Daily Archives: March 7, 2012

Former Senator David Boren Endorses Americans Elect

Former Democrat Senator David Boren has endorsed Americans Elect.

…a group called Americans Elect is steadily building support — and a 50-state infrastructure — for a bipartisan ticket that could challenge both parties for the White House.

That effort will get a fresh push on Tuesday from David Boren, a former Democratic senator and governor from Oklahoma who backed Mr.

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The New York Times Discusses Potential Third-Party Candidates

The article was prompted by Jon Huntsman’s recent comments about the need for a third party.

Appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program on Thursday, Mr. Huntsman — who has endorsed Mitt Romney for president — said that the political system was “broken” and that a third party may be the only way to fix it.

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Tom Hoefling is the America’s Party Presidential Nominee

I was over at Politics1 and ran across this news. As far as I know IPR has not previously reported on this.

Tom Hoefling has been nominated to be the Presidential Candidate of America’s Party. J.D. Ellis is the Vice Presidential nominee.

The America’s Party used to be referred to as America’s Independent Party.… Read more ...