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Starchild’s analysis of LP national bylaws proposals, 2012

The following is Starchild’s analysis of the proposals put forth by the LP national bylaws committee. See previous IPR posts and comments here, here, here, here and this post from the York County, PA LP for additional perspective on these proposals.

For those who haven’t heard, the handpicked national LP Bylaws Committee, filled with many of the usual suspects from past years, is surveying members on how they feel about their latest set of proposals.Read more ...

LNC reportedly voting by email whether to follow Judicial Committee decision on Oregon

Following the national Libertarian Party Judicial Committee decision that the group led by Wes Wagner is the legitimate LP affiliate in Oregon, and that LPHQ is to restore effective recognition to that affiliate through web linking and sharing of membership data for their state, the LNC is now allegedly voting whether or not to follow the Judicial Committee decision, according to George Phillies in IPR comments and one confidential source via phone call.… Read more ...

Peace and Freedom Party: Occupy Wall Street!

The Peace and Freedom Party issued the following statement on September 24, 2011. To download this statement as a flyer to print and distribute click here.

Peace and Freedom Party of California, the only working class, feminist-socialist party on the ballot in California, expresses our solidarity with the activists participating in the Occupation of Wall Street, now entering its second week.… Read more ...

Libertarian vision: Peace, Freedom and Rep. Gordon?

Ed Fitzpatrick in the Providence Journal:

The Libertarian Party of Rhode Island wants to grow. But if the tiny party is going to take state Rep. Daniel P. Gordon Jr. aboard, it better make room for his baggage.

In an e-mail, the Libertarian Party cited a report (on independentpoliticalreport.com) saying that Gordon, who was recently kicked out of the House Republican caucus, became a dues-paying member of the Libertarian Party on Sept.

Read more ...

Suffolk Green Party candidate Cesar Malaga (LD 14) on News 12

On The Wilder Side:

This is the News 12 debate with Cesar Malaga, the Green Party candidate running for the 14th legislative District in Suffolk County. He is the only Green Party candidate running on Long Island.

Our Oregon covers Americans Elect

H/T Jim Cook at Irregular Times:

Scott Moore at progressive advocacy group Our Oregon has a series of articles about Americans Elect. There are five articles in the series at this time; I don’t know if more are coming. As you can see from the titles, the tone of the articles is hostile towards Americans Elect.… Read more ...

RJ Harris: Ballot Access in Oklahoma, Adam Kokesh endorsement

Recent updates from RJ Harris, a candidate for the LP presidential nomination:

* RJ Harris Liberty Team collected nearly 400 signatures on an afternoon at a Oklahoma Sooner football game. RJ Harris and his team had a great time tailgating with fans of the #1 Ranked NCAA Football Team in the Nation.… Read more ...

New York Green Party rolls out list of 2011 candidates

Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

The New York Green Party has published a list of Green candidates running in this year’s general election on November 8th. The 18 candidates on the list are running for a range of local offices, including town/city council, school board, and county legislature, in locations from Syracuse and Rochester to Suffolk County.… Read more ...

Americans Elect Nomination Procedures Explained by John Avlon

Ballot Access News:

John Avlon has this article on CNN, detailing how presidential candidates may qualify for the Americans Elect on-line presidential primary. The article says candidates nominated by the Americans Elect leadership need 10,000 “clicks” from the ranks of people who have signed up to be voters in the Americans Elect primary.… Read more ...

Carl Person: Creating Jobs in Wisconsin

St. Croix, WI, October 1, 2011. Carl Person, Candidate for the Libertarian Party’s nomination for President, made the following statement today as part of solving the unemployment and economic problems existing in Wisconsin and most if not all other states:

Background – My background – business owner at age 9 (newspaper route in North Platte, Nebraska); high school dropout; AB magna cum laude; Harvard Law School; commercial and civil rights litigation; created paralegal field, inventor, came in 3rd for NYS Attorney General during November, 2010; creating a new career field with more than 10,000,000 waiting to be filled – Assistant to the Owner of a Small Business.… Read more ...