Daily Archives: March 13, 2012

Root: The Lynching of Rush Limbaugh over S&H (Sex & Handouts)

Former LP Vice Presidential nominee Wayne Allyn Root, writing at The Blaze, penned the following editorial:


The Lynching of Rush Limbaugh over S&H (Sex & Handouts)
By Wayne Allyn Root

The progressive left’s lynching of Rush Limbaugh reminds me of why conservative talk radio is successful and leftists can never duplicate that success.… Read more ...

California AIP no Longer Affiliated with America’s Party: To Seek to Become a National Party

Recently I went to the California American Independent Party website because I was curious about the name change of America’s Independent Party to America’s Party, and I wanted to see if I could find any statement about it there. To my surprise I could find no mention of America’s Party or America’s Independent Party at all, so I sent an e-mail to Tom Hoefling asking if CA AIP was still affiliated with A’sP.… Read more ...