So tell me: is it 1984 yet? by Don Kissick

Excerpted from Don Kissick’s essay posted by Mark Hinkle at

Someone answer this for me: how do you not see the parallels in today’s political theater with the more startling component’s of George Orwell’s “1984”?

Among several storyline components in the book, Oceania’s government flip-flops between its announcements of being at war with Eurasia and then Eastasia in a matter of a couple months, but no one seems to take notice.

Contrast with with how today’s Republicans and Democrats do the same:

For example, deficit spending. Republicans and conservative pundits were relentless in their apologist defenses of Bush spending policies from 2001 through 2008. In the meantime, Democrat leadership railed against the rising expenditures relentlessly — among which was then-Senator Barack Obama.

Today, you cannot criticize the Democrats’ massive run-up of spending over the last three years without being accused — by them, their supporters, and many of the media’s unabashed left — of having racist motives in many instances. Still, Republicans are frothing at the mouth over the national debt eclipsing $14.3 trillion but will dismiss and demean anyone who tries to make them answer for the $4.9 trillion expansion of national debt during the Bush years.

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