Daily Archives: January 30, 2012

Dolan:”Gary Johnson calls for repeal of the Patriot Act”

Rawstory.com reports that former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson is calling for repeal of the Patriot Act. Gov. Johnson, a candidate for the Libertarian nomination for President, made the call while speaking to a national conference of the American Civil Liberties Union.

“Ten years ago, we learned that the fastest way to pass a bad law is to call it the ‘Patriot Act’ and force Congress to vote on it in the immediate wake of a horrible attack on the United States,” Johnson said.… Read more ...

Mark McKinnon, Americans Elect supporter, on the radio advocating for third parties and electoral reform

On Philadelphia’s NPR station, WHYY, this morning, Daily Beast columnist, No Labels advocate, and former Bush Administration official Mark McKinnon advocated for a third party and electoral reform, specifically to the presidential selection process.  He particularly called for support of Americans Elect, while also calling more broadly for supporting third parties. … Read more ...

Labor and student activists join Jill Stein’s campaign for the Green Party nomination as Associate Campaign Manager and National Field Director

From Jill Stein’s website:

Jill Stein for President is extremely pleased to welcome Anthony Prince and Erika Wolf to Jill Stein’s 2012 Green Party presidential campaign staff.

Prince, a lifelong labor organizer and labor attorney will serve as Associate Campaign Manager, and will have primary oversight of the campaign’s ballot access drive.… Read more ...