Podcast with American Third Position Party Nominee Merlin Miller

AlternativeRight.com posted this podcast with A3P nominee Merlin Miller. The description reads:

Merlin Miller, the American Third Position Party’s candidate for president, joins Richard to discuss his party’s platform as well the prospects for outside-the-box and populist politics.

9 thoughts on “Podcast with American Third Position Party Nominee Merlin Miller

  1. Deran

    I think claims by Mr. Miller that he will be on the ballot in 13 or 14 states are a pipe dream, or crypto-neo-fascism is a lot more well funded and popular than I am willing to concede?

    Does anyone know if they have talked to petition gatherers, or are they hoping for volunteers?

    “American Third Position” is too esoteric of a name. They should just get in and take over the American Independent Party – much clearer sounding name and it can also imply as much racism and neo-fascism as they are publically willing to admit to. Then take the AIP nationwide and bring it back to the AIP’s glory days of the Wallace campaign.

    I do think that the populism of the “tea party” and Occupy Wall Street show that popular anger at the one percent can be either progressive or reactionary. That a

  2. Free Speech

    Since no one who supports Miller/A3P is allowed to comment here, I guess you won’t know.

  3. Safeguard Liberty

    TLK @ 4,

    I posted here several times earlier today and said nothing worse than that Miller is a good candidate who has positions I support. My comments showed up and then were taken down soon after. This happened several times. My comments are also being removed in other threads as well, even the most polite ones like this one.

  4. Thomas L. Knapp


    Strange. It looks like the comments “trash bin” has recently been emptied, so I can’t see (or rescue) the comments you’re referring to, nor do I know who might have deleted them.

    So far as I know, there’s no policy at IPR against polite comments saying you support a candidate and why (including e.g. “I’m a white nationalist”). Unless I’m told otherwise, I’ll do my best to protect you in doing such stuff.

    There is a policy against actual hate speech, though, so if you start pounding out the 8814 type stuff, spam-pasting Prussian Blue lyrics, etc., yeah, that stuff will be gone ASAP.

  5. NewFederalist

    @6… Tom I believe this poster has posted lyrics somewhat based on “White Christmas” that he finds amusing but are not particularly humorous or very tasteful. While I did not find them as clever as he (or she) obviously did my major complaint was the repetition of them on various threads. It would appear someone has taken them all down.

  6. icr

    Why should someone be upset about alleged racism when the current POTUS attended a racist black christian identity church for 20 years? But it’s a very small matter when you consider that he (Obama) is a slave to the banksters and the military-Israel complex.

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