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George Phillies confirms Lew Rockwell story about Gary Johnson campaign inquiry into switching to Libertarian Party

George Phillies at Gold Mass Group confirms a story IPR previously reported, which quoted a claim previously posted by Lew Rockwell (embedded links added by Paulie):

Your Editor can confirm from the first-hand source that a senior staff member from the Gary Johnson (Republican) for President campaign has contacted a member of the Libertarian National Committee about determining the response if Johnson were to switch parties and run for President as a Libertarian.

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Peace and Freedom Party: Urgent Action Needed For Oil Extraction Tax

By Maureen Smith at PeaceAndFreedom.org:

Posted on September 2, 2011 by the State Executive Committee

For more on the oil extraction tax initiative, see Solution to UC Tuition Hikes: Oil Extraction Tax to Fund Education Initiative and Tax Oil Extraction to Fund Schools.


Carl Person: Libertarians Should Reach Out to Free State Project, Porcfest and Similar Organizations

Posted on the website of Carl Person, a candidate for the Libertarian Presidential nomination:

Libertarians throughout the country (if not doing so already) should start following the fast-growing economic, social and political movement known by a variety of names, concepts, products and descriptions, including open source hardware, open source software, sustainable economy, Arduino microcontrollers, Porcfest, Free State Project, back-to-the-land movement, local currency, BitCoin, Open Directory Project, free-market environmentalism.… Read more ...

Jill Stein may be seeking Green Party Presidential nomination

Ballot Access News:

On August 25, the Green Party of the U.S. Outreach & Exploratory Committee received this response from Jill Stein. The Committee had asked potential presidential candidates to fill out a detailed questionnaire. This does not mean that Stein has committed to seeking the Green Party presidential nomination, but it shows she is thinking very carefully about it.… Read more ...

Roger Gary Campaign Says Perry “Will Split The Politics-As-Usual Vote”

(SAN ANTONIO) Roger V. Gary, a candidate for the 2012 Libertarian nomination for President, welcomed Rick Perry into the Republican field.

“Mr. Perry has proven to be all hat and no cattle when it comes to standing up to Washington,” Gary said. “The latest evidence is his refusal to add the bill opposing TSA groping to the recent Texas Legislature special session’s agenda until voter outrage forced him to do so.”

Jeff Daiell, Communications Director for the Gary For President Campaign, said that Mr.… Read more ...

New Video from Green Mark Miller for MA State Representative

Peter Vickery at Green Mass Group:

Mark Miller is the Green-Rainbow candidate for state representative in the Third Berkshire District (Pittsfield). In the November 2010 election he got 45% of the votes. In the October 18 special election he’s running to win.

[H]is first campaign video:

See previous IPR post here, Ballot Access News here, and the Free Independent-Sun here.… Read more ...

R. J. Harris announcement video for Libertarian Presidential nomination

R. J. Harris announcement video for Libertarian Presidential nomination:

See previous IPR stories here and here.… Read more ...

Socialist Party USA Labor Day Message

Posted by Billy Wharton, co-chair, Socialist Party USA on the party website:

Mistakes are the portals of discovery. ~ James Joyce

Remember January 2009? Big banks were teetering on the edge of collapse, millions were thrown onto the unemployment lines and a new President carried the promise of relief, greater rights for working people and a new immigration policy.… Read more ...

U.S. District Court Says New Ohio Ballot Access Law is Probably Unconstitutional; Issues Injunction Putting Libertarians on 2012 Ballot

Emailed to IPR:

COLUMBUS—A U.S. District Court judge ruled Wednesday against the state of Ohio in a lawsuit brought by the Libertarian Party of Ohio to preserve its right to be on the ballot.

Judge Algenon Marbley granted the Libertarian Party of Ohio’s request for a preliminary injunction that protects ballot access for the party through 2012, including for Libertarian candidates already on the November 2011 ballot in Akron and Troy.… Read more ...

Health Care: one Libertarian’s view

Michael H. Wilson at Evergreen Libertarian:

Comparing medicine as practiced in the U.S. with that of other nations is like comparing the Catholic Church with the Protestant ones. They all profess to be Christians, but from there they all diverge.

It is nice to be able to talk about health care when you are healthy.… Read more ...

So tell me: is it 1984 yet? by Don Kissick

Excerpted from Don Kissick’s essay posted by Mark Hinkle at LP.org:

Someone answer this for me: how do you not see the parallels in today’s political theater with the more startling component’s of George Orwell’s “1984”?

Among several storyline components in the book, Oceania’s government flip-flops between its announcements of being at war with Eurasia and then Eastasia in a matter of a couple months, but no one seems to take notice.… Read more ...

LP Monday Message: 9/11

Staff at LP.org:

Dear Friend of Liberty,

I hope you’ve had a nice summer and are enjoying a relaxing Labor Day.

The tenth anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy will be next Sunday. I am deeply sorry for those killed or hurt, their friends and family members, and others who have had to deal with the aftermath.… Read more ...