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JJ Myers: If Timothy Mcveigh Succeeded

If Timothy McVeigh succeeded, then why don’t we apply our foreign policy on terror  to our home grown terrorists? Why don’t we allow China to cluster bomb Norman Oklahoma to weed out those who might do us harm? Why don’t we set up check points in Tulsa to search for suspicious activity?

Why don’t we pick up those suspicious people and hold them in foreign jails for unlimited amounts of time without a trial?

Why don’t we then allow China to give away the Oklahoma oil rights to their politically connected friends?
Would Chinese troops telling people in a foreign language, “It’s okay that we killed your relatives, we are here to help” make Oklahomites more “at home” with the occupation? That is what we are doing in the Middle East, and I can guarantee if we did this in Oklahoma you would see a 2nd American revolution in a matter of days. So why do we expect an opposite result in the Middle East?
As a student of history Newt Gingrich should know a couple of things. First, this type of foreign policy creates more terror than it stops. It may seem to work, but I imagine in Iraq, even now, there are plenty of people who will not forget the deaths of their loved ones, and they know exactly who they blame. Some time in the future all of the eggs of war we have laid will hatch, and unfortunately the American people will not understand why they are being attacked, why there are bloody revolutions in other countries, or why we are bankrupt. But we can leave it to our corrupt media and even more corrupt politicians to paint a rosy, 1984-style picture of what we are doing around the world.
Those who have used this country for their own gains realize that there is only so much more they can do before this country is bankrupt, or the American people will wake up. That is why you see the rush to be involved in Syria, Libya, Egypt, Iran, and you are even hearing drums of war towards China for god’s sake.

The Neo-conservative movement and the Israeli Lobby have destroyed American foreign policy and any respect we once had around the world. We are at our core a corrupted, evil empire, and true Americans who believe in what this country was founded on and for should stand up against this foreign policy and our War for Terror.
John Jay Myers owns multiple small businesses in Dallas, Texas.  He recently ran for Chair of the Libertarian Party, and is a past Membership Director of The LP of Texas, currently the Vice-Chair of the Dallas County LP.


  1. paulie paulie December 28, 2012

    That’s all over the country. I don’t think it’s on a regular basis, though, which is probably what JJM meant here.

  2. johncjackson johncjackson December 2, 2011

    ” Timothy McVeigh succeeded” pause, face/look into the crowd. pause. tongues wag..saliva drips..slow clap. clap clap clap..big applause.

  3. Jill Pyeatt Jill Pyeatt December 2, 2011

    Nice to have you back, John Jay.

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