LNC Meeting Feed

The Libertarian National Committee is meeting this weekend in Orlando.

There is a feed of the proceedings (as of this writing it is down due to the LNC being in executive session):

Live video for mobile from Ustream

According to reports I have received,

Previous comments on this are in this month’s open thread starting @79.

New comments should be at this thread; this one is so that people can have one tab or window open to watch the video uninterrupted (assuming it returns) while refreshing the other one to read and/or post comments.

We are also trying to find out about any twitter or other feeds regarding the proceedings.

Please post links to any that you know of in the comments on the other post.

So far the only report I have received of actions taken at the meting is that Brett Pojunis, recently made Region 4 alternate, has now replaced Randy Eshelman as LNC At Large Rep.

I need to go out to work (hopefully soon) and will not have email/internet access after that point until some time late tonight or tomorrow. Calls and texts at 415-690-6352 are appreciated to keep me updated. If anyone calls, I may call back from a different number due to my prehistoric phone not holding much of a battery charge anymore.

Please put further comments about the LNC meeting in this thread:


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