IPR Investigation: The Origins of the Personal Freedom Party

From IPR comments on a previous post:

I (paulie) wrote:

You may be interested in these articles from our archives from 2008

See esp. comment 15 from Tom Knapp

http://www.independentpoliticalreport.com/2008/06/boston-tea-party-vice-chair-dr-tom-stevens-has-resigned/ and comments


Tom Knapp replied:

Wow … I just re-read those threads, and am surprised that it had escaped my attention that Kristin Davis’s party line for governor of New York was arguably the former Boston Tea Party affiliate for that state.

I wonder if Carl Milsted ever imagined the ramifications of the LP Reform Caucus’s 2006 semi-revolution!

He further clarified:

Dr. Stevens has proven, time and time again, that he’s capable of having several irons in the fire. Or hell, several irons in several fires. And no, I don’t intend that as an insult.

Looking over the history, it looks like even if Stevens didn’t support Davis, he contended that the convention process unfairly excluded both Davis and Sloan.

I was very specific in my claim: “Kristin Davis’s party line for governor of New York was arguably the former Boston Tea Party affiliate for that state.”

When Stevens withdrew the BTP’s New York affiliate from the national BTP, it was mentioned that that organization would continue under the name “Personal Freedom Party.”

And here’s the IPR article on Davis’s intended use of that party line.

That later changed to the Anti-Prohibition Party — according to Wikipedia’s article on Davis, because of a name similarity conflict with another candidate.

I suppose it could be just coincidence that Davis happened to pick the same name for her party line as Stevens had previously announced for his new party, but based on the involvement of both in the same race in the same state, starting in the same party (the LP), it’s not a real stretch to assume otherwise.

Dr. Tom Stevens then commented:

There have been many speculations with respect to the Personal Freedom Party, Sam Sloan, Kristin Davis and Roger Stone and I will not clarify everything at this point. But I will say it is true I objected to the unfair manner in which Kristin Davis and Sam Sloan were denied access to the list of New York delegates and were therefore unable to encourage them to show up to support their candidacies.

Davis then decided not to appear while Sam contested and then sued. Redlich got 27 delegates to vote in his favor in a nomination process which allowed people (regardless of eligibility to vote) to place paper ballots into a passing hat. There were witnesses to actual fraud taking place in the voting process.

Roger Stone has credited Sam Sloan for bringing the Redlich article about adults having sex with underage children to his attention, which ultimately led to the “Sexual Predator” flyer and video. In fact, Sam Sloan’s campaign manager handed out Redlich’s blog article to NYLP Convention attendees in May, 2010.

I have never said who I voted for in the November, 2010 gubernatorial race but I did say that Kristin Davis ran on the more libertarian platform.

And further clarified:

Sam Sloan’s Campaign Manager was Marinza Bruineman

Redlich is currently suing Carl Paladino, Kristin Davis, Michael Caputo, who was Paladino’s campaign manager, Andrew Miller, who worked for Paladino and Davis in 2010, and political operative Roger Stone, who consulted for Kristin Davis over the attacks.

If anyone has any additional information about this, please post it in the comments.

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  1. Ediebold

    Dear Andrew James Miller, Karma’s a bitch
    Love Your ExGirlfriend
    Sad to say that Andrew was someone very special to me and my children, his family was awesome, he even stood beside me when our little Andrew Joseph Miller was born, then Roger Stone decided that Mr. Miller couldn’t play house anymore and that Andrew needed to spend more time making up vicious lies and sending them out Via mail and email. Karma is a bitch and I hope every single one of them gets their ass handed to them. I would gladly stand up and let whom ever know that those lies were thought up by 2 People, Roger Stone and Andrew James Miller birthday 11-061983, St. Peters resident of Missouri, he’s as dumb as the 4 leaf clover tattooed on his penis.

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