Did Willie Nelson’s TeaPot Party just (re)endorse Gary Johnson?

Some recent news reports indicate Willie Nelson’s Teapot Party has (re) endorsed Libertarian Presidential Nominee Gary Johnson for President.  See for example,


Indeed, Gary Johnson, Libertarian Presidential Nominee, is currently the top candidate endorsed on the TeaPot Party website.  See:


And the endorsement page at http://www.garyjohnson2012.com/endorsements lists Willie Nelson as one of two current “Entertainers for Gary Johnson” but only in the Republican Primary — “Gary Johnson is a great American. He will make a great president if elected, and I will support him all the way in the GOP primary.”

Other Teapot Party candidate endorsements at http://teapotparty.org/endorsement.html include Roger Goodman, current Democratic member of the Washington (state) House of Representatives for the Democratic Primary race for the US Congress District 1 to be held in August 2012, and Gatewood Galbraith & Dea Riley for Governor and Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky.

However the endorsement for Governor of Kentucky appears to be out of date as IPR is saddened to report that long-time candidate Gatewood Galbraith passed away on 4 January 2012.  See:


Additionally in May 2011, shortly after endorsing Gary Johnson in the Republican Primary, and announcements by both the TeaPot Party and the Gary Johnson campaign, Willie Nelson withdrew his endorsement, see:


Then in May of this year (2012), Mr. Nelson briefly indicated he would be willing to serve as Roseanne Barr’s Vice-Presidential running mate, see:


Immediate attempts to reach a spokesperson from the TeaPot Party have so far proven unsuccessful.  Should additional information be forthcoming, updates will be provided here.  Readers with additional, or more current information, are encouraged to comment below as well.

4 thoughts on “Did Willie Nelson’s TeaPot Party just (re)endorse Gary Johnson?

  1. Deran

    Interesting, anither endorsement of the Tea Pot Party is a Roger Goodman as a candidate for a Congressional seat in Washington State, but if he was, he no longer is a candidate.

  2. Joe Buchman

    Paulie @ 3 — IPR to have more on this . . . as soon as the smoke clears . . .

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