Daily Archives: October 13, 2011

Green Party and Working Families Party to defend Occupy Wall Street from eviction

Occupy Wall Street has been occupying Liberty Square/Zucotti Park for over three weeks. Mayor Bloomberg and the owner of the park have threatened to force demonstrators to leave for a cleaning, and after the cleaning, to not allow any sleeping bags or personal items on the ground after that time. The demonstrators are basically being threatened with eviction early tomorrow morning.… Read more ...

Green-Rainbow Party says: Keep hands off protesters

A press release from the Green-Rainbow Party, the national Green Party affiliate in Massachusetts:

Keep Hands Off Protesters, Says Green-Rainbow Party

BOSTON – In response to the arrest of over 120 people early Tuesday morning, the Green-Rainbow Party (GRP) called for the City of Boston to find ways to accommodate the Occupy Boston demonstrators who have been gathering in the Dewey Square area of the City. … Read more ...

Bill Still Announces Run for Libertarian Party Presidential Nomination

Bill Still announced today on KTKK Radio Station out of Salt Lake City, Utah, that he would be seeking the nomination of the Libertarian Party for President. He claims to have support from delegated out of Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Utah. This article details some of his economic positions.

Still is known as a proponent of monetary reform and an opponent of the Federal Reserve and fractional reserve banking.… Read more ...