Darcy Richardson Makes Ballot in 5th State, Texas

Darcy Richardson is the author of a series of books about Third Parties called The Others. He is the third party movement’s pre-eminent historian. However, he is also running in the Democratic primaries against incumbent President Barack Obama. Richard Winger reports that Darcy Richardson has made the ballot in Texas too.

Three candidates have paid the $2,500 filing fee to appear on the Texas Democratic presidential primary. Besides President Obama, they are Darcy Richardson of Florida, and Bob Ely of Illinois.

The web page for Richardson is darcy2012.com. The web page for Ely is workmorekeepless.com.

It is possible others will qualify, because the deadline is not until Monday, December 19.

Darcy Richardson was already on the ballot in Oklahoma, Missouri, Louisiana, and New Hampshire. Richardson has been involved in third parties in the past, especially The Consumer Party.

2 thoughts on “Darcy Richardson Makes Ballot in 5th State, Texas

  1. Melty

    Lovely! With a preventive indefinite detention of U. S. citizens on U. S. soil bill about to be signed into law, the nation needs Darcy Richardson and his kind to prove this aint the end.

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