Mark Levin Threatens to Work to Unseat Rand if Ron Paul Runs Third Party

Should Ron Paul choose to run a third party presidential campaign, radio talk show host Mark Levin has said that he will punish the elder by using his energies to unseat the younger Paul.

“If Ron Paul decides that he is going to go third-party, which is detrimental to this nation, and pulls a million votes, which is relatively insignificant in the big scheme of things, I will do everything in my power to defeat his son in Kentucky. I will do everything in my power to defeat his son Rand Paul in Kentucky,” Mark Levin said on his radio program tonight.

Rand Paul was elected to the U.S. Senate in Kentucky in 2010, so he is not up for re-election until 2016. Ron Paul is, of course, a former Presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party, having run in 1988, and in 2008 endorsed several third party Presidential candidates.

88 thoughts on “Mark Levin Threatens to Work to Unseat Rand if Ron Paul Runs Third Party

  1. Melty

    The chances of Ron Paul runnin outside of the GOP are almost as slim as he himself claims they are. He ain’t gonna. Still, I’m glad he doesn’t vow he won’t. I think it’s marvelous how he has no use for party loyalty. Party loyalty ain’t a good thing.

    If this year doesn’t work out, Rand Paul’ll be a mighty candidate in 2016.

    If anything, this radio talk show host guy’s helpin out the Pauls talkin like this. Why doesn’t get in a huff over Gary Johnson?

  2. Rob Banks

    Because he has nothing on Johnson, and perhaps because he doesn’t see him drawing enough votes to make a difference.

    I suspect he knows Paul would get much more than a million votes.

  3. AnthonyD.

    On occasion, I listen to the Mark Levin show on satellite radio on my way home from work. He is as insufferably neoconservative as they come.

    Seriously, he makes Sean Hannity sound like a hippie peacenik.


    Party loyalty is a one-way street with them.
    Bachman can label RP “dangerous” and Gingrich can’t see how any “decent American” can support him, yet RP supporters are supposed to
    grovel, take the shit they dished out at the 2008 convention, and pull the GOP lever anyway.
    You know, frig the GOP. Another 4 years of
    Barry O won’t be any more detrimental to liberty than the GOP continually crapping all over its libertarian wing.

  5. Humongous Fungus

    Speaking of Rapepubliccons, how about that Santorum surge?

    As many of you would know, Rick Santorum, due to his vicious theocratic tendencies was the butt of a joke. Writer Dan Savage promised to create a definition of Santorum and propel it to the top of the Google search pages. He created a page called where the name is defined as: “The frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the by-product of anal sex.” The site gets more hits through Google than Santorum’s own website so it sits first in the ranking when Santorum is entered into the search engine. Given that, check out the Philadelphia Daily News with there recent headline regarding the frothy mixture himself. This is funny.

    headline: Santorum surges from behind in Iowa

    From the comments:

    Santorum Suddenly Surging With Cash From Shadowy Sources

    More results from google:

    Murdoch Tweets That He Likes Santorum Surge (Newsmax)

    Late-surging Santorum looks to rally voters ahead of Iowa caucuses … (CNN)

    Santorum enjoying surge in final days before Iowa caucus … (NY Post)

    Santorum’s Surge Comes With Scrutiny – Dan Friedman … (National Journal)

    Santorum Surges, Poised for Iowa Surprise – Bloomberg

    Santorum surge could show old rules still apply in Iowa politics … (Dallas News)

    Is Santorum’s surge for real? – The Arena | POLITICO.COM

    Surging Santorum faces scrutiny as possible Iowa winner – latimes …

  6. AnthonyD.

    Mr. Fungus @ 5,

    I am a relatively regular reader of Dan Savage’s column, and love his designation for Santorum. That clueless boob (Santorum) deserves every bit of it. The sad thing is, I don’t think Santorum is one of those closeted, self-hating gays. I really think he fully accepts the idea that sex is for procreation only. I pity his unhappy wife.

    Periodically over the past several months, for sh*ts and giggles, I have made a ranked list of the republican candidates, best to worst. I ultimately end up with three tiers, with some shuffling within the tiers (outside of the top spot, obviously). Currently:

    1. Paul
    2. Huntsmann

    3. Romney
    4. Perry

    5. Bachmann
    6. Santorum
    7. Gingrich

  7. Nominate Dr. Ron Paul to be the 2012 Libertarian Party POTUS Candidate !

    Recent polling has shown Dr. Ron Paul pulls the majority of his votes from non-Republicans which includes more Democrats than Republicans. Instead of welcoming new people to the Republican party so they can defeat Obama the Republican candidates and media pundits choose to ridicule and imply that Dr. Paul is a kook. Dr. Paul would help bring down Obama not re-elect him. These chickenhawk pundits just want Dr.Paul to go away, period.

    Why should Dr. Paul show any loyalty to corruption. Why should libertarians show loyalty to a Party who wouldn’t mind having our votes but will never abandon their empire-policeman of the world mentality? It’s not the Libertarian’s responsibility to worry about a Republican Senator’s future. Rand Paul has never claimed to be a libertarian to my knowledge. Dr. Ron Paul is in his final elective campaign.

    As a member of the Libertarian Party in good standing, Dr. Ron Paul’s name can be entered into nomination in this years Presidential race in Las Vegas this May. Give him the ballot line to continue this campaign until Nov. Don’t pass up this opportunity to tie the Libertarian Party to these millions of voters and dollars and thousands of activists. If we “build it” they will come! Actually his supporters will help the Libertarians build a credible alternative to the Empire party(s). Remaining ballot access should be a breeze. If Dr. Paul should decline (which I don’t think he will) to continue his run on the Libertarian line, the Libertarian VP candidate can simply take up the mantle and continue their run. The Ex-Com can appoint a new VP candidate after this occurs if need be. Be wise. Nominate Dr.Ron Paul!


    The Republicans and Democrats stench has become unbearable.

    BTW-who will Dr. Paul endorse in the Republican Party this year?

    Romney The story of two men trapped in one body –

    SEVEN {7} Reasons Why Mitt Romney’s Electability Is A Myth –

    or Gingrich
    Whoops: Court Papers Show Newt Filed 1st Divorce
    Gingrich said Jackie wasn’t ‘young enough’:(said) old friend –

    Gingrich: Selling Access –


    1.To stand with the American People, President Paul will take a salary of $39,336, approximately equal to the median personal income of the American worker.

    Fifty million $ is a terrible thing to waste.

  8. Robert Capozzi

    I saw tape this morning of Rand Paul saying in recent days that it’s “premature” for his Dad to consider going third party. Chuck Todd found that interesting, leaving the door open for his Dad to do so.

  9. AnthonyD.

    Robert @ 8,

    While it is interesting, I don’t want to get my hopes up. I have to concur with those who said that, in the end, Dr. Paul will not want to put his family (specifically Rand) though the ordeal of a third-party run.

    Then again, he could shock us. If this ball really gets rollin’, Rand could recognize the opportunity for liberty that they will be looking at, and will tell his dad to go for it.

  10. Robert Capozzi

    9 AD, it’s not my practice to have “hopes,” per se. The point here is that Rand himself made the statement. This may indicate that he himself would be supportive of his Dad running in the generals as a non-R.

    That statement is warmer to a 3rd party run than even Ron’s boilerplate on the matter, as I see it.

  11. AnthonyD.

    Robert @ 11,

    I agree with your assessment wholeheartedly. For his own son to call third-party talk “premature” is quite surprising and the most open statement I’ve heard made on the topic, and that includes the 2008 campaign.

  12. Trent Hill Post author

    It’s 4 years away, that’s what really made me laugh. You think you’re going to scare Rand Paul by promising to try to unseat him…four years from now?

  13. Gene Berkman

    Rand Paul has spoken out against the NDAA and has introduced a bill to end the Authorization for Use of Military Force in Iraq, and defended freedom in other votes as well.

    Some of his critics here have done much less to defend freedom.

  14. Dave

    I like Rand too, though many elder Paul supporters have seemed to sour on him lately. But as long as he continues to oppose the Patriot Act and things like NDAA, I’ll continue to support him. And honestly, we all know the type of “conservative” someone like Levin would install if he could would be one thousand times worse.

    I do hope Ron runs third party though. I don’t even think the blowback would be that severe, if someone like Romney got it. Rand admitted to writing his father in instead of McCain when he was running for Senate, and this was obviously not a big issue to Republicans that elected him (Though to be fair, I’m not sure how much his primary opponents harped on it.)

  15. George Phillies

    Paul has a classic defense — “so I told my father…OK, for once, is there someone in this room whose parents actually take your advice? Honestly?”

  16. Thomas L. Knapp

    I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Rand Paul, especially by his principled stand on the NDAA.

    Early on, I pretty much ignored him after that bullshit “sign the ‘Right to Work’ petition that Obama fears” ad with his face on it started popping up all over the place (I still see it sometimes).

  17. citizen1

    Although I do not listen to Levin, I am willing to bet that he did not support Rand in the primary the last time and did not actively support him in the general election.

  18. Trent Hill Post author

    Paul placing third would be a huge loss, I think, no matter what the campaign is saying. 2nd is a win which gives them some momentum. 1st could result in a boost in NH.

  19. Cynical in New York

    I would pay money to see this. Its been long overdue for a Libertarian vs Conservative fight. Rand would wipe the floor with this chickenhawk statist. The more conservatives attack the Pauls it should serve as wake up calls to fellow libertarians that conservatives do NOT like us at all.

  20. Trent Hill Post author

    Not even. Paul should be good enough for first, but he definitely won’t lose by 9%.

  21. paulie

    with 22% reporting, 3-way tie for first place between Paul, Romney and Santorum at 23% each

  22. paulie

    808 of 1774 Precincts Reporting – 46%
    Name Party Votes Vote %
    Santorum, Rick GOP 12,231 24%
    Romney, Mitt GOP 12,124 24%
    Paul, Ron GOP 11,117 22%
    Gingrich, Newt GOP 6,701 13%
    Perry, Rick GOP 5,106 10%
    Bachmann, Michele GOP 2,874 6%
    Huntsman, Jon GOP 293 1%
    Other GOP 223 0%
    No Preference GOP 110 0%
    Cain, Herman GOP 22 0%
    Roemer, Buddy GOP 9 0%

  23. paulie

    845 of 1774 Precincts Reporting – 48%
    Name Party Votes Vote %
    Santorum, Rick GOP 13,339 24%
    Romney, Mitt GOP 13,011 24%
    Paul, Ron GOP 11,972 22%
    Gingrich, Newt GOP 7,248 13%
    Perry, Rick GOP 5,544 10%
    Bachmann, Michele GOP 3,065 6%
    Huntsman, Jon GOP 308 1%
    Other GOP 227 0%
    No Preference GOP 115 0%
    Cain, Herman GOP 23 0%
    Roemer, Buddy GOP 9 0%

  24. paulie

    878 of 1774 Precincts Reporting – 49%
    Name Party Votes Vote %
    Santorum, Rick GOP 13,594 24%
    Romney, Mitt GOP 13,204 24%
    Paul, Ron GOP 12,205 22%
    Gingrich, Newt GOP 7,426 13%
    Perry, Rick GOP 5,671 10%
    Bachmann, Michele GOP 3,140 6%
    Huntsman, Jon GOP 313 1%
    Other GOP 229 0%
    No Preference GOP 115 0%
    Cain, Herman GOP 23 0%
    Roemer, Buddy GOP 9 0%

  25. paulie

    922 of 1774 Precincts Reporting – 52%
    Name Party Votes Vote %
    Santorum, Rick GOP 14,289 24%
    Romney, Mitt GOP 13,935 24%
    Paul, Ron GOP 12,717 22%
    Gingrich, Newt GOP 7,837 13%
    Perry, Rick GOP 6,027 10%
    Bachmann, Michele GOP 3,278 6%
    Huntsman, Jon GOP 318 1%
    Other GOP 229 0%
    No Preference GOP 127 0%
    Cain, Herman GOP 26 0%
    Roemer, Buddy GOP 21 0%

  26. paulie

    1049 of 1774 Precincts Reporting – 59%
    Name Party Votes Vote %
    Santorum, Rick GOP 15,973 24%
    Romney, Mitt GOP 15,389 24%
    Paul, Ron GOP 14,180 22%
    Gingrich, Newt GOP 8,727 13%
    Perry, Rick GOP 6,867 10%
    Bachmann, Michele GOP 3,583 5%
    Huntsman, Jon GOP 352 1%
    Other GOP 234 0%
    No Preference GOP 131 0%
    Cain, Herman GOP 28 0%
    Roemer, Buddy GOP 21 0%

  27. paulie

    1402 of 1774 Precincts Reporting – 79%
    Name Party Votes Vote %
    Romney, Mitt GOP 24,626 25%
    Santorum, Rick GOP 24,134 24%
    Paul, Ron GOP 21,002 21%
    Gingrich, Newt GOP 13,046 13%
    Perry, Rick GOP 10,065 10%
    Bachmann, Michele GOP 4,967 5%
    Huntsman, Jon GOP 570 1%
    Other GOP 272 0%
    No Preference GOP 161 0%
    Cain, Herman GOP 47 0%
    Roemer, Buddy GOP 44 0%

  28. paulie

    1553 of 1774 Precincts Reporting – 88%
    Name Party Votes Vote %
    Santorum, Rick GOP 26,443 25%
    Romney, Mitt GOP 26,398 25%
    Paul, Ron GOP 22,728 21%
    Gingrich, Newt GOP 14,244 13%
    Perry, Rick GOP 11,099 10%
    Bachmann, Michele GOP 5,496 5%
    Huntsman, Jon GOP 628 1%
    Other GOP 277 0%
    No Preference GOP 168 0%
    Cain, Herman GOP 53 0%
    Roemer, Buddy GOP 44 0%

  29. paulie

    1585 of 1774 Precincts Reporting – 89%
    Name Party Votes Vote %
    Romney, Mitt GOP 27,101 25%
    Santorum, Rick GOP 26,976 25%
    Paul, Ron GOP 23,155 21%
    Gingrich, Newt GOP 14,576 13%
    Perry, Rick GOP 11,279 10%
    Bachmann, Michele GOP 5,576 5%
    Huntsman, Jon GOP 645 1%
    No Preference GOP 111 0%
    Other GOP 105 0%
    Cain, Herman GOP 54 0%
    Roemer, Buddy GOP 45 0%

  30. paulie

    1629 of 1774 Precincts Reporting – 92%
    Name Party Votes Vote %
    Romney, Mitt GOP 27,830 25%
    Santorum, Rick GOP 27,817 25%
    Paul, Ron GOP 23,737 21%
    Gingrich, Newt GOP 14,961 13%
    Perry, Rick GOP 11,600 10%
    Bachmann, Michele GOP 5,690 5%
    Huntsman, Jon GOP 660 1%
    No Preference GOP 122 0%
    Other GOP 109 0%
    Cain, Herman GOP 55 0%
    Roemer, Buddy GOP 45 0%

  31. paulie

    1690 of 1774 Precincts Reporting – 95%
    Name Party Votes Vote %
    Santorum, Rick GOP 28,895 25%
    Romney, Mitt GOP 28,841 25%
    Paul, Ron GOP 25,008 21%
    Gingrich, Newt GOP 15,553 13%
    Perry, Rick GOP 12,074 10%
    Bachmann, Michele GOP 5,891 5%
    Huntsman, Jon GOP 700 1%
    No Preference GOP 129 0%
    Other GOP 115 0%
    Cain, Herman GOP 57 0%
    Roemer, Buddy GOP 47 0%

  32. paulie

    1700 of 1774 Precincts Reporting – 96%
    Name Party Votes Vote %
    Santorum, Rick GOP 29,017 25%
    Romney, Mitt GOP 28,908 25%
    Paul, Ron GOP 25,092 21%
    Gingrich, Newt GOP 15,622 13%
    Perry, Rick GOP 12,111 10%
    Bachmann, Michele GOP 5,916 5%
    Huntsman, Jon GOP 702 1%
    No Preference GOP 130 0%
    Other GOP 115 0%
    Cain, Herman GOP 57 0%
    Roemer, Buddy GOP 47 0%

  33. Johnson 2012

    This is why I don’t think Ron Paul will run 3rd party, I think the Paul-fans will try to earn as many delegates as they possibly can get to have a voice at the GOP convention to set Rand Paul up nicely to make a 2016 run.

    I think Rand Paul should run for Governor of Kentucky in 2015 as he could win that race and then he goes into 2016 to make a splash or even sit it out until 2020 or 2024 where he would have the executive experience to make a real push.

    The LP needs to go with Gary Johnson & Jesse Ventura as their 2012 ticket. Two popular governors would be a solid ticket and really push Ron Paul to make the endorsement as the Constitution Party looks like they’ll go after Virgil Goode and I don’t think Paul, Baldwin and the other JBS loons will not go for him and the LP will still offer a solid alternative for them who have good ties to Ron Paul.

    Johnson/Ventura ’12

  34. Don't be suprised

    If this GOP mess continues which I think it will. You won’t have a Romney/Rubio ticket as I think Rubio would shy away with 2016 aspirations but I think we’ll end up with a Romney/Santorum ’12 ticket which will doom the GOP in the general election. I really don’t see Barack Obama losing this election cycle unless something extremely retarded happens. Obama just needs to make sure unemployment stays down and push the 1% against 99% message.

  35. just saying

    Ventura would run on a ticket with Paul, but I doubt he would with Johnson. Maybe if Paul asked him personally.

  36. paulie

    1744 of 1774 Precincts Reporting – 98%
    Name Party Votes Vote %
    Romney, Mitt GOP 29,625 25%
    Santorum, Rick GOP 29,584 25%
    Paul, Ron GOP 25,875 21%
    Gingrich, Newt GOP 15,974 13%
    Perry, Rick GOP 12,410 10%
    Bachmann, Michele GOP 6,016 5%
    Huntsman, Jon GOP 732 1%
    No Preference GOP 131 0%
    Other GOP 118 0%
    Cain, Herman GOP 58 0%
    Roemer, Buddy GOP 47 0%

  37. paulie

    1749 of 1774 Precincts Reporting – 99%
    Name Party Votes Vote %
    Santorum, Rick GOP 29,662 25%
    Romney, Mitt GOP 29,657 25%

    Paul, Ron GOP 25,926 21%
    Gingrich, Newt GOP 16,002 13%
    Perry, Rick GOP 12,442 10%
    Bachmann, Michele GOP 6,031 5%
    Huntsman, Jon GOP 734 1%
    No Preference GOP 131 0%
    Other GOP 118 0%
    Cain, Herman GOP 58 0%
    Roemer, Buddy GOP 47 0%

  38. Alan Pyeatt

    Talk about an empty threat! Does anybody believe that Levin WON’T work against Rand Paul, now or on 2016, regardless of what Ron does?

    Didn’t think so.

  39. paulie

    @56 That’s like those commercials that say “And if you call in the next 5 minutes …”

    True. But since the commercial is always running somewhere, it’s always true. regardless of when you call.

  40. paulie

    Anthony D @ 5: Wow, your list is exactly like mine would be.

    Would either of you like to explain how you arrive at your ranking?

  41. paulie

    1766 of 1774 Precincts Reporting – 99%
    Name Party Votes Vote %
    Santorum, Rick GOP 29,908 25%
    Romney, Mitt GOP 29,874 25%
    Paul, Ron GOP 26,097 21%
    Gingrich, Newt GOP 16,161 13%
    Perry, Rick GOP 12,536 10%
    Bachmann, Michele GOP 6,056 5%
    Huntsman, Jon GOP 742 1%
    No Preference GOP 132 0%
    Other GOP 118 0%
    Cain, Herman GOP 58 0%
    Roemer, Buddy GOP 48 0%

  42. paulie

    1772 of 1774 Precincts Reporting – 99%
    Name Party Votes Vote %
    Santorum, Rick GOP 29,944 25%
    Romney, Mitt GOP 29,926 25%
    Paul, Ron GOP 26,182 21%
    Gingrich, Newt GOP 16,210 13%
    Perry, Rick GOP 12,574 10%
    Bachmann, Michele GOP 6,064 5%
    Huntsman, Jon GOP 744 1%
    No Preference GOP 133 0%
    Other GOP 117 0%
    Cain, Herman GOP 58 0%
    Roemer, Buddy GOP 49 0%

  43. Steve M

    my personal hope is Ron Paul will stay in the Republican Race as long as possible and that Romney/Santorum/Newt will get as nasty as possible and drive Paul supports out of the republican party.

    From the left the pot smokers will abandon the anti pot/ pro war democrats and we can have a fun three way race next November.

  44. Michael H. Wilson

    I think it is a bit ironic that some of this thread is about Rand Paul in 2016.

    What about the Libertarian Party. The LP is, I thought, the party that was promoting the idea of bringing the troops home. The LP needs a big banner across the website. “Bring all the Troops Home! in bold letters no less.

    Might as well try to piss up a rope!

  45. just saying

    @62 not if the LP had already drafted Paul in absentia and the ballot line is waiting for him

  46. Steve M

    I don’t think Ron will run as an independent or 3rd party. I think he is setting the stage for Rand in the Republican Party. I Think this is Mark Levin’s real fear.

  47. Aaron Starr

    @ 65

    It would violate our bylaws to nominate someone unwilling to be our nominee.

    ARTICLE 14.2: No candidate may be nominated for President or Vice-President who is ineligible under the United States Constitution, who has not expressed a willingness to accept the nomination of the Party, who served as a stand-in candidate during the current election cycle, or who is not a member of the Party. A stand-in is an individual who has agreed to be placed on a state affiliate’s nomination petition prior to the selection of nominees by the Libertarian Party at Convention.

  48. Andy

    How about this? If this Mark Levin guy does anything to attack Ron Paul or Rand Paul, then let’s do everything in our power to unseat Mark Levin from his job.

  49. Root's Teeth Are Awesome

    The LP is, I thought, the party that was promoting the idea of bringing the troops home.

    Not promoting it nearly enough so that Americans would notice.

    The LP needs a big banner across the website. “Bring all the Troops Home! in bold letters no less.

    The LP should do that. It should also have put up such a banner on 9/12 — “No War in Afghanistan.”

    But while Browne opposed war the day after 9/11, the LP as a whole was paralyzed into inaction by internal discord. Warmongers vs. peaceniks, with fence-sitters and cowards on the sidelines.

    Even now, the LP dare not be too antiwar or anti-police state, lest it offend “patriotic, pro-defense” Americans (who are gonna vote GOP anyway).

  50. paulie

    I think it would be fair to say that santorum is squirting out in a tight finish.

    It went late into the night, but in the end Romney beat out surging santorum in a squeaker.

  51. George Phillies

    @82 The author at free students argues that Paul would do better if he had a different set of political positions, in part because the author tries not to accept that Paul is the paleolibertarian Rothbardian presented in Paul’s newsletters by whoever actually wrote them.

  52. Robert Capozzi

    P, interesting data in the link, esp the independent vote for RP. It plays into the idea that Ls can do well there, despite RP’s paleo baggage.

  53. paulie

    GP 83,

    If you think the other tries not to accept that, I don’t think you’ve been following his blog. He’s about as adamant about that as you are.

  54. Nominate Dr. Ron Paul to be the 2012 Libertarian Party POTUS Candidate !

    @25 Trent Hill // Jan 3, 2012 at 8:08 pm

    Paul placing third would be a huge loss, I think, no matter what the campaign is saying. 2nd is a win which gives them some momentum. 1st could result in a boost in NH

    > Most persons catching the negative media Dr. Paul receives would have withdrawn by now. Every third talking head attempts to reinforce their Ron Paul talking points. “He can’t win the nomination” or his foreign policy views are too extreme for the Republican Party or America.

    Funny to me how up until fairly recently the Democrats were the Party who always got us into wars. That was said by many.

    Senator Taft “Mr. Republican” whose statue stands in the Capitol was a strict NON-INTERVENTIONIST! The policy which allowed the U.S. to become the greatest society men (and ladies) have every produced.

    Sadly is the corruption which allows GE, etc. (the WAR MACHINE) to own, controlling stock at least, and control the media and hence the talking heads who tell you what to think about anything pertaining to politics. Beware the Military Industrial Complex as Dr. Paul stated in his speech last night. They have unloaded on Dr. Paul, and to be honest third place and 21% of the vote was an outstanding position considering the hate in their negative commentary and reporting leading up to the vote.

    Spending so much time to harm Dr.Paul’s campaign they forgot to tell Iowa that Rick S. is just as unelectable as Dr. Paul . Rick “the bridge to nowhere” Santorum lost by 18% in his last Senate race. Known as the king of earmarks, truly a big spending Republican. No one in their right mind can think he can tame this runaway beast in D.C. Rick “the gresian PHormula PHONY”Santorium is just another typical chicken hawk lackey for the military industrial complex. He will send your relatives to be maimed and killed while he wouldn’t fight the gnats out of his own ass when “duty” called. (it’s quite humorous to me how these CHICKENHAWKS have begun to brag of their ancestor’s service, because they can’t speak of their own service, sorry SOBs). So he’s bad ! Who’s left? Romney. OMG who here thinks Dr. Paul can endorse Romney?

    Over FIFTY million is a terrible thing to waste, LP. Think about it !

    Ron Paul Ad – He Served –

    (I’m not into jingoism, but in elections you must seek votes where they are located. The ADS this cycle are much more professional IMO.)

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