Gary Johnson: Latest Media Clips and Twitter Updates

Via Gary Johnson’s twitter:

Fox News January 24:

NY1, Jan 23 (I see no way to embed this here)

Huffington Post: Gary Johnson, Former New Mexico Governor, On Why He’s Gay Voters’ Best Presidential Choice

Daily Caller:
“Gary Johnson hammers Newt for ‘hypocrisy’ on executing marijuana users”
“In 1997 Newt Gingrich Proposed The Death Penalty For Possession Of Marijuana”

Also found at the Johnson Twitter feed:

“@RonPaul, if @MittRomney @newtgingrich & @RickSantorum aren’t up for your bike race challenge, I’d be honored to ride some miles with you!”

“@GovGaryJohnson and @BuddyRoemer will be joining us on Monday at #ACLUcon12 to talk #civilliberties”

“@senrandpaul stopped by TSA after body scan anomaly” @politico Whew – glad TSA stopped that threat. TSA=bad idea when created & still is.”

“Good that the Constitution still applies: “Supreme Court rules warrant needed for GPS tracking” @USATODAY”

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  1. Let the T-Rex of Talk Radio Entertain U2day

    Gary Johnson: ‘Mickey Mouse Would Poll 15 Percent Against Obama And Romney’ – in

    Good to see he’s trying to stay busy and keeping a sense of humor. Needs more national TV and syndicated radio ! And of course a lot more MONEY.

    When I announced my decision to seek the Libertarian nomination for president, I stated my belief that there is a majority of Americans who are looking for a real home in American politics — a home they are not finding with either the big “R” or big “D” parties….There is a freedom agenda America is ready to endorse: freedom from crushing debt and freedom from crushing government. It is that agenda that has prompted me to unapologetically call myself a libertarian, and which WILL find its rightful place in the 2012 election.
    -Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate

    He should be doing youtube also answering debate questions (MSM held 4 debates in 11 days in late January). They could be used as outreach to groups to which they appeal.

    Is it a foregone conclusion he gets the nomination, barring scandal of course ? Does anyone see an upset? By who ? I’m looking at his challengers sites closely! I don’t know. Could it be a first ballot victory ?

    Gary Johnson 2012: The People’s President –

    “For the first time, the Libertarians actually have a credible candidate,” Stone told The Daily Caller. “Gary Johnson’s a two-term governor of New Mexico with a real record. He’s got executive experience. He’s not a wacky right-wing congressman from Georgia.”

    “I would say it would be marginally more damaging to Romney, but we don’t know how the campaign plays out,” Stone said. “That’s why I think Johnson’s interesting as a candidate — he does have appeal on the left and the right.”

    Gary Johnson said. “I have issues with the extreme right of the Republican party. I do. I always have,” he added. “And I have issues with the extreme left of the Democrat party. I always have. But I don’t know if I really have issues with what you’d call the extreme segment of the Libertarian party.”

  2. paulie Post author

    Is it a foregone conclusion he gets the nomination, barring scandal of course ? Does anyone see an upset? By who ? I’m looking at his challengers sites closely! I don’t know. Could it be a first ballot victory ?

    Given the current field I don’t see Johnson losing. Not sure about first ballot. He would lose if Ron Paul went LP, which I don’t think will happen, but is not impossible. I’m not sure who would win if Johnson and Ventura both go for it.

    “For the first time, the Libertarians actually have a credible candidate,” Stone told The Daily Caller.

    The statement would hold more weight if it came from someone else.

  3. paulie Post author

    I highly recommend familiarizing yourself with all the stories and comments at … it’s quite a fascinating little rabbit hole warren, to say the least.

    As posted on a previous thread,

    “For the first time, the Libertarians actually have a credible candidate,”

    I remember hearing people say that about Barr.

    I’m sure people said that about Paul in ’87-88.

    Harry Browne seemed pretty credible to me, although it’s true he was never a governor.

    None of that made more than a 0.1% difference in the vote totals so far. I guess, barring e.g. Paul or maybe Ventura getting in the race, we’ll see if Governor of a small state a decade ago is significantly better than multi-term Congressman more recently or Libertarian activist/author/whatever.

    While hope springs eternal, it’s hardly a foregone conclusion.

    As far as the numbers the best so far has been Clark, as most here already know. It was before my time (I was eight at the time and for Carter, mostly because the other kids on my bus were for Reagan), but I did read his campaign book a couple of years ago and didn’t really detect whatever alleged non-libertarian positioning caused Rothbard and friends such apoplexy as I read about it some time before. It seemed very good to me, and remarkably timely despite the 30 year gap between when it came out and when I read it.

    Will Johnson be more credible than Clark? I guess we’ll probably find out in November, if things go as currently seems most likely.

    I’ve read that Clark made hundreds of campaign stops at colleges during his run. Would love to see Johnson try that.

    He might also be well advised not to associate too closely with Stone.

  4. Ad Hoc

    A strange thing happened when former Gov. Gary Johnson abandoned his quest for the Republican presidential nomination and jumped into the Libertarian Party’s presidential contest instead.

    He actually started getting some national media attention.

    Granted, it was a slow news period between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, but CBS, CNN, Fox, Reuters, Bloomberg, the Atlantic, the Wall Street Journal and many others played Johnson’s Dec. 28 announcement fairly prominently. When I talked to Johnson on Thursday, he seemed relieved to have finally shed his Republican suit, which never fit him very well anyway. He also sounded simultaneously buoyed and annoyed by the at-least momentary surge in media attention after his Libertarian leap.

    “The Wall Street Journal had the only write-up they’ve ever had on me, and this was because I was declaring as a Libertarian as opposed to a Republican?” Johnson asked incredulously. “It was a great thing from a PR standpoint, but where was that (coverage) on Day One when I announced as a Republican?”

    A self-made millionaire who served two terms as governor of New Mexico and left the state’s budget in the black, Johnson never stood a chance in the Republican contest, despite his credentials. Johnson couldn’t persuade the major news networks that carried the Republican debates to include him, even though he protested loudly and even filed a Federal Election Commission complaint. He couldn’t even get listed in most polls that were used to qualify candidates for the debates.

    I asked Johnson why he thinks he was consistently snubbed. Johnson said he suspects it was a “board room decision” but couldn’t put his finger on the real basis for that decision. Sounding a bit conspiratorial, he offered some theories.

    “What if it was all the (former President George W.) Bush people because I was the only governor to not endorse Bush during his first run?” Johnson asked. “What if it was someone on the board of CNN whose daughter lost her life to drugs and he blames it on marijuana, and I’m the guy who’s talking about it?

    “Or is it General Electric saying here’s a guy, who if given a little attention he might actually catch on, and he’s talking about a 43 percent cut in defense spending and that is really going to affect the bottom line?”

    Johnson said his White House quest is real, not just a hobby for an unemployed former governor with time and money on his hands. He said if he can secure the Libertarian nomination in May and then generate 15 percent in national polls – no easy feat – he’ll be included in the general election debates. And if he doesn’t achieve even that, he hopes to at least inject his ideas, which including legalizing marijuana, dismantling Medicare and slashing military spending, into the larger national conversation.

    “I would not be doing this if I didn’t think there was actually a chance to win” the general election, Johnson said. “If I am the nominee, I’m on the ballot in all 50 states, and then anything can happen.”

    The Libertarian Party’s last candidate for president, former Republican Rep. Bob Barr of Georgia, finished with less than one percent of the popular vote. In the 1988 presidential election, Rep. Ron Paul, now a legitimate Republican candidate for president, was on the ballot as a Libertarian in 46 states and also ended up with less than 1 percent of the vote.

    Johnson downplayed speculation that he would help President Obama win New Mexico in 2012 because his presence on the ballot would peel off votes from the Republican nominee.

    “When you look at any of these races where a third-party candidate is running – (Ross) Perot, (Ralph) Nader, (John) Anderson – they took equally from both sides and they took from a group of people who otherwise wouldn’t have voted,” Johnson said. “The reality is that it doesn’t affect the election.”

    Al Gore may beg to differ.

    And what about Ron Paul? Isn’t Johnson just espousing the same views as the Texas congressman, who has a deeper base of financial and popular support?

    “I contend this is about the message, and he and I are just different messengers,” Johnson said. “We may differ in some key areas, but for the most part we’re talking about the same message. To change the world you don’t have one messenger delivering this message, you have a bunch and if you hear it different ways, it finally jells.”

  5. Let the T-Rex of Talk Radio Entertain U2day

    Could Stone just be an Opportunist? Hoping for a job, since other options have closed to him. Heck the LP could use a ‘trickster” if they used their entire talents toward the Ds and Rs !

    I had already read the linked material. The statements just sound good and used at most other sites wouldn’t draw anything but positive reaction. Why has Stone “fallen” to the (sorry but true) low level of having to sabatoge NY LP candidates ? I can remember when he was national commentator material. A shining boy with a future! Not that lowlife political tricksters don’t deserve to fall and splatter, but just wondering you know…..

  6. paulie Post author

    Heck the LP could use a ‘trickster” if they used their entire talents toward the Ds and Rs !

    Beware the double cross. The trick could be on us.

    Why has Stone “fallen” to the (sorry but true) low level of having to sabatoge NY LP candidates ?

    If you read the linked material, you’ve seen his stated reason. I think it may well be true.

  7. Ad Hoc


    As I climb onto your back, I will promise not to sting
    I will tell you what you want to hear, and not mean anything
    Then I treat you like a dog as I shoot my venom in
    You pretend you didn’t know that I am a scorpion, oh

    -Dave Mustaine

  8. Let the T-Rex of Talk Radio Entertain U2day

    @4 GJ might be on to something there ! He must of heard something on the CNN drug thing and board members. The WAR MACHINE certainly doesn’t want him on the stage. Ron Paul is treading on thin ice there also. Yes, but it goes deeper than this, however it is good to see GJ is beginning to understand powerful people blocked his R efforts. Seems he isn’t afraid to take them on for a while longer!

    Gary Johnson 2012: Introduction:


    It is my belief that Wrights and the others are now running to be GJ’s VP choice. Wrights, in particular, could be a good choice for keeping Johnson hewing closely to the Party’s platform.

  10. Robert Capozzi

    9 a, how would a VP nominee do that, exactly? Have they ever served as ideological watchdog?

  11. Ad Hoc

    I think Wrights is still running to win. His chances don’t look great at the moment, but he did get started earlier than Ruwart (although that may not count for much), and some people may have a “once bitten twice shy” attitude on the heels of Barr, although many will see Johnson as better than Barr. For that matter Ruwart did not lose by that much.

    If the multimillionaire/billionaire rumors are true Wrights does not have much of a shot at VP either.

  12. Jill Pyeatt

    ATBAFT @ 8: Do you any evidence that any of the candidates are now shifting into VP mode? Have you discussed it with anyone? If you haven’t, I don’t think it’s fair for us to assume that’s the case. Johnson is popular, but he is not at all a sure thing for the LP’s nomination.

  13. Ted Brown

    Gary Johnson’s Fox News interview is very good. Unlike most of our candidates, he can legitimately say that he was in office and took action to cut government, specifically by vetoing so much legislation. He doesn’t have to run away from his record. Contrast this to Bob Barr having to run away from some of his congressional voting record (Defense of Marriage Act, for example). While I’m not ready to commit to how I’ll vote at the LP convention, I like what I have been seeing from Johnson so far.

  14. Rob Banks

    What is Johnson’s actual record on pardons? In the Manhattan debate he said he pardoned hundreds of people, but on Free Talk Live he said two. In Reason Magazine he said he was against pardoning people convicted of bad laws such as marijuana laws, he wants to change the laws but not use the pardon power to effectively nullify them.

    I would love to see comparison of Johnson’s record on pardons as compared to NM governors before and after him, as well as governors of other states at the same time. Anyone know a good resource to research this?

  15. Let the T-Rex of Talk Radio Entertain U2day

    @14 Banks you are paying too close of attention. You will interfer with all these starry eyes which have already decided this LP POTUS nom race! Do you really want to RESEARCH the truth and present it BEFORE the convention?! You know it is so much easier to go along to get along ! Why should you rock the boat. True info can muddy the water you know. Sometimes you must catch the TRAIN or the TRAIN will catch you and run over you !

    Gary Johnson is a moderate libertarian (large L moderate I guess if he’s paid his Party dues anew) he’s not a “tip-top” (Nolan Chart 100/100) Libertarian. His “On the Issues” chart shows him as a 73/70 Moderate L. He can be attacked heavily on the 27/30 that he isn’t “pure” on the issues. The question is do we want to cut him up for that; are leave it to his opponents for the nom to do that (the general public could care less) and we just unite behind the nominee and attempt to build this Party from the local level.? His opponents should question him closely in debates. As for the membership I would say each individual should decide for themselves. A former two-term Gov. doesn’t come along to the LP very often. He’s a moderate libertarian (my self described political designation on facebook btw) , he’s NOT a libertarian leaning Conservative as Barr was in ’08! (I would add these l leaning Cs are a large percentage of the LP now and are even in positions of authority within the LP)

    I highly recommend each and everyone go to the “On the Issues” site and take the vote match quiz. Be sure to take the time to read the definitions (click on the question to see the definition) of what each answer means for the quiz so it will more match your true beliefs at this time. If you answer every question honestly you may be surprised where you land on the (Nolan) Chart !!!

    The Romney Con -

  16. Rob Banks

    I think it’s relevant whether Johnson is telling the truth about his record on pardons, as well as whether he has changed his mind on the issue and if so when.

    If you think it’s irrelevant feel free to ignore the question, but I’ll keep asking it until I find out the answers.

  17. ATBAFT

    Ms. Pyatt #12 – I have no inside information on which to base “my belief.” Putting myself in Mr. Wrights shoes, or any of the others, I would be looking at my candidacy as a way to move GJ even further toward “mainstream” LP views and, if I were interested in being his VP, doing it in a way that impresses GJ and isn’t contentious.
    We hardly need half or more of LP activists
    sitting on their hands (ala the Barr campaign) after GJ wins the nomination. The GOP seems determined to kick out of the tent its remaining classical liberals, fiscal conservatives, and constitutionalists. Many could find a home in the LP if we were more welcoming – that is, inviting them to ride along 80 or 90% of the way.
    Once they board the train, are we afraid we can’t convince many of them to evolve their views as most of us have??

  18. Robert Capozzi

    17 a, I’m not sure what the L “mainstream” is exactly, but IF the idea is to attract classical liberals, fiscal cons and constitutionalists who’re alienated in the GOP, is it possible that if GJ gets any more outside the mainstream in terms of what he advocates, that constituency might be LESS interested in the LP as a means to advocate their political views?

  19. Let the T-Rex of Talk Radio Entertain U2day

    @16 Mr.Banks, my above comments to you were tongue in cheek. If your statement is correct he has already lied. Two times ISN’T equal to hundreds! Also if true I don’t like his statement on pardons in regard to MJ laws. Are there links to his statements ? A serious discussion should be held NOW before the convention. We need a smoothe convention that unifies our effort against our opposition!

    I would love for the LP to become a major player in US politics, however I’m not delusional (contary to what many may think-lol) the LP i$ a long way from that happening. $everal million”$” in fact! I feel Gary Johnson should be vetted completely. However, I want it done NOW! Then let the convention decide the POTUS nominee. Then definitely “BALANCE” the ticket with a suitable VP to keep the vast majority of members ENERGIZED through Nov. and beyond. I do have a feeling that GJ/? could get us beyond the 1% barrier that has seemed to plaque the LP forever. That does have a lot to do with who is the VP. We must keep almost everyone working through Nov. (you will never get every single individual happy about the ticket, just hopefully the vast majority) by BALANCING the ticket! If so perhaps we move toward being a player finally.

  20. zapper

    “If you answer every question honestly you may be surprised where you land on the (Nolan) Chart !!!”

    15 T-Rex

    Yes, you may be surprised because this quiz is defective.

    For example, according to the quiz:

    (1) ” [Hard core libertarians] believe: Compassion requires us to maintain and fund a federal welfare system. The neediest members of society should have a federally-guaranteed safety net.”

    So, the quiz claims the Libertarians support government welfare instead of opposing it. Completely backwards.

    (2) ” [Hard core libertarians] believe: There’s no such thing as global warming – it’s all natural climatic variation. And if there is a problem, it won’t affect us much, and we can deal with the problems as they arise.”

    This may be true for some libertarians but not many. Likewise the alternative which supports massive government intervention is also not true for many libertarians. There is really no good answer for libertarians among the choices, so the “no opinion” choice would be the real hard core libertarian choice.

    (3) and on the question of “US out of Iraq and Afghanistan” the quiz claims that Hard core libertarians are “Strongly Opposed!”

    But, the reason that hard core libertarians are opposed, is that:

    “[Hard core libertarians] believe: Phase out foreign aid entirely – we should focus on America. We have plenty of domestic issues to spend our resources on. We should exit the UN and other organizations that use our money with little US benefit.”

    So, the quiz makers feel that libertarians and conservatives are opposed to getting out of Afghanistan and Iraq for the above reasons.

    So, they have the correct reasons but the wrong answer. Actually, I like the wording under “opposed” (“Phase out foreign aid – people who want to contribute to foreign countries should do so privately. And phase out involvement in foreign wars – as recommended by the Founding Fathers, we should not become entangled in foreign affairs.”) but still not the answer, since as a libertarian I support withdrawl.

    This quiz as constituted is quite flawed. I didn’t take the time to review all of the answers and reasoning, but if anyone involved in this quiz is reading, you need to make a major overhaul of your answers, and you should include the 4 questions that you left out of the scoring.

  21. Carol Moore

    Wrights for VP is a good idea. But meanwhile I hope people aren’t being polite to him about his statist proposals like strictly enforcing some sort of national tax (income or sales) and making it permanent. Or are we all bending over and spreading our cheeks??

  22. Carol Moore

    Spreading our – or your – cheeks for Johnson, not wrights. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, sexually, just politically.

  23. Brian Holtz

    Bob @18, the important thing is for a GJ campaign to be positioned to promote the libertarian alternative to Left/liberal and Right/conservative. The biggest strategic failing of the Barr campaign is that Barr too often positioned us/him as the heirs to “true conservativism”, with rhetoric about the GOP “leaving him”. The test for ex-Republicans in the LP should be whether they’re willing to give up on the idea of rescuing the “conservative” brand. We will never get any traction trying to argue that we are more authentically “conservative” than Republicans.

  24. Robert Capozzi

    23 bh, agreed. In many ways, GJ as standardbearer is preferable to RP, in that RP is more like BB in the sense of employing to an “old-right,” “true conservative” positioning. GJ has less baggage in this regard, and is more of a “true” L in that he’s long IDed with being a “beyond left/right” sorta figure who happens to’ve been elected to high office as a R as a matter of practicality and convenience. OTOH, RP is a nationally known figure, far more likely to be consequential.

    As for “rescuing the conservative brand,” I sense that WAR seems interesting in doing so, going so far as to mimic Goldwater.

    I am unpersuaded by calls for ticket-balancing in the LP. Ticket balancing barely works with the Rs and Ds, and L veep candidates have historically been pro forma except once, when the dude threw some major benjies into the hat.

    If it can’t be a demi-Koch running with GJ, maybe we should draft Melanie as Veep. She can sing “Lay Down (Candles in the Rain)” at all GJ campaign stops!

  25. Brian Holtz

    Ticket-balancing can nice for for LP-internal unity, but to me that indeed takes a back seat to the primary goal of a campaign that does as much as it can to promote the Libertarian brand.

    As for “rescuing the conservative brand,” I sense that WAR seems interested in doing so

    Yes, he seems to think that’s the best way for him to do well while doing good. That may even be true from a certain perspective. However, the LP needs to attract those who are uncomfortable with both the Left and Right. That doesn’t mean we can’t also try to appeal to classical conservatives, but we shouldn’t do so in a way that undercuts our branding as neither Left nor Right.

  26. Robert Capozzi

    26 bh: …the primary goal of a campaign that does as much as it can to promote the Libertarian brand.

    me: I think I agree, depending on what one means by promoting the L brand. For some, that might mean the candidate says L, L, L and his/her bumperstickers include the word L.

    I’d say the “goal” of a campaign is to advance the idea of political liberty in a 360 way. More liberty is both right and works across the board, and is in fact necessary in these times when individual liberty is receded and the State is pronouncedly dysfunctional.

    I also happen to believe that the notion of a 2 party “system” needs to be challenged regularly, like a drum beat. Who sez? And are there really 2 parties, or just one appearing as two? Can you, Mr and Ms Voter, tell me with a straight face that this alleged 2 party system is working?

  27. Robert Capozzi

    26 bh: However, the LP needs to attract those who are uncomfortable with both the Left and Right.

    me: This is an interesting contention. I’d like to see whether this is REALLY a major constituency or not. My sense is there are a lot of people who call themselves “independent,” but are left- or right-leaning with reservations. But the idea of being above left/right seems more of a L-only concept.

    I certainly agree that we should be reaching out to these leaners with reservations, both “left” and “right.”

    I am open to the happy news that there IS a large non-left or -right subset out there, I’m just not seeing one…

  28. Carol Moore

    @whoever. I heard the words strictly enforced and that means permanent to me! By the way you realize JOHNSON and ROOT are both slang for PENIS??????? oi!!! Hmmm, maybe I’ll have to go to the convention just to sell the appropriate button….

  29. Robert Capozzi

    30 bh, those polls are pointing to different phenomena. My sense is that the 10-20% don’t reject left and right per se, but that they are ala carte in their politics. They are not NEITHER left or right, but are BOTH left and right, depending on the issue.

    I’d further guess that most of the 10-20% would say they are “conservative” if that’s the only choice, and would say if they can “conservative on economics, liberal on social issues.” Jump ball on foreign policy, although most support — I suspect — some alliances and certainly Marines guarding embassies.

    I’d venture to say that the Man vs. The State paradigm has not taken hold in the public square, and in fact sounds awfully foreign, even bizarre, to most. “Governments, when instituted,” tells me that the LP — consciously or not — is laboring under a construct that few get much less adopt as a working model.

    29 cm, I’d not heard the “strictly enforced” language. Let’s assume GJ said it. What would you have him say: I will offer a 43% cut in spending, an overhaul of the tax system and I won’t enforce it? And who will find this attractive would ya say?

  30. Carol Moore

    Well, I looked at the issues page and he doesn’t mention enforcement. Just one more thing he should keep to himself, even should he get the nomination.

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