Congressional Candidates File in Americans Elect Primary in Arizona

Ballot Access News reports

Arizona will hold a primary on August 28 for five political parties to nominate candidates for Congress, state office, and partisan local office. Those five parties are Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, Green, and Americans Elect.

Two candidates have filed for the Americans Elect primary, each of them running for a seat in Congress. Richard Grayson recently filed to be a declared write-in candidate in the U.S. House race, 4th district. Under Arizona law, assuming he is the only declared write-in candidate, he will win the Americans Elect nomination if he gets just a single write-in vote.

Grayson is apparently the second individual in the United States to seek an Americans Elect nomination for public office other than President. The first, who had already filed, is Stephen Dolgos, running in the 8th district for U.S. House in Arizona. Dolgos is not a write-in in the Americans Elect primary; he already qualified to have his name printed on the party’s primary ballot.

And from comments on that article:

Brian Irving: Don’t the AE bylaws prohibit people from running for an office other that president?

Richard Winger: [..] Arizona Secretary of State takes the position that the Americans Elect national party bylaws can’t trump state law. It will be fascinating if Americans Elect national leadership sues the Secretary of State to keep the two congressional candidates off either the primary ballot or the November ballot.

To my knowledge, there are no Americans Elect candidates running in any of the other nearly 30 states where Americans Elect made the ballot, so if these candidates remain on the ballot they may well be the only people in the country to take advantage of the estimated $35 million Americans Elect spent after the group failed to recruit a presidential candidate it deemed acceptable.

4 thoughts on “Congressional Candidates File in Americans Elect Primary in Arizona

  1. Nick Kruse

    At least some people are using the ballot access that cost $35 million.

  2. Victor La Dota

    All America Selects candidates should
    support a constitutional amendment to reform congress , it should be a direct referendum on fedearal ballots.
    If 51% vote yes and the President signs it becomes law.Watch how people will
    vote for Americaelect candidates.Congress is corrupt change the rules

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