Paul Craig Roberts Says Vote for Ron Paul or a Third Party

Paul Craig Roberts has a new column out on the potential war with Iran. In it he suggests voting for Ron Paul or “for a more extreme third party candidate.”

Where do we go from here? If not to nuclear destruction, Americans must wake up. Football games, porn, and shopping malls are one thing. Survival of human life is another. Washington, that is, “representative government,” consists only of a few powerful vested interests. These private interests, not the American people, control the US government.

That is why nothing that the US government does benefits the American people.

The current crop of presidential contenders, except for Ron Paul, represent the controlling interests. War and financial fraud are the only remaining American Values.

Will Americans again give the sheen of “democracy” to rule by a few by participating in the coming rigged elections?

If you have to vote, vote for Ron Paul or for a more extreme third party candidate. Show that you do not support the lie that is the system.

Stop watching television. Stop reading newspapers. Stop spending money. When you do any of these things, you are supporting evil.

Read the whole thing here…

6 thoughts on “Paul Craig Roberts Says Vote for Ron Paul or a Third Party

  1. RedPhillips Post author

    I know PCR has been suggested as a possible candidate of the Citizens Party, although I don’t think he had anything to do with that. But it is an intriguing idea. PCR might be one of the few people who could somewhat unite dissidents on the left and right. He is traditionally associated with the right but has recently been published more often at places like Counter Punch.

    Since PCR used to be a mover and shaker in the Establishment as Assistant Treasury Secretary and associate editor of the WSJ, I have often wondered what he observed there that made him so mad. There has got to be some back story to his conversion to anti-Establishment zealot, and I would love to hear him tell it.

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  3. D. Lou Shenoll

    PCR speaks TRUTH to power yet again. It’s past time to WAKEUP ! The POTUS acts as a Dictator and few even KNOW it. PCR tells the truth and all need to listen.

    Now as to a MORE EXTREME than the old country doc, you have to be reaching into areas I even dare not wish to reach !? Don’t know who he means. Must read the full article I guess.

    A high intellect guy telling it like it is, oh if the brainwashed masses would but stop being duped asses ! Special interests run this country and the quicker you realize it the quicker you can put your valuble time into resisting the correct PROBLEM.

    Stop believing in JFK lies, Gulf of Tonkin Lies, etc and RESEARCH, RESEARCH (Council on Foreign relations, Tri-Lateral Commision, Bilderberg Group, Military Industrial Complex, Club of Rome, Bohemian Grove, Skull and Bones Society, on and on and on). They want your fortune, family and freedom………..


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