Justin Raimondo Advises Ron Paul to Run Third Party

See the article at Anti-War.com. Via Lew Rockwell. Here’s a taste:

Three factors have kept Paul from being a real contender: not only the hostility of the leadership and the age demographics of the average Republican primary voter – which is well over 40 – but also the ideological factor. After a decade and more of neoconservative domination, not only of the party but of the conservative movement, the GOP is the War Party. For the Paul campaign, this is fatal. Ron has made his anti-interventionist views the linchpin of his campaign: he never fails to bring up the issue of war and peace, even when discussing some economic or social topic. That’s because he realizes – unlike some “libertarians” – the issue is central to the question of rolling back the power of government to rule our lives.

While Paul regularly invokes the “Old Right” and the legacy of Robert A. Taft and the Taft Republicans, this tradition has been long forgotten by Republican voters – and deliberately buried and disdained by the party’s intellectuals, such as they are, who regularly rail against “isolationism” and hail FDR and Winston Churchill as their chosen icons.

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14 thoughts on “Justin Raimondo Advises Ron Paul to Run Third Party

  1. Robert Capozzi

    Walter Block me-too-ed this, with a difference: He advocated RP run GOP and LP. http://www.lewrockwell.com/blog/lewrw/archives/107902.html

    Not workable, iirc, on the LP side of things.

    RP is looking increasingly irrelevant in the GOP. The notion of being a power broker in Tampa also seems far fetched. He’s way too far away from the center of the GOP to incorporate his views in any meaningful way. He might get a throwaway line about gold or the Fed in the platform…big woop.

    The good news is I’ve heard no mentions about NewsletterGate for months!

  2. Steven Wilson

    The impact of Ron paul won’t be felt in the RP for years. When this youth movement have jobs of salary and status, the people running for wards or townships will have changed.

    In time, Grandpa will be gone and his grandson will run things. The grandson marched for Ron Paul.

  3. Losty

    Well, Ron just lost to Fred Karger in Puerto Rico..

    Yes, That Fred Karger..

    Just Saying..

  4. In the Thick of the Fog

    We wish Ron Paul good luck in his campaign and we expect that he may just win a second term as president.

  5. Trent Hill

    Losty–so what? Fred Karger actively campaigned in Puerto Rico. He was literally there for weeks, hired audio trucks, and bought up spanish-language advertisements. Ron Paul didn’t have a single staff members or ad in the territory.

  6. NewFederalist

    Would that be “Fearless” Fred Karger? Wasn’t he a close friend of Jack Handy? Was he the one that crashed the Clinton press conference back in the 90’s and asked the president that embarrassing question? I would have thought he would have WON the primary!

  7. johncjackson

    At least he seems to have more sense than a lot of Ron Paul supporters- who think he can go to the GOP convention and THEN later go third party, with no time or finds for ballot access and running a general campaign.

  8. Trent Hill

    No, I don’t think it’s all that interesting. Individuals who campaign get better returns than those who don’t.

    “Trent, are you referring to something specific?”

    Not really, just to the fact that Raimondo isn’t exactly known for retail politics.

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