We partnered with Threadless, a cool community-driven online apparel store, to create a T-shirt for The Climate Reality Project.

    We invited designers from around the globe to illustrate the reality of the climate crisis and put it on a T-shirt.

    The winning shirt is pretty hot and we hope you like it.

    The shirt comes in sizes cut especially for men and women.

    A chunk of the proceeds go to power our movement and help pay for 24 Hours of Reality* and future events.

    Get the shirt:

    If T-shirts aren’t your thing, but you still want to contribute to the big event, just click that green donate button below to make a contribution.

    Thanks, Nicole Haber, Digital Director, The Climate Reality Project

    *Threadless will donate 25% of the sale of each tee from their online and retail stores in the United States to The Climate Reality Project.

    Climate Reality does not endorse any brand or product.

    No portion of the purchase price is tax-deductible.

  23. Don Lake, FYI, not necessarily a unilateral endorsement

    Congress, [AND] tea party reach new low in poll

    Political Reporter Chris Moody | The Ticket – 5 hrs ago [AND] Julie Jacobson (AP)

    The marathon negotiations that led to the debt ceiling deal seemed to leave an indiscriminate trail of casualties in Washington.

    And now a new opinion poll has proven as much, with public views on the debt showdown dealing severe hits to all parties–centrist compromisers and principled hardliners alike.

    Not all the anger is necessarily aimed at Washington, however.

    Public perception of the tea party movement, which many see as the driving force that kept Republicans from voting to raising the debt ceiling without implementing unprecedented spending reductions, is at a record low.

    [Lake: ‘My Country Tis of Thee’]

  24. Don Lake, FYI, not necessarily a unilateral endorsement

    We are grassroots, a movement of the American people.

    The Whig Message is working because it is a message focused on the American citizens and their power.

    The next step is to reach out to the vast majority of Americans who will agree with the Whig Message once they hear it.

    Andrew Evans, National Chairman
    Modern Whig Party of America
    2020 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, Suite 616
    Washington, DC 20006

    [Lake: the lousiest bunch of do nothings since California P&F and national GP. Lots and lots of nut ting. Dees folks can not even process a completed voter registration. So much for going and growing.]

  25. Don Lake, FYI, not necessarily a unilateral endorsement


    Israelis march for economic reform *

    Ari Rabinovitch | Reuters – 4 hours ago

    * Protesters shout slogans during a massive protest call for social justice, including lower property prices in Israel, at the centre of Tel Aviv August 6, 2011

    Reuters – 4 hrs ago

    TEL AVIV (Reuters) – A quarter-million Israelis
    ………. demands by the demonstrators, who in under a month have swollen from a cluster of student tent-squatters into a diffuse, countrywide mobilization of Israel’s burdened middle class.

    “The People Demand Social Justice” read one of the march banners ………..

    Police said at least 250,000 people took part in Saturday’s march in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and other cities, a greater turnout than at marches on the two previous weekends.

    Demonstrations on such a scale in Israel — population 7.7 million — have usually been over issues of war and peace.

    Some 31 percent cited the stalled Middle East peace talks, Israel’s international image, or the need to bolster the armed forces.

    Protests also deflated …….. celebration of Israel’s stability as citizen revolts rock surrounding Arab states.

    “There has been nothing like this for decades — all these people coming together, taking to the streets, demanding change. It’s a revolution,” said Baroch Oren, a 33-year-old protest leader.

    ……. government has vowed to free up more state-owned land for development, build more low-rent housing and improve public transport.

    It also wants to lower dairy prices with more imports and boost medical staff numbers to address demands by striking doctors.

    But the demands submitted by the National Union of Israeli Students go much further ……..

    ………..the cabinet troubleshooting team, said a solution was required even if it “cost billions” at a time when Israel is watching the debt jitters of the United States and parts of Europe.

    Israel’s debt burden is 75 percent of GDP, lower than that of most major Western economies.


  26. Don Lake, FYI, not necessarily a unilateral endorsement

    Thank you Everett Dirksen …………

    Steve Kraske: 7 hours ago
    You can blame Washington all you want, but take a look in the mirror, too …….

    “The whole lot of them needs to be fired, regardless of party,” one writer to Prime Buzz, The Star’s political blog, opined this week.

    One armchair commentator labeled Missouri Congressman Emanuel Cleaver “a wretched hack.” Congressmen Kevin Yoder of Kansas and Vicky Hartzler of Missouri? “Faux conservatives.”

    You. And you. And you and you and you.

    I’ve hammered on this point before, but I’m not done. Chances are that you and you and you didn’t vote in your party primary last year. Or two years before that, either.

    You were a no-show for elections that matter because it was too hot that August or you hadn’t paid much attention. But here’s the thing: Those who did take part were motivated, so they tended to be die-hard liberals or hard-core conservatives.

    Many districts …………. are so tilted in favor of one party — thanks to insider dealing — that GOP nominees breeze to victory in Republican districts and Democratic nominees coast in Democratic districts.

    So liberals and conservatives are winning lots of seats in Congress these days.

    Kansas is just beginning its process with Republicans eager to extend their stranglehold on state politics.

    It’s your right, of course, to blame it all on the “bad guys” in D.C. But here’s my two cents: Peek in the mirror first.

    Steve Kraske, 816-234-4312 or send email to

    [Lake: and the Kansas City [Falling] Star, the hypocritical preachy rag of the Heart Land (do as we say not as we do!) and their decades of completely ignoring independents and non Democans and non Republicrats. At least a half century of raw steer manure.]

    [My four cent

  27. Liberty for America

    Table of Contents

    Good News
    but on the other hand:
    Oregon Disaffiliated
    Oregon Appeals to JudComm
    The Blau-Hinkle Exchange
    Craig-Hinkle-Ruwart Correspondence
    The Cease and Desist Letter
    Phillies Tells JudComm:
    Reject Parliamentarianism!
    14 LNC Members Write JudComm
    There is No Libertarian Here

    Become a free subscriber now

  28. Don Lake, FYI, not necessarily a unilateral endorsement

    Defense Secretary’s Rebuke of NATO Fell Short

    In 1951, General Dwight Eisenhower said that if U.S. troops were still stationed in Europe ten years later to protect American allies, then NATO “will have failed.”

    During a speech last June in Brussels, retiring Defense Secretary Robert Gates took a parting shot at European members of the trans-Atlantic alliance, but he stopped short of calling it a failure.

    Instead, he urged U.S. allies to step up to the plate, lest the political leadership in Washington decide that the United States should formally withdraw from the alliance.

    NATO Gripes Ignore Biggest Failing, by Charles V. Peña (, 7/28/11)

  29. Don Lake, FYI, not necessarily a unilateral endorsement

    Fact: Perot 1992, near 20%

    Fact: Perot 1996, near 10%

    Fact: Reform / Deform Party 2008 = less than 500 national total!

    “Once again, I [Bruce Westcott] call on your leader, John Blare, to eliminate my name from any Agenda on any further committee notices.

    I shall not tolerate any of this nonsensical rubbish that has been placed on your phony national committee’s “Agenda”.

    The court has ruled; Blare ignores the court ruling and vows to “continue the fight” while the Reform Party continues its decline and languishes in “Blare Court”

    ………. which in my opinion based on my experience in dealing with idiots is completely intentionally drawn out and RPUSA progress disrupted on the basis of one man’s egotistical madness.

    Stop the madness. Close your tent, Mr. [John] Blare, and you and your stooges get the hell out of here.

    We have a national political party to build from the ashes of destruction that the party – the party, Mr. Blare – has endured for entirely too long.

    Bruce Westcott, Chairman, Reform Party of Nevada

    In a message dated 8/5/2011 6:28:11 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

    National Committee Meeting Notice and election notice for Thur 08-11-11 500pm
    pacific, 600pm mountain, 700pm central, 800pm eastern

  30. Don Lake, FYI, not necessarily a unilateral endorsement

    Greenspan Says: Print Counterfeit Fiat Dollars to Avoid DefaultWatch Video of him saying this

    Glenn Beck’s best episode: explaining the Federal Reserve

    Glenn Beck recently did his best episode to date explaining the Federal Reserve, it’s history, and what it is doing to our economy. It’s a great watch!

    In case you missed it, watch it here:
    YouTube – Glenn Beck & G. Edward Griffin Talk About The FED

    A negative article from Salon tells of Beck’s upcoming split with FOX. There were rumors this would happen:

    HERE IS WHY Glenn Beck is done at FOX :
    G. Edward Griffin commented that the New World Order was taking control of media outlets. Glenn Beck asked for an example.

    G. Edward Griffin was too courteous to do what he COULD have done. He COULD have pointed out that Rupert Murdock controls Fox News, and is a member of the CFR.

    Even though G. Edward Griffin was merciful on him, this was apparently too close for comfort.

    There are plenty of lamp posts in this country.

    Creature from Jekyll Island was the full topic on Glenn Beck on 03/25/2011

    The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve (Paperback) by G. Edward Griffin

    The 5th edition includes G. Edward Griffin’s analysis of bank bailouts under the Bush and Obama Administrations.

    Bank bailouts are nothing less than legalized plunder of the American people.

  31. George Phillies

    Meanwhile, the Republicans had a Presidential debate. It was not I who proposed that the Fox News fellow was the most liberal person on the stage. The advantage to the press-preferred candidate of not asking the same question of every candidate (for the opposite, see the Libertarian debate I moderated) seems to have become visible. Ask yourself: How did Romney handle Republican Social lack-of-liberty positions?

  32. Deenpeevoiz

    US ALL Secretary regarding State Hillary Clinton has called for wider worldwide sanctions in Syria for the reason that government’s violent crackdown in dissent continues.

    Mrs Clinton explained China and also India especially could enhance pressure for their energy investments.

    She said america did not need to require Mr Assad to stand down without having the backing of other nations.

    Activists point out the armed service killed no less than 24 folks on Thurs . and completely new protests flared right after dawn prayers on Comes to an end.

    More than 1, 700 individuals have perished and tens of thousands of people get reportedly also been arrested because uprising resistant to the the 41-year tip of President Bashar al-Assad’s family began within March.
    ‘Chorus regarding condemnation’ ([url=]Grypa[/url])

    This few days, Washington included in its current sanctions in Syria by means of including it’s main commercial bank and cellular phone company, and aware that far more could abide by.

  33. Squealer

    It seems there are rumors flying that the Catholic Trotskyist Party has purchased IPR. I can confirm that those rumors are false.

  34. Don Lake, FYI, not necessarily a unilateral endorsement

    NewFederalist // Aug 12, 2011:
    “IPR sell? I see the banner is down.”

    What be your problem? You seem to be soooooooo ready to ‘stir the pot’! You

    [a] have a unique sense of humor

    [b] in a chorus of off beat opinions

    [c] may be you are an agent provocateur

    [d] are you serious ’bout dinging the Establishment ?????????

  35. Who do we smite?

    For those of you curious which Republican candidate our Libertarian Party gets to beat in 2012, here is the Iowa straw poll

    Michele Bachmann: 4823
    Ron Paul: 4671
    Tim Pawlenty: 2293
    Rick Santorum: 1657
    Herman Cain: 1456
    Rick Perry (write in): 718
    Mitt Romney: 567
    Newt Gingrich: 385
    Jon Huntsman: 69
    Thad McCotter: 35

    There is a near-tie for the top-two and for positions 4 and 5.

    Mr. Pawlenty’s campaign appears to be listing heavily and down by the bow. Rick Santorum appears to have paid careful attention to 2008 and the clever move of Rudi Sex on the City Giuliani: He trashed Ron Paul for not being a warmongering lunatic, thus getting the militarist vote. Cain’s comments on banning the construction of mosques brought out that part of the Republican vote. The Huntsman campaign is clearly dead, Romney appears little better off, and Pawlenty may or may not be joining them.

  36. Kimberly Wilder

    Have people seen the FaceBook thing going around and Ron Paul? People are changing their status to post a request that Ron Paul runs with his son, Rand Paul, as his VP candidate.


    I hope that folks here know the vast different between the politics of Ron Paul and that of his son.

    Ron Paul should be running with someone who is an enlightened conservative, or someone progressive. His son does not fit the bill.

  37. paulie Post author

    Romney appears little better off,

    He intentionally blew off this poll. He’s still considered a front runner. My bet is actually on Romney right now since none of the other front runners are previous runners up, VPs/candidates or sons of presidents.

    The previous Republican nominees:

    2008, McCain, 2000 runner up
    2004, Bush, incumbent
    2000, Bush, son of a Bush
    1996, Dole, 1976 VP candidate
    1992, Bush, incumbent
    1988, Bush, VP
    1984, Reagan, incumbent
    1980, Reagan, 1976 runner up
    1976, Ford, incumbent
    1972, Nixon, incumbent
    1968, Nixon, 1960 candidate and Eisenhower VP
    1964, Goldwater, 1960 runner up
    1960, Nixon, VP
    1956, Eisenhower, incumbent
    1952 appears to have been the last time the Republicans picked a candidate who was not one of the above criteria. Eisenhower was a victorious general in a major, declared war. No one like that on the horizon today – certainly not Bachmann or Perry.

    Ron Paul might also fit the criteria of a 2008 runner up, but he is too far outside the Republican mainstream to be a serious contender for their nomination.

    Thus, probably Romney.

  38. paulie Post author

    Did IPR sell? I see the banner is down.

    Not to my knowledge.

    It is more likely that they gave up, since no offers came close to what they wanted for it, and it had been a long time.

  39. George Phillies

    @69 Good point on Romney. Of course, Giuliani was a leader until his first primary, too.

    I found the Santorum result the most interesting, relative to expectations. I believe his debate performance accounts for that, especially how little time he was given in a television news fake entertainment propaganda debate.

  40. paulie Post author

    However, Giuliani did not fit the criteria covering previous Republican nominees. He was not a runner-up in a previous presidential nomination, nor had he been a vp OR vp candidate. Obviously he was not an incumbent, and self-image aside, he was not Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in a world war.

    As for Santorum, it is likely that his presidential race is all about knocking out of the top spot in searches for his name 🙂

  41. Michael Cavlan RN

    Just out of idle curiosity.

    I have forwarded three articles to IPR. One is specifically on the issue of third parties. Is there any reason that you will not run them?

  42. RedPhillips

    Michael, since paulie isn’t posting, a lot of articles are falling through the cracks. He forwards them all to us, but we haven’t gotten around to posting them yet.

  43. Concerned Chuck

    I am personally outraged that IPR would suspend my ability to post here. Every post I ever made was in like with the thread topic. I was never warned. I was never informed. You people claim to support free speech but you’re nothing more than a bunch of Nancy Reagan libertarian nut-jobs. Go spend more time having incest with your gay brother and smoking crack with Ron Paul!

  44. NewFederalist

    #82- If your “ability to post here” has been revoked just how did you post your last post?

  45. paulie Post author

    I have forwarded three articles to IPR. One is specifically on the issue of third parties. Is there any reason that you will not run them?

    It all depends on the schedules and interests of the individual writers. For my part, I have made sure to forward everything we get to all of them, except obvious spam and things that are clearly off topic. Lately I have not had very much time and/or internet access to post articles myself, and while there have been times such as the last couple of days when I could have, I don’t want to start back up unless I have a realistic expectation of being able to do it for more than a few days at a time. As it stands I am still putting a lot of time into it just from forwarding many things we get to everyone, although many of them never get posted.

  46. paulie Post author

    #82- If your “ability to post here” has been revoked just how did you post your last post?

    It wasn’t. Many people mistakenly assume that if they get caught by the automated akismet spam filter that means they have been banned or censored. In fact, it simply means that the automated system made an error. We are currently getting well over 1,000 spam comments a day, so no one is going to look through those for anyone’s post if we don’t get alerted to that fact. If we do get alerted, it is up to a number of volunteers IPR wrters to decide whether it is worth their time to look through the spam filter and rescue someone’s comment or not.

    Emailing us politely, rather than false assumptions and accusations, is a requisite first step if your comment gets mistakenly caught in the spam filter.

  47. NewFederalist

    Well, I guess that is why my 313 page treatise on the making of cheese didn’t make it! 🙂

  48. Don Lake, Deform Party 'National' Convention in Loooooooooong Island Nu Yerk in October

    Does CASH give out cash ?????????

    Does lingering glances across crowded rooms count ?????????

    Hey, I’m just asking ……..

    [My Good ness is he ruggedly hand some ……..]


    I am just passing on the October invite. I do not know which faction / fraction of the generally hypocritical, lying, no – good nicks is involved.*

    * oh come on Don, give us a hint at what you really think ……………..

  49. Darryl W. Perry

    The Boston Tea Party National committee has voted (4-0 with 3 not voting)to endorse William “Bill” Barker in his campaign for Phoenix (AZ) City Council. Mr. Barker writes, “Government, at all levels, needs to start living within their means. If revenues decrease, then expenditures need to be cut, instead of raising taxes. Taking more money away from people who are already living on the edge is immoral. Using scare tactics by threatening to reduce essential services, like police and fire protection, instead of cutting nonessential “nice to have programs” is not the way things should be done.”

    Bill is running on a platform to reduce the size, scope & power of the city government. In 2010 the BTP endorsed his write-in campaign for Arizona State Representative (District 6).

    The Boston Tea Party was founded in 2006 with a one sentence platform, “The Boston Tea Party supports reducing the size, scope and power of government at all levels and on all issues, and opposes increasing the size, scope and power of government at any level, for any purpose.” In October 2008, the party’s National Convention adopted the four point program of the Campaign for Liberty. Their program calls for an end to overseas occupation, a restoration of privacy and other liberties, no increase in the national debt, and a thorough review of the Federal Reserve. During the 2010 convention the Party adopted a new program to End the Wars of Aggression, End the Fed, End the War on Drugs, End the Abuses of Liberty, End the Immigration Fiasco.

  50. Don Lake, Give It back to the Injuns

    ………… they won’t do a worse job than we did……..

    The Ticket: Survey’s surprising finding: tea party less popular than atheists and Muslims

    By Rachel Rose Hartman, Political Reporter

    …………… the New York Times, Robert D. Putnam, a professor of public policy at Harvard, and David E. Campbell, a political scientist at Notre Dame, say they have collected data indicating that the tea party is “less popular than much maligned groups like ‘atheists’ and ‘Muslims.'”

    But Campbell says the tea party was really an afterthought in their research.

    “We didn’t go into this study to look at the tea party,” Campbell said in an interview with The Ticket.

    The professors were following up on research they conducted in 2006 and 2007 for their book “American Grace: How Religion Divides and Unites Us” and decided to add the tea party and atheists to their list of survey queries.

  51. Matt Barnes AKA Gains AKA Stone Soup

    Since it’s an open thread I guess I’ll talk about how I, Matthew Scott Barnes of San Bernardino AKA Stone Soup and Gains loves fucking little kids. I’d like to thank my spineless buddies and cult of twenty-something brainwashed losers for being my power base and chasing integrity and decent people away from libertarianism in California.

    I’d especially like to extend my illegal man love to my protege/mouthpiece Boomer Shannon who’s become such a lackey of mine in every way that the fat little turd is even starting to look like me. He and others can crash at my filthy flophouse any time. Since he loves me and I love him so much, I think I’ll ask him to drop his trousers and stick my limp obese cock up his ass. Have a good weekend everybody! Man love for the LP! Keep me around! Liberty! Barnes and Boomer forever! weeeeeeeeed

  52. paulie Post author

    I’ve had no luck asking that here several times. Not sure how many people read IPR comments anymore. If you have the time, ask around on the email lists….

  53. Tom Blanton

    I may have been anally raped by Rick Perry. I didn’t get a good look at whoever it was, but the talking points were the same.

    Hell, for all I know it could have been Bachmann with a strap-on corndog.

  54. Don Lake, Give It back ..........

    …….. every single voter I have spoken with does not believe that any voter should ever be excluded from any part of the political process.

    Unfortunately, that is exactly what our current two-party system does, and that is why we believe that the two-party political system no longer has a place in our 21st Century Republic.

    Instead, we believe it is time to move our country forward by embracing non-partisanship and opening up the entire political process to include independents.

    We believe that the well-being of our nation depends on unity rather than divisiveness, and doing away with partisan politics and ideologies will help make that unity possible.

    Sincerely, Catana L Barnes

  55. Don Lake, Give It back ..........


    Perry needs to make good on a promise that he cannot possibly keep, the simple fact is that there is really no impact on the law that might result from such an executive order.

    Perry is not the first GOP candidate to attempt to bamboozle his audience with such nonsense.

    Michele Bachmann has promised to single-handedly take down the law right after she gets gas prices down under $2.00 a gallon.

    Mitt Romney has also promised to devote his first day in office to giving every state in the nation a waiver designed to release them from the dictates of the ACA.

    What would that accomplish? Not much.

  56. Jimmy

    Hooray for Mississippi. Black Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny DuPree won the Democratic gubernatorial runoff! Go Mississippi, Go. You’ve finally buried your racist past once and for all! As a former Mississippian, I am proud of you!

  57. Don Lake, strategically ..........

    George Phillies // Aug 24, 2011:
    Your room must be freezing.

    [and the LP is the one and only American Peace Party, a position even your SLC toadie Tommy Knapp has already slunk away from ……….. If MY IQ is chilly, does that make you the stupidest PhD in Physics ever ??????????]

  58. Concerned Chuck (Mike Gravel is Lord!)

    Tom Knapp & George Phillies are always saying, “War is Peace!” What type of peace would we have if you get your way and turn America into a barrier atheist nothing land! Better have these wars with minnotte fake-Christian Obama than NACY REAGAN “WAR IS PEACE!” CRAZIES like your favorite Wayne Allyn/Allen Root!

  59. paulie Post author

    DL, simple reading comprehension:

    You made a reference to someone having room temperature IQ. Phillies said it must be very cold in your room. Therefore, his comment was about the IQ of the people you referred to in your original comment.

    Would you like a side of crow with your foot now? 🙂

  60. George Phillies


    I was referring to your assertion that Palin/Bachmann have a room temperature IQ. Your room must be freezing.

  61. paulie Post author

    Room temperature can be any temperature that is in your room. Comfortable room temperature has been variously estimated anywhere from the low 60s to the high 70s.

  62. paulie Post author

    per wikipedia:

    Profound mental retardation Below 20
    Severe mental retardation 20–34
    Moderate mental retardation 35–49
    Mild mental retardation 50–69
    Borderline intellectual functioning 70–84

    @117 assumes Fahrenheit temperature scale.

  63. Don Lake, strategically ..........

    [President] Cheney had a secure, undisclosed resignation letter
    Mike Krumboltz | The Ticket – 10 hrs ago

    Former Vice President Dick Cheney kept a secret resignation letter locked in a safe in case he ever became incapacitated while in office.

    He had suffered four heart attacks when he signed the letter in March 2001. He suffered another in 2010.

    In an interview with NBC News to help promote his forthcoming memoir, “In My Time,” Cheney said that only two other people knew of the letter’s existence.

    “I did it because I was concerned that–for a couple of reasons,” Cheney told Jamie Gangel in an interview that will air August 29 on “Dateline.”

    And there is no mechanism for getting rid of a vice president who can’t function.”

  64. Don Lake, strategically ..........

    Warning folks about Quirkie Quirk’s deception(s) and then be assumed to be allined with folks more ‘out there’ than he is ………..
    [Lake: the 21st Century ‘Know Nothing’ Party, but if other IPR readers are interested, intrigued …………]

    Subject: Thank you for contacting the Unity Party of America!

    [Lake: yeah, right, sure, I send you are completed Voter Registration form and you guys were too lazy or inept to process it. You are ‘not all that eager for new glood ………..]

    Whether you’ve emailed us about receiving a mail-in ballot to vote for your state’s delegates to the next national convention, and/or you’ve volunteered to be listed as a local party contact by providing your county of residence, forward this message right now to everyone in your address book, tell them you’ve signed on with the Unity Party, and suggest they do the same!

    Sincerely, Bill Hammons
    Chairman, United National Committee
    Not authorized by any candidate or any candidate’s committee

  65. Don Lake, strategically ..........




    Got your Grey Dog Bus ticket for Cocoran or Leavenworth yet ?????? You are the type of guy to wait for months and months for your ship to come it ——— while sitting at the air port!

    Contact: Don Grundmann
    Phone: 510-760-0968

    Western States Area Chairman
    Contact: Frank Fluckiger
    Address: 1799 North Highway 89
    Layton, UT 84040
    Home Phone: 801-544-4056

  66. paulie Post author

    @120 because those parties are stronger in Maine and the LP is not on the ballot

    @Lake….what, no acknowledgement that you made an error after calling me a bigot and saying I was “wrong, wrong, wrong?”

    @122 Good luck to Redlich in the lawsuit.

    @123 Does Quirk have something to do with the Unity Party? To my knowledge, no. Your comment is cryptic.

  67. Don Lake, strategically ..........

    It was sure the on going muddling, snarking, games playing of master befuddler Phillies more that my ALLEGED lack of mastery of reading comprehension!

    You are known to the west side AIP types to be way less than ‘fair and balanced’ in your responses.

    In the texting age you criticize my grammar, with or with out my swap meet Romanian spell checker and or auto correct.

    Not one world on flirty Nevadan Lib Grrl trouncing of 20th traditional American English —— which is getting mauled and evolved by the 21st Century as we type.

    I am not going to flirt with you to gain your good graces. Especially when your kindergarten level hijinks in running the thread numbers up on superficial items is most unbecoming.

    Haven’t you noticed that the on going mantra of Lib types, especially you, Phillies and Knapp is ‘meant to say’, ‘I meant’, ‘I really mean’ *agent provocateur sinister chuckling in the background* and in my case personally and locally, being paid back moneys taken under false pretense.

    You have incidence after incidence where I have been seconded as being 100% correct. You are mute when the Cody Quirk types lambaste my non public parents.

    I will not silently allow false hoods to be said, especially ’bout me.

    That being said, I could have been mistaken by snarkie George Phillies ‘I meant to say’ and his muddy, muddy comment(s) as with snarkie slants by NewFed.

    If NewFed wants to throw out a HARM LESS joke at my expense, then there are *ways* in dicting such.

    If I was mistaken by Doctor Phillies’ missive ——– it was not for the first time. My lack of comprehension or Phillies’ on going games playing ????????

    I sure have my opinion! Since personal mail and phone calls as early as 2008 I have red flagged Phillies honesty and sincerity.

    I have documented Cody’s disruptive behavior and loose cannon ability in high school, college and the California AIP.

    Now his own friends and family ‘call him out’ in Nevada. He has no official spokes model duties in the state IAP.

    I did not mean to be cryptic ’bout the Codester. The truth is MUCH more entertaining.

    I was trying to be efficient and effective. I was merely putting the DOCUMENTED, VERIFIED word out on Quirk and then get into my unity party post / repost.

    If I start posting stuff each little tid bit at a [separate time], you be sure to criticize me on that, too!

    I can not be tall and short at the same time. I can not be fat and thin at the same time.

    I was born at an early age.

    My feet reach all the way to the floor.

    But I can not have hair and be bald at the same time.

    Geez, Divine Mister P, what I mean to say *sarcasm*

  68. paulie Post author

    It was sure the on going muddling, snarking, games playing of master befuddler Phillies more that my ALLEGED lack of mastery of reading comprehension!

    Phillies was clear. Your lack of reading comprehension in this case was obvious.

    You are known to the west side AIP types to be way less than ‘fair and balanced’ in your responses.

    Imagination on y’alls part.

    In the texting age you criticize my grammar, with or with out my swap meet Romanian spell checker and or auto correct.

    I really don’t care about your grammar (mine is certainly less than perfect). What matters is that you make yourself understandable – something you frequently don’t do – and understand what others are saying. In this case, you clearly did not.

    Not one world on flirty Nevadan Lib Grrl trouncing of 20th traditional American English —— which is getting mauled and evolved by the 21st Century as we type.

    I have no problem understanding what she writes, and vice versa. As far as I can tell no one else generally has a problem understanding her either.

    I am not going to flirt with you to gain your good graces.

    Thank you, but I’m not interested.

    Especially when your kindergarten level hijinks in running the thread numbers up on superficial items is most unbecoming.

    No idea what you are talking about. I do not care about running up thread numbers.

    You are mute when the Cody Quirk types lambaste my non public parents.

    I’ve corrected Cody before. Last time I recall doing so, you thought I was attacking you.

    That being said, I could have been mistaken by snarkie George Phillies ‘I meant to say’ and his muddy, muddy comment(s) as with snarkie slants by NewFed.

    Nothing muddy about it. You were mistaken, and his comments were in no way muddy.

    If I was mistaken by Doctor Phillies’ missive ——– it was not for the first time. My lack of comprehension or Phillies’ on going games playing ?

    No, your poor reading comprehension.

    I was trying to be efficient and effective. I was merely putting the DOCUMENTED, VERIFIED word out on Quirk and then get into my unity party post / repost.

    You made yourself unclear.

    If I start posting stuff each little tid bit at a [separate time], you be sure to criticize me on that, too!

    You can post unrelated subjects in the same comment and still logically separate them to make your meaning understandable. Other people manage it all the time.

  69. Jill Pyeatt

    Don Lake @ 121: What’s your point on this? That doesn’t change the fact the Cheney is a war criminal who should be in prison.

  70. Good luck and lessons from history ----- on the current corrupt system .... Lake

    [a] Like the late Edith Wilson, I consider Cheney as an unofficial president and in need of constant examination. Especially by the ‘Loyal Opposition’!

    [b] could not agree with you more!

    [c] at least Dead Eyed Dick would not have lingered with the kindergarters to know the ending of the kiddie book! [like George W Dipwad, on September 11th, 2001.]

    [d] Low ranking officials, one after the other, spent the summer warning of strange arab flight students ………

    [e] Why George and Dick were not strung up in the rose garden by their thumbs ………


  71. New Path Warned!


    Our Party faces an incredible opportunity. Our Republican opponents have discredited themselves, and the Democrats are little better off. On issue after issue the American people support our stands, not our opponents’.

    Alas, our party is in great difficulty. Over the past decade, membership and income have crashed. Many state parties have faltered. If our national party continues on its present course, it will cease to exist.

    It’s time for a change. It’s time to focus national party resources on doing real politics. It’s time to do outreach, support candidates, support volunteers and state parties, and set our party on the road for political majority status.

    The LP has been in existence for nearly 40 years. Early in the 2010 LNC campaign. James Oaksun wrote that our party is facing an existential crisis.

    And what has happened since 2010? Let’s look at the record.

  72. Don Lake, strategically ..........

    Since 1941 the growth of local, state, federal, and even international government has been explosive. Exponential —— not geographic!

    The message of LP has been so needed!

    The impact of Lib ‘boots on the ground’ ??????????

    Let’s look at the record!

  73. paulie Post author

    We don’t have a baseline of comparison for what things would be like now if libertarians had not pushed back against big government trends.

  74. Good luck and lessons from history ----- on the current corrupt system .... Lake

    Not an unqualified endorsement,

    ” we have some ambitious goals ahead of us, but building a new political party from the ground-up is nothing short of an ambitious effort.

    Don’t confuse being ambitious with being unrealistic.

    This is totally within reach and if there were ever a point in history at which the status quo were vulnerable to disruption, we’re at that point.

    All we need are a few committed people who believe in themselves and their ability to create change.

    I look forward to working with you all and please expect more frequent updates in the future.

    Sincerely, Ash Roughani, Founder, California Moderate Party
    615 28th St. #B
    Sacramento, CA 95816

  75. paulie Post author

    Do they have a million dollars? If the answer is no, they are very unlikely to get on the ballot in California. If the answer is yes, they don’t get very much for their efforts, thanks to the reprehensible “top two” (better known as Top One) system enacted by misled voters.

  76. New Path Warned!

    AN LNC LP.ORG front statement to the public, apparently a press release, read in part

    The Obama Axis of Evil
    posted by Wayne Allyn Root on Aug 25, 2011

    By Wayne Allyn Root, Former Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee

    Obama finally got something right. Can you believe it? In a recent interview, Obama said he is confident we will not enter a double dip recession. Brilliant Sherlock. No, we are not entering a double dip. That is because we never left the first dip. Only Obama could get something so right, because he is so wrong.

    Obama is obsessed. He drools and dreams of taxes, lawyers, and unions. He reads his daughters bedtime stories about his heroes — IRS auditors, union goons, and the greatest class action lawyers of all-time. At Christmas, he decorates his tree with IRS tax forms, union labels, and law firm mastheads.

    Obama actually believes that unemployment checks and food stamps are economic stimulus, jobs are created by lawsuits and tax money grows on trees. He believes teachers unions educate children (although not his little girls — they are safely tucked away in private school for $60,000 per year). He believes Lincoln saved the union — the auto union, teachers union and government employees union. Obama and Michelle’s favorite song must be “Axis of Evil” sung by Geithner & The Taxes.

    Like other big government comrades such as Castro, Chavez, Mao, or that dashing couple that bankrupted Argentina, Eva & Juan Peron, Obama actually believes this stuff. He drinks the Axis of Evil Kool-Aid. Of course it has a union label. Much like Kosher foods that are blessed and approved by a rabbi, Obama’s foods are blessed and approved by the SEIU. His Presidential limo features a bumper sticker that states “Workers of the World Unite.”

    That should be enough to give the flavor of the current National Committee leadership.

  77. paulie Post author


    It is not a press release.

    Each LNC member can post whatever they want to the LP blog. They don’t have to clear it with anyone first, and they speak only for themselves (though readers may be forgiven for getting the opposite impression).

    Press releases are on the left side of the page. Blog posts are in the middle, and identify their authors. Press releases have a different format than blog posts.

  78. New Path Warned!

    Here’s what we said in 2010:

    Part One: Our Present Situation

    The Opportunity

    We Libertarians face a golden political moment. We simply need to take advantage of the situation we have been handed. One of our political opponents, the Republican Party, launched a war of conquest. No, not the wars on Afghanistan and Iraq. The Republicans invaded and conquered a new corner of the Nolan Chart. That’s right, they marched down from their traditional conservative position to conquer the old authoritarian quadrant. Their erstwhile foes, the Democrats, are following in their footsteps.

    That invasion is a huge opportunity for us. On issue after issue, the other two political parties have taken clear stands, stands that are the opposite from our positions and the opposite from the considered beliefs of the American people.

    The Republicans are earning their reward for their efforts. Most Americans know that the Republican Party is the party of overage white male bigots whose thoughtful approach to the every issue is pounding on their chests. Young people reject the Republican Party by two-to-one or more. Persons of color and recently arrived ethnic minorities reject Republicans by up to 15-to-1. Now many of those people are starting to notice that while they loathe Republicanism, they don’t like Democrats that much, either.

    Republicans have become the opposite of Libertarians. Democrats are not far behind the Republicans.

    The opposite?

    Consider the characters of Atlas Shrugged. The heroine of the piece is an engineering CEO. Her boyfriend is a materials scientist and industrialist. Another hero invents a cloaking ray. Even a major villain is a physicist. All these people are deeply engaged with science, engineering, and physical reality.

    Compare those heroes with that Republican paladinette, Sarah Palin, a woman who rejects evolution and global warming, and claims that abstinence works as birth control for teenagers. Her stands are immensely popular with her many supporters, the legion of the belligerently ignorant who reject science, engineering, and reality in favor of delusion and conspiracy theory. And the Democratic Party is afraid to challenge Republicans on their nonsense.

    Republicans have ceased to be conservative, too.

    A half-century ago, conservatives believed that the Constitution was a functional document with working checks and balances. It was a Republican Attorney General who dragged American citizen Jose Padilla from the streets and locked him up in a military prison without trial or access to lawyers. Republicans wiretapped every phone call in America, without a warrant. The Democrats did nothing to protest.

    Conservatives believe in smaller government. When the Cold War ended, Republicans drove military spending up to a trillion dollars a year. President Obama campaigned to enlarge the Army and Marine Corps even further. That’s the Republicans and Democrats, hard at work gorging their defense welfare clients, the bomber builders and the tank makers, all with your tax dollars.

    Consider that least controversial of topics, the treatment of prisoners of war. When our 2010 candidate for Chair, George Phillies, went through Army Basic Training, forty years ago, the message was simple: Obey the Golden Rule. We protect the POWs in our hands, so that our POWs in their camps will also be protected.

    Republicans support torture. Republicans support military kangaroo courts. Republicans reject the Geneva Conventions. And the Democrats? President Obama would rather ‘move on’ than investigate the hideous crimes of the Republican torturers.

    At the Federal level, conservative Republicanism has been replaced by nationalist Republican socialism. At the Federal level, conservative Republicans are practically extinct. A few stray conservatives flutter hither and thither, but their numbers are so small they have no hope of progeny.

  79. Brian Holtz

    Note that at this writing there is no link to on However, it does say:

    “Attempted Coup Raises Concerns About National LP — A failed attempt at a bureaucratic coup of the Libertarian Party of Oregon raises a large number of questions. The primary of which is, who exactly is in control of the Libertarian National Committee?”

  80. Thomas L. Knapp


    I think I must have missed two things:

    1) The bylaws section which requires to link to all affiliates’ web sites; and

    2) The part of the Judicial Committee’s ruling ordering implementation or restoration of such a link.

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